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(en) 5 Turkey, DAF - Meydan #26 - "Act A is May 1 Fight Against Prohibition" - Khalil Steel (tr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 26 Apr 2015 10:37:52 +0300

Since May 1, 1886 from the workers, oppressed uprising that all workers in the region approaching on May 1, squares, is preparing to come together in the field. For more than a century against exploitation revolt in, on 1 May, which has become the symbol of anger against the bosses and the government, rallies all over the world and is overflowing with hiking challenge. In our geography state and capitalism freeing for May 1 with different policies every year, the calendar one day "Labor Day" of compressing the face you want to make invisible to this point with, and this struggle workers' struggle for years. The policies of the state and capitalism, showing different reasons every year in Istanbul Taksim prohibited Square has already been marked by i. Arguably prohibited until 2010, Taksim Square, then, as a result of the struggle for many years, "acquired", where a rally was held. More kalabalıklaşarak attended the rally every year during the three years of the oppressed, in 2013 by the state and capitalism "Taksim Square and then around the pedestrianization project "was banned as an excuse. In 2014 the name excuse "disruption of the city's traffic" and "Do not harm the Beyoglu trades" was. Taksim Square, the ban was maintained. Each year the changing excuses this year, Travel Park is located at the entrance and what a small construction site have not yet been described in which the Istanbul governor expected inclusion of proposed demonstration area, is the mainstay of the ban already in place: Homeland Security Package.

Fascism Act: Homeland Security Package

Assembly from ali ali kinds of games passed and the president approved and certified by the Internal Security Suite since the first day he started to talk, he began to reflect the streets in different ways. Nose broken off from the cab ride GBT excuse beaten by three police officers and stunned until Yilmaz's Paşaoğlu they live; Each booth opened by the revolutionaries in Kadikoy and even longer to attack without warning the police every action performed; Fruit basket in front of the shop in Fatih put he hands the beating of trades by sticks police and many others ... we live like samples each day in the following days, the creation of fascism law, also called the Internal Security Act print psychology in society and you of discussion is the goal, such as the digestion of social opposition, package to be enacted before May 1, is quite align with the state and capitalism on 1 May policies. State capitalism and wants to stand in the whole process in the police and before May 1 with these laws, feedback informs newspaper distribution, press release, the ability to prohibit the way he wants to walk, affords the opportunity to deploy. And of course, the state, the challenge prohibitions, again based on this law may be beyond excuse. So in 2013 that prohibits the state from Taksim Square kinds of excuses this year since it is an incontestable fact that fascism is prohibited by law.

Available May 1 Square Historical Significance of the oppressed in terms of
particular workers, including Taksim Square despite the ban on all square, still continues to be oppressed in this challenge. Taksim Square, the persistent struggle of the oppressed that this occurred after the ban in 2013, created the same year, Taksim Travel rebellion had spread to the entire region and the fight against this challenge. The state and capitalism fluttered helplessly new laws and removing the cause of the new prohibitions, it is not something other than the persistent struggle of the oppressed, of course. Although Istanbul Governor also address different challenge, although in different districts, has occurred in terms of the historical importance of the oppressed. May 1 rally massacre occurred in 1977, in 1979 the Martial Law Command in Istanbul May 1 prohibits all, the identification with a fight since 2007 are just some of the historical importance of Taksim Square. This historical importance of the state and capitalism is advanced against all prohibition policy. Our geography is not all just came together squares of the oppressed in the world throughout history always prohibited; This ban was challenged by the oppressed against all kalabalıklaşarak fill more. In 1886, "Day 8 Hour" slogan Haymarket Square of the fill of the anarchist workers today, the reflection of the traditions of the time, since May 1 rally occurred with the London Trafalgar Square, Madrid Puerta Del Sol Square, Athens Syntagma Square in Mexico City ' We can see in the world until the Zocalo Square in the historical meaning of all square.

May 1 Anarchist History

14, 16 and even up to 18 hours daily working hours, in one room, dozens of workers to lay up the first year in which the emergence of a more nice way of living conditions and exploitation of the end of the 1800s, but also against the working and living conditions met the workers revolt then organized by it's been years. Different dreams came to America in this year but continue to live as migrant workers and union organizing in the process of capturing an ideological available in different labor organizations. It penned by migrant workers, and today at least possible to understand the anarchist publication known name on the face.

In the middle of 1880 "Day 8 Hours" strikes in different parts of America the slogan was happening on the work stoppage. Each strike was wrecked Pinkerton called attacked by paramilitary forces. Despite the union adopted as a method of settlement of the period, the essence of organization of anarchist workers against bosses and murderous Pinkerton insisted on each plant was organizing a strike. Harvester McCormick in Chicago as a result of the strike began to be attacked by the Company Pinkerton 4 workers have lost their lives and dozens were injured, and it is no longer one of those straw last drop. These attacks against workers who met the next day in Haymarket Square essence of organization has called for unity to fight to be a rally here. While the rally with a call to struggle anarchist workers, Pinkerton began to attack the police rally. All Haymarket Square with a bomb thrown on the police just then jerked. 7 police were killed and 69 injured in various ways the police an opportunity to turn the government has launched terror arrests for migrant workers. Anarchist workers arrested thousands of workers from Albert R. Parsons, August Spies, J. Samuel Fielden, Michael Schwab, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, Louis Lingg was shown as phony targets and was sentenced to death by a court. Again, if the target shown Oscar Neeb was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Solidarity action on the part of the workers' state in the world to some extent just step back taxes the Samuel J. Fielden and Michael Schwab's sentence was commuted to imprisonment for life. Parsons, Spies, Fielden and Engel were murdered by death. Louis Lingg living with explosives detonated while the cell into the cell itself ended. 5 anarchist workers' state terror with the anniversary of the massacre of May 1 first 5 solidarity with the memories of the massacre of all migrant workers, including anarchist workers at that time and it was the day of the fight.

Taksim Square is the fight

squares with historical meaning, are extremely important in terms of development and intensification of political and social relations in terms of the oppressed. The oppressed come together in the village square, have intensified their political relations by operating decision-making processes; specific dates, fairs, festivals, celebrations, also the organization of social life by sharing and solidarity axis ceremonies still have clarification on this challenge. Today the town from the village up to the city in the process, the oppressed organize political, social and economic attached to this challenge in court against the oppressor, this area has already been oppressed to transform the collective field. Taksim Square is it such a collective space is unknown, but Taksim Travel Resistance i and historical meanings along with the artillery barracks of the state since the Ottoman like to be the 1 May, the court orchestra, in Pera military hospital structures such as (Beyoglu) and Tatavla ( Independence) that exert pressure on the oppressed peoples living is a challenge that marked the fight against this oppression by the state. Taksim square is a fight with the state of the oppressed. Of course, this year will also fight on May 1 Taksim Square.

Now came the state Stockbrokers, pointing to different addresses outside around Taksim Square "to make the May 1 celebrations," he says. What is a day in terms of the working class will be held May 1 celebrations in Taksim Square, nor no longer be considered independent. Especially the oppressed working class, all in the square and Homeland Security this year prohibition against the Act in Taksim Square on May 1, will be carrying on the fight against the state and capitalism. Because the fight is May 1st! Taksim area is May 1st!

Khalil Steel


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