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(en) Brazil, Coletive Mineiro Popular Anarquista (COMPA) - Bulletin No. 5 - Our urgencies do not fit in the polls, only life changes with resistance and struggle! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:06:12 +0300

Published the fifth issue of the Bulletin of COMPA, written to address the issue of elections, their illusions and the need to build our program and emergency needs - housing, health, transportation, labor, land, rights - by our own hands, -direct action, autonomy, political independence and solidarity. Create Power to transform society according to our guidelines and our emergency room, never to be guided by the above, in elections or outside. ---- Below is the report in full, printed and distributed in Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan area, and in this link you can download the PDF.http://pt.scribd.com/doc/240794231/BOLETIM-DO-COMPA-N-5-Nossas-Urgencias-Nao-Cabem-Nas-Urnas-a-Vida-So-Muda-Com-Resitencia-E-Luta


Mineiro Popular Anarquist Collective

Year II - No. 5
September 2014



Hello mate, how are you? Imagine you were still the target of several political advertisements on the street or on TV. It's election time and so many political parties are vying for your vote and promising worlds and backgrounds to come or stay in power. Well, we're also doing a kind of political campaign, but different professional politicians Because we do not expect nor enrich and stay powerful at the expense of taxes on anyone. We just want to chat a bit with you. Can we?

At that time, too much money is spent on political campaigns millions in the streets and on TV. Often these campaigns are financed by companies that hope to profit from overpriced public works, diverting a lot of money and handing in quite dubious services. Do you remember the viaduct Peter I who fell? In the end, what remains is to choose the people with enormous difficulty that candidate who seems to be the least corrupt. Quite falsely call it democracy ... but is it really?

Interestingly, besides thousands of pamphlets that they distribute, just watching too many advertisements on TV, saying that now is the right time of the people participating in democracy by putting in our head that we can change if we vote right injustices, humiliations and violence that we suffer every day; put in our head that we will end corruption with the simple act of voting in the least worst candidate. What they do not say is how many elections need to be made to make it happen.

After almost 30 years can vote directly on candidates, not much has really changed. It is a fact that the last decade many of us out here can buy things they could not before: cell phone, better clothes, TV, car installments, financed a college ... But if you look well, actually we are sinking in eternal in credit card debt, with interest and blackmail of the big companies and banks, which are allied to the federal government and profit billion per year. What's more, only in recent months, hundreds of poor young people were killed by the Brazilian police, the biggest killer in the world. Workers such as the São Paulo subway strikers were fired and prosecuted for going on strike. Hundreds of Indians and landless rural workers were murdered at the behest of very rich farmers. Protesters were arrested and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. All this with the name of democracy, and on a government that claims to be the trabalhadores.Os governments change, but the injustices remain.

And as for you, in your daily life, how do you think the health walks in your city? And public transportation always expensive and of poor quality? And public education for their children? And the quality of your work, where you spend your whole day?

Say that we have a democratic government, that "power emanates from the people", but still face the same obstacles that always marked our history: a deep inequality between a small group of wealthy and the rest of society, which are millions of poor, workers, black, black, women, unemployed ... that's us. Inequality maintained by a political class always in favor those rich and against our people. If during the military dictatorship, marked by torture and murder of those who fought against a corrupt and violent government, we could not choose our representatives today various old problems still exist and others even worse, even existing "democracy" where we can vote and even apply to us (the "democratic state of law")

Consider: what about the right to housing in a country where most people suffer from increasingly high rents? The right to housing does not exist where we have to choose between eating well or have own a home, or even just a decent rent. What about the fair face we have to do when you give, because immense Brazilian lands are at the service of soybean production for the profit of a millionaire landowner minority, which earns selling the product of our land? What about the hours we lost standing in crowded bus when we could be with our family, just because companies profit more that way? And the sleepless nights in PSUs, clinics, our low wages, humiliation of our bosses?
Is it really a democracy? Did something changed or will change only by changing governors and presidents?

We at COMPA think not. As Emma Goldman, the anarchist woman who lived there years ago says:

"If voting actually changed anything, it would certainly be prohibited. "Even the rich and powerful agree. And that is why both the TV and the electoral parties, with which the rich are connected, try to convince us that the urn is best place to exercise our power, still talking to strikes, demonstrations, occupations of housing and land are troublemakers and things that do not lead anywhere. Actually try to convince us but they can not fool us. That's why last year millions of people took to the streets across the country and now the occupation of abandoned land in BH provide housing for more than 25 thousand people. Politicians, businessmen and the media make this whole campaign against the demonstrations against the strikes against urban occupations around the country, precisely because people know that the fight is only able to make a change indeed, with his strength and the streets. It is the fear of the rich: they do not want no change, and they know that people making politics out of the polls, can in fact exercise the power they have and get the rights you deserve from their own efforts.

Therefore we call the people of that city, to be sympathetic to the fighters and the fighters of the people and you know it's only to fight that the people can be heard in fact, and not through elections.

Call, then, for any and all OTHER CAMPAIGN build a campaign that emerged in Mexico with the Zapatistas and proposing, basically, what we say here: our strength comes from the streets, our People's Power, and not the ballot box. We have a program of emergency to be created by our popular organization: health, education, transportation, job, housing, land, issue of women, blacks, the LGBTT community ... which can only be discussed, argued and won by our union, by our organization, for our luta.O program that really meets our demands will only arise in our own hands, and will only be achieved by ourselves. These elections will be discussing with you directly working warrior, a resident of occupation, attendant callcenter, unemployed, retired, a student who does not accept injustice, proposing to organize ourselves in the workplace, study and living, we participate in demonstrations, discuss with our colleagues and friends about the problems we face, seek solutions through our organization and we are sympathetic to those who seek.

Fighting is not a crime, democracy is on the streets, or is directly or not democracy is!


Crowded and expensive bus: profit guarantee for the businessman, who is allied with the mayor! MAKING PEOPLE POWER! GET OUR RIGHTS AND OUR STRENGTH REQUIREMENTS WITH THE STREETS!
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