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(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Let us not live the Kurds alone! - Alongside resistance Kobanê! - Their struggle is ours (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 10:42:58 +0300

Tuesday, October 7, Battle of Kobanê has entered a decisive phase and particularly dramatic. ---- Jihadists major breakthroughs during the night, despite heavy losses, occupy several areas of the city. ---- Kobanê may fall any time. ---- Only a general mobilization to save Kobanê. ---- Alongside resistance Kobanê! Let us not allow the Kurds alone! Their struggle is ours! ---- Since September 15, the majority of Kurdish people in the region Kobanê face a huge military offensive jihadists of the Islamic State (EI). ---- For nearly three weeks, the fighter-es Units Defence of the People (YPG) and women (YPJ) resist with staff and especially armament completely below: arms suited to guerrilla warfare against tanks, armored vehicles, missile launchers, made in Russia and étatsunienne, straight out of the arsenals of armies of Damascus and Baghdad.

They and they had to give ground and give up 70 villages after fierce fighting and heavy casualties on both sides. This offensive resulted in the exodus of 180,000 people from the other side of the border, despite the prohibitions and blocking of the Turkish authorities, who eventually had to back down. It caused massacres, kidnappings, disappearances, beheadings (September 1: 10 severed heads - 3 women and 7 men, 6 and 4 Arab Kurds - and exhibited in a village 15 km west of Kobanê) .

But the offensive has also caused a tremendous mobilization of Kurds in Turkey and the diaspora: mass demonstrations in cities, towns died operations, gatherings of thousands of people on the border, infiltration of hundreds of volunteers to defend the city.

Unfortunately, these supports and reinforcements are far from sufficient.

The assault on Kobanê launched on three fronts - west, south and east - has indeed a crucial complement to the north by Turkey, which has locked the border and deployed its police and army to block reinforcements and especially routings weapons (anti-tank especially) could reverse the balance of power.

Kurds surrounded by the jihadists
and the Turkish army

Today, the jihadists are at the gates of the city. Despite fierce resistance from male and female fighters, residents remained to fight and young volunteers from the other side of the border, the forces of EI seem to take the city of Kobanê soon and indulge in a massacre mass. For their part, the YPG-YPJ say they will never surrender and they will fight street by street, house by house.

This "victory" jihadist - it may be the final outcome - is the tragic result of the latest developments in Iraq and Syria: the rise of the entity called EI, itself a consequence of collapse of regimes and the support of the oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf and Turkey in various armed movements of political Islam in Syria and Iraq, which give rise to the IU, and consequently, no , or too weak, secular opposition, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist ...

Turkey, which has been among the main supporters of jihadists since 2011, plans to take advantage of the situation to establish itself as the first regional power, weaken or liquidate the Kurdish resistance and breaking the emergence of a new social-political reality in the carrier for an alternative to carvings and the United nations from colonial rule and Islamist dictatorships, the most barbaric and totalitarian forms of political domination. region The United States and Western countries, fully aware of what was at stake, have left their "allies" in the region arm, train, supervise, finance dozens of jihadist groups who gathered in EIIL (and IE) for, at the time, dropping plans Bashar al-Assad and Nouri al-Maliki.

But today, the monster seems to have escaped its creators and turns against them.

The few bombings carried out by the Arab-étatsunienne coalition "Syrian front" on jihadist force besieging Kobanê, yet clearly visible, completely uncovered, have been deliberately trivial and symbolic and had no effect on the ground. They can not be interpreted as anything other than a blank check given to the IU and Turkey to weaken and then liquidate the Kurdish forces Kobanê, that is to say, the entire Rojavayê Kurdistanê.

The Kurds, only once more

Once again the Kurds found themselves alone. Not just because qu'abandonnés and lack of support, but also face a powerful coalition of convergent interests to prevent any border changes and socio-economic reality of the region.

Turkish oil-monarchies of the state, the regime of Bashar al-Assad that of Baghdad, US jihadists, the "West" to the Iranian regime, if there is a point that unites all - beyond appearances, languages, references and conflicts between them - it is that Kurdistan should not exist and that the transformation project and questioned carried by the Kurdish Left (communal power, democracy assemblies popular social ecology, anti-patriarchy, ...) should not be the slightest beginning of reality.

The Turkish state has been given a legal framework for a ground invasion aimed in Syria and Iraq "all terrorist groups." Allowing it to continue to play both ways in the new situation: officially join the anti-EI coalition, but also continue to support the jihadists that suit them and especially establishing a "buffer zone" on Syrian security side the border (which has up to 870 km long), that is to say the ability to impose its order precisely where the three cantons that form the Rojava.

The PKK leadership has indicated for several days that if Turkey allowed jihadists to commit a massacre Kobanê would mean simply the end of the process of resolving the Kurdish-Turkish conflict.

The "new" coalition firefighter arsonists led by the United States and on which the French State rallied, claims to be fighting to eliminate jihadists with bombers and drones, as in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen ... But on the ground, it is the movements of the Left Kurdish which are on the frontline in Iraq and Syria; it is they who have been fighting for two years in Syria against the Islamists, they are the ones who intervened in Iraq last August to save thousands of Yezidi refugees in the mountains of Sinjar and to stop the jihadist offensive that threatened the capital of the Kurdish autonomous region.

Against the bloody dictatorships in Damascus and Baghdad
against the jihadists
against the oil monarchies,
the Kurdish struggle paves the way for the autonomy of peoples

But it is true that they do in their own way: by doing no confidence to states and regimes. They are the ones that grow and help the Kurds and non-Kurds, many minorities (ethnic-linguistic and religious) of this vast region to engage directly in the resistance, to fight, to organize themselves , to arm themselves militarily and politically, to socially self-defense, to coordinate their popular militias, to rely on their own strength and mobilization to protect their territory and their lives and push the jihadists.

The various powers that be have understood: this invitation to self-determination and self-organization of struggles and social life contains a formidable scent of freedom, a threat of secession and insubordination.

It is this threat of disruptions in power relations established (clientelism, corruption, feudalism, patriarchy, statism, obedience to systems of belief and transcendence of extra-social origin ...) - and with it the possibility of create, invent new ones on any other bases - the "Arab-Western" coalition intends to erase at all costs, even for it that this threat is being wound up in the blood, by jihadists, other militias or regular armed intermediaries.

If we call to mobilize and boost solidarity with the resistance of Kobanê and more generally with the struggle of the Kurdish people, it is primarily because there is an emergency and every day, every hour counts. And if this emergency we are concerned, it is because this movement of liberation of Kurdistan, in the broader social and popular movement direction - with its rather positive features and other more questionable and objectionable - we now appears in this region, as the main force that not only thwart the double barbaric Islamists and regimes, but also to introduce in the Kurdish areas, and beyond, sufficient evidence of transformation and breaks from which it is at least possible - thinkable - to apply for forms of equality, open autonomous political structures of ownership and to advance the common intelligible audible and prospects for social and political liberation.

This is a necessary but not sufficient for reducing the barbarities at work condition to make again looked a little more breathing space here and also worldwide.

On October 3, 2014

Libertarian Communist Organisation / AC Power

Text distributed in several towns in the French region since the events of October 4 and the following days as part of the mobilization for the defense of Kobanê and solidarity with the resistance and struggle of the Kurdish liberation movement.
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