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(en) Brazil, Anarchist Federaion of Rio de Janeiro - [FAU] With the 43 students who miss us. Always impunity (ca) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:46:12 +0200

New brands, darkest stories of impunity continues to suffer our Latin America. Impunity of the powerful of our soils. With assistance, obsequiousness, and therefore involving arranged and lattice in his state terrorism. His violent and intolerant facial stale; strategies and ways to dominate and subdue rebellions and revolts from below. ---- There in Iguala and Ayotzinapa, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. ---- No major newspaper articles correlates analysis and international opinion that relate to Latin America are dedicating their work to the slaughter of Guerrero, and mobilizations and worldwide are taking place. The axis is the impunity that so obviously operates with the State amid a storm of accusations, by rasterize a large paramilitary forces under drug (in this case Warriors States), with police and law enforcement agencies that is gaining deaths and disappearances decades from now.

Today such impunity, that arrangement, the bloodthirsty above order of the scene and breaks the barrier of the mass media, who rinsing your face fix and also seek to end what erupted after the brutal crackdown against students and education union on September 26 in the city of Iguala. There enforcement, state - drug trafficking, displayed their repressive brutality torturing and killing 6 people and abducting 43 students of the Normal School Rural Ayotzinapa until today still missing.

Immediately all authorities denied knowledge of killings or disappearances data. While students missing, kidnapped there somewhere, in the environment, in the area of ââevents nobody sees, nobody says, nobody olle ... when immediately starts screaming anyone Magones country and footings. All state agencies say they know, or think we do not give importance to the issue, in a country of several thousand killed and disappeared in recent years. It did not astonish them, not mind, because that is part of the "state" of things. But the cry is strong and broad, and soon and so flagrant as to what happened and the whole country up the processing of 22 police officers involved in the brutal repression is requested.

As complex the structures of power, by which the system operates in all its facets, is equally complex to identify "him" responsible, in its capacity as singular. And although it is clear that investigations into the administration of the state itself state that gave the order to suppress and outside was the mayor of Iguala Josà Luis Abarca, we must add that in daily practical operational in recent years has operated both the different police forces and the army, with the collaboration of paramilitary narco group Warriors States. The leader of this group is called Solomon Pineda Villa, brother of the mayor of Iguala.

There is also the clearest evidence that the police responsible for the disappearance of the 43 students as they are what give capturing the bus they were traveling, are those running the operation, and are those who hide. The mayor Abarca and his wife, who gave the order and developed the slaughter arranged in an easy smoke requesting licensing policies to ensure the best research and process. Just days passed and disappeared from the map to what I pointed out. Fugitives from justice apparatus were, until a few days ago were found and arrested in Mexico City. Given the already global mobilization and pointing the Mexican state and impunity was very expensive.

Then the slaughter of igula complaint to the highest levels of review and analysis of the world as far as he is able to get this bestiality of corruption. But when impunity is the legal standard for defining the scope of what is done. He no longer reach their weapons and powerful legal standing up or continue advancing tools, then create other mechanisms at its cerno, where motivations marrow harbors the same, the same engine Ravager. Who operates legality and by whom in semi legality? but with the same benefits and guarantees. In Uruguay Uruguayan Youth Pie, or Triple A sinister in Argentina was called in those days, in the 60s and 70s hand Condor and administrations of the states. All complex and orderly architectured to fulfill the purposes and "peace" commanded by the above.

What you can not do the police and army in the law will the Warriors States illegally to the hands of the powerful justified, are concealed. And who protects it ?, Why Warriors united in solidarity with the 22 prisoners police and demanded his release ?, Why this narco group for military assumes responsibility for the killings students and more and more ?. The state sent repression, the state stopped and kidnapped, and the state is silent on destination and holding those responsible (is been legal with the police and army, or illegal with the Warriors States).

Much of the complexity of state terrorism and impunity shown in manipulating public attention. The same government appears throwing the news about the capture of three members joined Warriors who confirmed receiving the hostages, kill them and reducing them to ashes. No strong evidence was sought to put another end to this tragedy leaving it as episode and even leaving the police free disappearing students, and yes the narco group - paramilitary. Previously also announced the discovery of mass graves containing the remains of people who could be students. In all cases the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team rejected by his studies made them the missing students.

It is the responsibility of all that set. Police and army, the narcos and paramilitaries, not every one of them, not all, and are the weight of its relations which distributes power from one sector to another. All media operation is no stranger to this despicable repression and administrative levers of state who knowingly or not what has happened also operate in the sense of confusion and unfounded assumptions and guesses.

They have been yesterday and will continue trying to hold morning. Undoubtedly this is not an isolated incident, and with the same certainty is that we observe, with official data, this operation happens for quite a while back and legitimized by the same procederes and administrative mechanisms. With the same fat arm groups for military, army and police.

And without going very far in history, and there, What explanation then have the deaths of the bodies found in mass graves, or in bags that are not of the missing students ?, are hundreds in the state of Guerrero, and no was raised before the existence of mass graves of different drug cartels. This conceals the state and narco bourgeoisie, ideologically powered by an engine with the worst of contempt for life itself, accumulating at any price, selfishness at all levels, and impunity as guardianship.
What might think the heads of the drug cartels on organized peasantry, on unions and the student movement ?. What ideas formed the heads of the owners of the system when the movements demanding their rights, or they go out looking for new conquests ?. They may think the same if they are drug dealers in the state of Guerrero, industrial in China, or owners of the heaviest financial accounts Wall Street casino. They may think the same if those who govern are the key to the scale that is both world-system level and at the local level patterns. These are loaded with the most selfish and reckless weapons ever known to mankind. They have armies for wars, prisons, the thousand exclusive repressive forms or associated with their henchmen turn.

There is an alternative, the strength of a strong people

But there is a fence that was broken. The laws dictated that there have been broken controlled everything. Even with curfews, and in at least 14 of the 80 municipalities of Guerrero with the intervention of federal forces mobilization has been constant, with strikes 48 hours in over 70 schools and departments of UNAM, the Ibero, UAM, Chapingo, universities in Tlaxcala, Guanajuato, MichoacÃn, Zacatecas, Pedagogical University, several normal Guerrero, to name a few. The popular discontent with such injustice gave fire to government buildings like Chilapancingo and other buildings of the executive.
Was this struggle that has been the opinion of the region and the world this bestial abuse against students of the Normal School. Was the resistance that has put his power to overcome and establish firm when that mighty stronger enemy believed, and ended tastabillando.

There are also its limits, however powerful the killing machine. They are the force that is capable of sobreponerle the people. The firmness of the Mexican people, and all countries are showing solidarity is key in this fight. Because they can not be with strong people network, organized in the times that are fighting back with all the power of their aspirations for equality and solidarity between the underdogs, and contempt against this oppressive, violent and bloody beast such as these crimes state terrorism.
It will be in Mexico but here and everywhere, "from all over come" says the poet Idea VilariÃo. We are walking the streets with 43 students. We are with our forces in the student, labor movements, human rights, environmental and emerging. We are in the political forms than we and believe. We are one fist, we are the same thread that the struggle and resistance of our Latin America, we join the losses, suffering but also the uprisings and rebellions, the achievements of our people, our class. We join the yearning for a more just world, draft new society to eliminate inequalities and to sweep away all the foul dregs of this murderer system.

They are part of student stories that have given the best for our people and their education systems. They and we are at all times because this is a story of struggle and resistance from below against impunity, inequality. There is the task next to the 43 students who miss us across the continent.

Top of the struggle of the people of Guerrero and throughout Mexico.
And 43 are millions!
Neither forget nor forgive!
Above the fighting !!!
Uruguayan Anarchist Federation
Anarchist Federation Gaucha
Brazilian Anarchist Coordination
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