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(en) Italy, Alternative Libertaire Liguria October 2014 (it) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:45:04 +0200

THE YELLOW TRAIN DISAPPEARED ---- On Friday, on television, newspapers online live, local TV and national and through word of mouth over the Internet, an avalanche of photos and words have accompanied updates on yet another tragic flood in Genoa. Between this news some recall having heard speak of a derailed train due to a landslide. A train derails, someone must have thought, is not a trivial matter ... ---- There is talk of a driver injured. Has risked a tragedy. ---- Then if they have not heard from again: no one has seen the images on TV train and, even less, no one has witnessed an interview driver or passenger to someone. Who knows ... the past few days it will remain a vague memory, someone, perhaps, even to arrive doubt that the fact really happened ...

To do well attention it turns out that the indication of the place was
evasive and, in some cases wrong ... yet it was not difficult to give
the correct answer because, at that point,
that "combination", a few meters above there is a large excavation for
construction site of the third pass.

But then: what happened to that train?

If you have eaten the media: what they tell is "real",
what is omitted, hides, you disappear never happened.

While witnessing the buck of responsibility, as if it
were ONLY a problem alert, it is possible that
attention and anger will be channeled to the mayor on duty,
the Vincenzi yesterday, today Doria; dead pope if he will make another. do not
matter the color faded politician who will accompany him, the important
is that it does not touch the business system that is speculative in
upstream of the non-land management. The same business system
speculative behind the logic of the great works (which
allow good earnings in a few hands) instead of the many
small works needed to address, for example, the problem of
landslides. The word prevention is always too little
pronounced, and remains, however, only a rhetorical exercise by
make the time of the damage. Yet we must face the
issue of abandonment, the progressive depopulation of those who,
inhabiting the mountains with their work, was a first
element to prevent disruptions. Multiple and diverse
interventions are necessary if we want to try to live in an environment
safer struggling both against the degradation that the increasing
climatic anomalies ... and there would also be the possibility to create
somewhere more work. But all this, in the short term,
does not give vows or easy money. It must also combat
building speculators who continue to build in the beds of streams.

And 'this indicates that the train disappeared. For a joke
of fate, or a start of the mountain wound, the inevitable landslide
went to hinder a fast train, a White Arrow.
E 'for the creation of trains even more expensive and fast, that you want to
divert resources to commuter traffic, for the transport of goods
rail, can be upgraded on the existing lines, currently
underutilized, and many other things that we would need.

By a twist of fate, the landslide has pointed the finger of blame on
All this, said to the blind, the deaf and the ignorant as
earthworks senseless deforestation and land easily cause
landslides, and also recalled how bloated the works performed
in economics and contracted out to companies in the scent of the Mafia (when not
previous convictions) can be dangerous. And as
can these same gentlemen to reassure us that good extraction
ground, full of asbestos, managed by them does not constitute a danger?
All this was to indicate the train derailed, and then, better not
talk about it and make it disappear; men will think of to say to Cociv
Children in primary schools that the Work is beautiful.

Reading the press committees No Tav can you know that:

Friday morning around 12 a landslide caused by
deforestation of COCIV to Trasta for the construction of the yard
the third passage, the so-called site "Gallery Campasso" in via
Castel Morrone, to Fegino (and not in S Quirico as has been said!) Has
blocked the White Arrow 9764 RomaTorino. The mass of earth,
detached from the yard, collapsed on four carriages of the train,
injuring incredibly only the driver, causing the
train derailment with the escape from the tracks of numerous

No all'OMERTAV! Rebel is possible!

Roberto Pisani (a terrorist No TAV)

Printed in their
Ascent Oregina, 14/15 16134 Genova


Self-management is needed

It happened yet another disaster to our Genoa, the territory as in 2011
has not held up to the strength of our rivers and streams. Water masses increasingly
imposing faced corridors too small to contain them and therefore
overflows. In past years we have accepted that the city s'ingrandisse to
expenses of a nature that now is taking revenge. Not happy with the past
disasters administrations and the parties are willing to continue their
plan devastation of the territory through the gutter and the third passage, two
unnecessary and costly works that have viable alternatives.

I was one of the "volunteers" who decided to take a shovel in hand
and go to clean up their city.

In my area there was no one who could coordinate the work and therefore we
found to make decisions collectively becoming an example of how citizens can handle alone a city, even in a situation
particularly critical.

It was self-management.

These days I have had the
proof that you can change, that
chairpersons, mayors
up to the President of
Republic, are useless. Citizenship has the ability
to replace the advice and joined and to govern herself their
neighborhoods through assemblies participated in the full respect of the next.
Let us begin to build alternative realities to the current administrations
because only with autogestionre and direct participation we will have a future

Marco Casalino


Movement for Casa Via Prè Meeting with the organization

It is a tall, slender, mild-mannered, what Comrade Antonella me
presented as the most charismatic founder member of the Movement for the House
Via Pré. That day, on the steps of the Ducal the sun beat while we all had in
waiting to march in solidarity with the Companions of the LSOA Buridda. Since then the
I saw her several times, present at the shareholders' collective, in the street and during
employment of former Magisterium but just last June 30, the feast
commemorative antifascist c / o space exlatteria occupied, could
exchanging a few words with him. From under those glasses to Lenin, shone
eyes to speak of progress carried out by the Movement for the House Via Pré.
He spoke, proud as a father of a firstborn to the Graduation Party.
It told of the building they occupy, the apartments assigned to families
in need of the district, the Moroccan woman who, after living the drama of
a clandestine life in a warehouse, mackerel violent police had succeeded,
thanks to the Movement, to give shelter to his three sons. Senegalese woman
sits on the edge of the lane and how these two people have become an active part
Movement spontaneously covering the role of media cultural figures
indispensable so that the movement can communicate with multiethnic reality. of
as, again, by means of a constant commitment is sewn between the neighborhood and the
A movement Solidarity Network of Mutual Help. This guy looked after by the goatee,
more like a student's first course to a Che Guevara of the alleys, you
excited like a child while going forward in telling of his commitment and
of his time ipiegati daily teaching people the non-EU
civil use of the cleaning and decoration in order to avoid that the social workers could
levargli guardian of the children, how the assemblies of "condominium" resemble
political meetings. Of how suffering render precocious children and the fact that the
Movement has plans to open a school for their neighborhood, how
yet the rules of the road cadenzino the pace of life in the ghetto but also how
the beat of this watch can be better regulated in his beats.
This kind boy who, as he himself says, the Movement lives, lives the Road
in an "easy" and that his seraphic calm is nothing but the calm of the strong.

Alec B.M.



Diversity or difference is one of the causes of
change, separation, and the distinction between
humans and among workers.
Today in the public sector, after 5 years of absence
economic improvements post brunettiani feels
talk about a possible release economic, not of
new contract, for a part of workers, are
those "different" from the slackers behind a
a desk, a chair or in a hospital ward.

They are those who "are likely to defend ourselves," those
who wear a uniform in the parades, in the actions of
Peace exporting democracy, those who
worked at Bolzaneto and so on.

This government is implementing an operation of
enslavement of law enforcement with a new
economic promise at the base of which there is a
destructive principle, who is not wearing a uniform
a civil servant as the others, but it is worthy
of different consideration for its different
function, is a servant of the state more useful to
certain functions, so it differently
remunerated. What for some may not be for
others will, the law (Brunette) will be unsurpassed only
for some.

In conclusion, thanks to the diversity status
keeps oiled weapons at its disposal to
better control any form of dissent,
even those workers that depend on it today
even more separated in the name of diversity them
it just makes it weaker and puts them against each other.

Piero Ravizza
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