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(en) Brazil, Anarchist organization Terra e Liberdade O(A)TL -Audience Cristiano Spiegel, political persecution! by Rurik (pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 19:40:09 +0200

READ THE REPORT OF CRISTIANO SPIEGEL: ---- I had been participating in most acts of protest in Rio de Janeiro since May 2013. On the night of June 20, 2014, Friday, was arrested and charged with exposing an aircraft to danger - a helicopter from the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro - by means of a probe laser beam, these sold in Uruguayana Street, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. ---- Late in the afternoon of that day, I got in the concentration of an act in support of education and the state against shoddy World Cup Soccer FIFA, the Largo de la Candelaria. The place was taken by police, many more than the demonstrators at the moment. Had information that about six midiativistas been hitherto detained without any reason and taken to police stations. Not long after, at least one of them was arrested, apparently under the preposterous claim that his cell phone battery was actually an explosive. Meanwhile, I made a sign that read "Legacy of mega-events: 250 000 persons removed" and gave an anonymous interview to a Spanish independent journalist.

Finally the march began, turning on Avenida Rio Branco. The destination was the Arcos da Lapa, which occurred a cultural act, with music and Jerk, organized by the Independent People's Front - FIP, but just before the corner with the Ombudsman, MPs surrounded the demonstration. Aware that this was a breach of our rights and angry, flee while the siege was still formed and put me beyond the police barricade. Advancing slowly, before reaching the next corner, the march was prevented from following and I heard a cracking gun - shot with rubber or moral pump effect. Nothing on the part of the demonstrators provoked that attack by the PM. I thought it would disperse the demonstration, so I decided to go it alone, with placard erected by the Rio Branco and Evaristo da Veiga, until the Arches.

I got to Arches and there I was, chatting with acquaintances and strangers. I do not know how much time has passed since that time bore no clock, but the march resurfaced through the Promenade Street, proving that I was wrong in thinking it was over, with a much larger number of protesters with the arrival of the State Union of Professional Education of Rio de Janeiro - RJ-Sepe. Some of them decided to continue marching by Mem de Sá and another part was in Arcos.

I and other gifts continue noticing the inordinate amount of police in the act, as well as monitoring by helicopters. At that moment, I was talking to people who did not know and one of them said something like "The wood is eating in Lavradio Street" in reference to educators Sepe who continued the march. More or less on Lavradio Street, one of the police helicopters flying over, being visible to us through the Largo dos Arcos.

We decided to play with the helicopter, projecting him my green laser. The helicopter hovered perpendicular to us, without turning, without leaving there and no other body with which collide in their vicinity. For a long time we were there. Several people pointed the laser without causing reaction in PMs, not even a warning. Suddenly when the laser was back with me two enormous rows of Indian policemen appeared, approached me, took my laser pointer and led me to the car. I could not resist. The MPs said they did not know which police station would lead me or the article under which I was being detained. This would be resolved after radio.

I was fortunate to have been treated with dignity until you reach the police station (17th in St. Kitts), but there had no right to talk privately with the attorney DDH who came to my aid. One of the PMs pulled a cell phone and took a picture of the lawyer, causing immediate claim on the part of this. A soldier Riot said it would not allow us to talk alone, as lawyers "hinder our work in the demonstrations, then I'll mess up your well." The most private conversation we had was moments before I was incarcerated in the eyes of the delegate. I was apprehended in the act under Article 261 of the Penal Code, shall be in danger vessel or aircraft. My family and my teachers were informed of the UFRJ my situation.

The next day I was taken to the Penitentiary of Gericinó (Bangor), stopping at IML, where an expert looked at our faces and liberated us. There was me, two suspected robbers, a man involved in collision of car and another man. Upon arriving in Bangor 10, was immediately separated from the others before the magazine and change of clothes. Officials said they knew that I was "not banditry, but one protester." I realized there that others receive a different treatment for the worse even before any conviction.

As I was led into two prison inspectors came to talk to me and reassure me. I learned that my integrity was being guaranteed because of the amount of calls they received seeking information about me. Anyway, these wardens have created some sympathy for me, realizing that I was at the rally because I believe in my ideals and not by ulterior motive ("He is a philosophy student! It was by the same ideology."), And decided to inform me that in a day or two, I would be transferred to another prison, where they would be "Fabio and Caius", to see if I "said something". I really did not understand what it was, only after concluding that they were very Raposo and Caio Fábio de Souza, involved in the crash that killed the cameraman Santiago. I then asked who were these and the jailer said they were seeking information from people who have been paid by Marcelo Anthony Little boy or Ash to make demonstrations against the government and that I would be put in the same hall in which Caio Fábio and to see if I was a "playboy posing as black bloc". This cretin history of black blocs funded by politicians sounded fantastic and I do not believe anyone really took it seriously until then, but in my fragile emotional state, I began to doubt what was real or not. While the transfer had not occurred, I was in the same aisle that some Chilean fans who tried to storm the Maracanã and awaiting deportation.

At one point, an officer of the prison came to tell me that he knew the place where I live. I realized that as intimidation, but was very lucky to not have been treated the same way as ordinary prisoners are treated there. I heard cries of newcomers prisoners and jailers. Knew that there were people picking up being humiliated. The prisoners make up a casata Brazilians which the state denies the most basic rights. When other caste society quit seeing an entire population as human beings who are, as of this population may require that do not do the same in return? The moral component of meritocracy, which poses as the direct object of the class does not produce income or fight, but human lives, is what leads us quickly into the abyss of barbarism. The fantasy of the "good man" or "cordial man" creates a contest in which the parameters of good and evil are lost in a war of all against all. My cell was cold, dirty, full of mosquitoes and I suffer respiratory problems, allergies and chronic severe depression - and were four nights without my antidepressants - but it was nothing close to the cries of people who suffered much more than me. Before bed, inmates improvise religious cults to escape despair, in which the entire prison screams in unison to overcome the walls that separate them. The result sounded like something out of a scary movie, although I understand the role that these services have to appease the spirits of the participants. I think that's churning food to the bank accounts of evangelists who take advantage of the feeling of helplessness of prisoners.

On day 23, Monday, gave me the news that I would be released along with the Chileans and one Bolivian in the same corridor. We were forbidden to look at the way We traveled, so I do not know where to take us. When I realized we were in the courtyard of the prison Bangu 9, being treated with derision by the employees there. I still was not free but was transferred as the jailers of 10 predicted. Shaved my hair and led me to the cell. I was put on the same corridor, and Caio Fábio Raposo de Souza, facing for the first, each one in its unique cell.

Fabio greeted me and I was confused, not knowing who he was, but he was quick to enlighten me. He started talking to me, along with other inmate who was on the other side of the grille to access the corridor, probably out of the cell to do work in the prison. That inmate, whose name I do not know, insinuated that would roll some gain in the protests. "How so?" I asked. He asked bluntly, then, if I was being paid by politicians to protest. I was possessed and burst upon the subject. "You think if I won money policy would still be living with my family in the City of God? I am a student of Philosophy Politics, stage I to be a high school teacher. I believe in what I do. If someone is making money from it, this is not me! I prefer to be called mass-to-maneuver than traitor of the people! "The clerk of the prison again and I repeated what I said to him. The debaucheries of the employee stopped there. (Interestingly, this also knew where I live.)

I'm no hero, no brave champion, never to be told. I fell into despair and ran to behind the wall that was in the cell. Was not sure about the reality around me and I began to think he had fallen into a trap where nobody paid by serving as scapegoat in a war between politicians and media completely out of my reach and perception actors, where I was just another sucker. I thought my life had been destroyed. I heard laughter from the other inmates, but minutes later Fabio said he began to worry me and called me to come out from behind the wall. He told me to stay calm and we were all in the same situation. He claimed to have no connection with any group or political and the media turned him into a monster. Both he and Gaius had fallen into the trap of attorney Jonas Nunes Tadeu, who came to speak improperly by them instead of representing them. I asked them to call any employee and that last even returned. I told him I knew I was transferred there to tell you some information, but I knew nothing he could say to them. The officer tried to calm me down, saying that he and his colleagues had no investigative powers, just nothing I say here could be used against me. He gave me a tablet of clonazepam to calm down and sleep.

I was released the next day (not before one of the employees say "bye" and he would see me again in the neighborhood). And my sister and my brother went to fetch me, but were hampered by any employee who informed them that I had mistakenly transferred to Niagara Falls. A few days later, UFRJ published an open letter and petition against the arrest and prosecution of protesters, including me.

In my survey, the helicopter pilot says he was forced to make "risky maneuvers" to get away from the laser, which is a lie because I was hovering over the same spot all the time. The most sensible course of action to avoid the laser would contact the police in numerous solo tackle for us and not a "bold move", and it was precisely so that the pilot proceeded, but only several minutes after starting the projections. One of the evidence against me was the video recorded by the camera helicopter, but was denied access to even the lawyer who assists me. With this video, it would be clear that such maneuvers did not happen. It was also stated that the pilot laser blinded momentarily, and the angle of incidence not even allowed to reach his eyes.

My hearing is scheduled for November 18th at 13:20 in room 805 of the 36th Criminal Court and is presided over by Judge Marcel Laguna Duque Estrada, known for their conservatism and spirit prison. Meanwhile, two people were willing to testify in my defense: a witness of conduct and other incident.

Cristiano de Oliveira Gomes, graduating from the Institute of Philosophy of Philosophy and Social Sciences UFRJ, socialist activist and anarcho-communist row political prisoner.
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