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(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Inside Secrets Secrets Women with Flame (tr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 14:44:37 +0200

Flame in Alevism research by performing a first reflecting the situation of women in radical feminist writer GÃlfer Akkaya new "Secrets Within Secrets with: Flame of women" on the book we share the interviews we have done with it. ---- Square : Subject Alevism need an in-depth research he think about you when you book a narrative flame overlooked by women in front of us hard of awareness: the oppression of Alevi women. You have completed your book at a time how, with whom and why did you choose to share the secrets of women Flame? ---- GÃlfer Akkaya: Alevi women of "secret" or "sÄrlaÅtÄrÄl the" all other women's "secret" or "sÄrlaÅtÄrÄl be" with overlap. The crushed-exploited women under male domination all over the world, the male-dominated system (patriarchy) We know that entering into similar process occurs. Whatever smash-patriarchal system by exploiting women and men up to the geographic, social, cultural differences Although women all over the world is also sexual, economic and political system is the name of exploitation. This all women's "sÄrlaÅtÄrÄl the" dr. Religion or beliefs, the women, "he sÄrlaÅtÄrÄl" is one of the key areas.

You're already secrets today, is not something that everyone knows shut up? Alevi community in similar situations.

In this book I have in our society, "they are free" I looked at the situation of women alleged. I looked at the situation of women in Alevism. I looked at the situation of women in Alevi institutions. And finally with the Alevi community in Turkey looked at the situation of women in society Flame.

Therefore, the Alevi community in front of domestic and abroad, active, I met women located in Alevi institutions. Thus, speakers from outside ode would read, Flame would have to talk through the community. In which they worked, they talked about all those years they gave labor organizations.

The book was completed in two years.

Alevism header wide and covers different communities in different nations at the same time. In your book you talk about the Arab-Ãepni-TahtacÄ-Bektashi and Alevi Kurds. These soils are most exposed to the government's assimilation policy could remain in existence until today if it was Alevis Alevism. The state is still ongoing policy of ignoring what can you say about the Alevis?

Resolving a matter of methodology and perspective is very important. Now for the Alevis have been in love with the killer until, you know. Why is that? Alevis, mainly because of the mentality dominant carrier during slaughter to continue to be ignored and the history of republic they were giving votes to the CHP. However, other groups such as the Alawis also vote on the republic went to different parties. The madrasahs, the socialist parties-organization was the case until now, one of the parties in the Kurdish freedom movement components. But he shall be called the party of the Alevis was always massively supported the CHP. It's true. But for some reason not in love with killer sheer rhetoric used for Alevis. I say this thing that I think the main problem. Yet despite forty years of the Kurdish freedom movement (Muslim) majority of Kurds voted for the AKP and still gives out to those who say they do not use this concept for it Alevis. Because Alevis, creating even more oppressed among the oppressed group and easier to hit them.

Hometown of the idea of ââhuman beings as "fond enough to be in love with murderers" When you look in terms of declared Alevis in you face this reality: Alevis, the Seljuks from the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds from the Turkish nationalists killed Kemalist from everyone until those who belong to Islam. And in order to vote for whichever party Alevis today, they are murderers of the Alawis. The harm you do not see the arrogance that makes the nose or obvious fact that Turkey intellectuals avoid saying this.

Dozens of large and small in this region had faith we live on today. Many of these beliefs through the sword or Islam or have been destroyed by assimilation. A few of them survived. Alevism also therebetween. And the belief that has existed between remaining with the most population. I think it is because of the Alevi community stems from the method of internal organization and resistance form. Fold himself against powerful oppressors, Alevis "hidden resistance" They follow the same procedure. Pretending surrendered against pressure to abandon their faith, their faith appeared to have accepted, has conducted its own secret belief, this belief has been transferred to the new generation. This resistance was carried by most women. Women Alevism preserved, have a major role in transportation today. Against assimilation and massacre "you" as they resist doing, never give up on their faith. Alevism is why today we are talking about these and other unique forms of resistance.

What do you think about Alevism primitive society of the processing, such as popular assemblies at the core of the CEM, as you also mentioned the ongoing relations of production since and participatory rather than hierarchical social structure and your book to be democratic, constitute what advantages in terms of their Alevi women?

As you stated in your social structure and organization of Alevism aims to be as far away as possible from the hierarchy. Alevism cooker with cooker kernel between organizations, there is no centralization in the system. No stove is not hierarchically above the quarry. Because every stove pyrene and guides, suitor of another quarry is the father and guide. Murshid, the flame can not be the patriarch and unguided. Location, regardless of position necessarily a murshid everyone has piri and guide. January system which connects the Alevi community social mechanisms into a single ring. This mechanism is not hierarchical top-down, side by side intersect, is circular and an egalitarian structure.

Again Alevi Cem ceremony, which also entails similar egalitarian form of worship applications. Cem ceremony in the main with piri (piri woman) sit side by side. Even when there is no grandfather served as the main cem ceremony. Moreover, Cem ceremony is not involved in the main single woman. Which is responsible for making my ce during the Cem ceremony and who has worked with the cem service. Women takes place among these officers.

Alevi community that reflects the relations of production and social relations that for women it is an indisputable advantage over monotheistic religions true. Political know-how of the private sphere has taken place internally in Alevism. Women, as you suggested, from the family in society in cem ceremony, the wife can not complain to his father. Whether display them in society, can ask them to be punished. Penalties for sexual offenses they put their statutes of political organization in today Does not done with this logic?

.If A women in terms of the positive features of this structure to the male-dominated system (patriarchy) that eliminates, it is not a living system antagonism. I, at the same time believing that we live in two radical feministlerd education system of exploitation. For example, today we are governed by two basic economic system of capitalism and the patriarchy, including, we crushed, I think we exploited. Today we're talking about the Alevi top headlines in the early days of mankind's faith group, some of whom survived to maintaining social relations today. Economic system and patriarka of some Alevi community with this side still bear traces of these ancient societies. But unfortunately this ancient state was erkekleÅtiril. Unlike earlier today by men erkekleÅtiril an Alevi Alevism.

Now we have many discussions, as we establish the equality of men and women dream about how a society might not be a restructuring of labor exploitation could be the benefit of this ancient community. About this class of women, matriarchal societies and communities in which they teach their traces we have no doubt.

Women do not have all the power over the centuries ignored by the bride and beliefs were counted. According to the Alevi faith and culture is described as the woman is equal to man-mish-so-known. "Can be" is one of its most important elements. Flame of women you've included in your book based on the lecture What can you tell us about that?

Can be in Alevism means being above sex. What a woman, what are both men. Body, skin, their people, roles imposed on society has disappeared and breath, you got soul. Everyone there is one, is unity.

In this respect, can be a stand against sexual oppression and exploitation. Only important thing here is "can" not be, is that men and women can together. I have only been a belief that men are can, but it's not! Men and women, side by side, in the same room together, it's the same ce in my life. I think this is the other religion / belief in patriarka against women, as well as all women is a huge gain.

All of them find meaning in life, Alevism stickers forward to this unique and egalitarian side of the Alevi community to find money and organization, social organization must do accordingly. It is no exaggeration to say that the side with the current debt Alevi Alevi women of the community. Alevi community should cease to be a male-dominated society more aggravated with each passing day, the definition of women speaking in the book "should be returned to the core", extracts their side of equitable, should be strengthened and should of course insisted on being approachable. Can be female than male gender equality can be defined as the next higher stage.

Alevi belief murshid-piri, the source of the male-dominated field guide and taken as a taliplik can say with a lamellar structure. This family patriarch stratification is gaining strength with the state-esteem gained through marriage married woman who sees it. Motherhood for women in a male-dominated status defined limits. "Alevi women to be free" status acquired through patriarchy contrary, when rumors of motherhood may be considered an acceptance?

Dedelig lineage from father to son over the last Alevis we know something. But it's source, when Alevism, we do not know how late. In fact, most of the works written about Alevism is talking about Islam and its aftermath. Sources mention before in his pre and very little before. I "secret" I believe it is here reserved. Because ancient Alevi faith, and we're looking at the ancient faith usually just past the closest to us.

Maybe before another flow, there was another organization? Maybe she was going to rob from mother to daughter? Have them impossible? Of course not. More research should be done, but the ideology and methodology of this research is very important. Therefore, feminist research methods as the most important method here we come to the rescue of women is waiting for us.

The main concepts in Alevism / status can not make sense of referring to the current user. In Alevism "with maternity authority" in today's male-dominated society "motherhood" are not one and the same thing. Maternity occur authority is achieved through Pir'l to marry the wife of a powerful man, a relative decrease in the shadow of the power of women, though at the same time sitting in a second power center in the post suggests. Maternity authority was probably affecting women dominated society and would continue to keep the main power it gets from the community living in the post. And glorified himself by playing the key role of men and women every day that Alevism masculinisation. This is the current information produced by the male dominance herpes, silly, funny may seem like a fantasy. But what is not? Not even exciting prospect of this idea? The power of the goddess of God tells how many play in mythology and even about whether written history available in abundance. Sumerian goddess gods Änanna'yl Enka's power struggle is a good example of what I tell you this.

So Alevism and only those survey on women in Alevism is not the Alevi community, you will have the results to help us better understand the whole social developments.

I'm making a call to women in Alevi institutions here, come hang out with this curiosity to the back and we'll investigate.

Personally, I'm sure something; us anything explained, not as shown. It Alevism and Alevi women in history. Alevism is mainly a woman and belief. Alevism and Alevi women in different historical, suffered injustices, oppression and a common destiny. But unfortunately, those flaws are not only those that live outside of our rulers, not those who want to destroy the Alevi, Alevi men are also responsible in this regard. Locate and remove the historical aspect of this social assimilation and sexual assault in the first Alevi Alevism debt around the neck of women, including women.

Finally Alevi women you meet "Alevism is the essence of" you can say about the concept and philosophy of life as they talk about? Is there anything else you'd like to add?

In fact, everything I have described "Alevism is the essence of" the discourse of the gold filling. But we are talking about the need to rally these: historicity and religious specificities are different from each other in Alevism hosts and an important part of the social structure inherently a continued belief in the ancient pre-Islamic. Women's "The essence of Alevism," said the philosophy of life they conceptualize Alevism to be able to look at the correct analysis is mandatory to overcome the limitations in Islam. A perspective that is not the source of the pre-Islamic Alevism "Alevism essence" remains far from understanding nude. This is exactly the essence of the historical period, and Alevism the way to grasp the social, geographical foundations will have to be taken into account. These different ways and duration Alevis "a road, a thousand continious" he internalized the Stoics.

Alevism is also of the essence saying advantageous position compared to women, the nature of human integrity approach, non-hierarchical social structure is meant, of course. To understand the essence of the sacred objects alive even today, the symbol of prayer, and ritual of the visit, saying that needs to be examined and discussed the mythology and fairy tales. This in itself stands in need of research ahead of us in a different area. Millet, teberik, earth, sun, moon, whirling rotation, light, universe cycle, be friendly, be not breathing flesh, not side to side by hierarchical, each with a separate research topic. However, this is not the healthy results of research away from sexist methods, depending on the perspective of women do.

Tell the stories of the women in Alevism, visits every day to keep the face a little more erilleÅerek lost. The names of the woman bearing the names erkekleÅtirilerek visit Alevism is swept away with each passing day more than women. The essence of Alevism also saying that sexual assimilation rebellion is.

Word, authority and decision-making or simply an overwhelming majority in this state or of women that men and Alevi Alevi organizations considered to represent the community. As one of the women I interviewed said "Alevi community can not be represented by just a tie." Because half of the women of the Alevi community. Alevi community and its institutions should consider this warning women and "Alevism is the essence of" what should be returned.

Alevism who has a history of thousand years. It is an ancient belief in socialization, gender relations are to believe that in a way we know it today though since the beginning in terms of production systems, it is not right and looking foward to this, as well as unfair.

Just because you know it, even to attain scientific doubt this is a huge step in my opinion. The rest rapid succession.

This conversation Square was published in the Meydan journal number 22.
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