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(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Kobani'yi Rojav FREEDOM FREEDOM (tr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 11 Nov 2014 09:21:29 +0200

http://meydangazetesi.org/gundem/2014/10/kobane-ozgurluk-rojava-ozgurluk/ Mahsun Shepherd, Ugur Ozbay, Suleiman Castle, Baver Sahanogul of Mahmoud Anas, Turan Slow, Hussein Ahmed Dakak, Hasan Gökyöz, Riyadh Sun, Yasin Börü, Murat Mountain, Cumal Sun, Mesut Violet, Hakan Hey you, Sinan Toprak, Bilal Gezer, Abdulkarim Seyhan, Farhad Ibrahim Elduveiç Abdullah Mohammed Latif, Kerem Karaaslan, Bashir Remeze Arif, Emrah Demir, Ahmet Colonel, Mert miller, Hamdi Caner, Yunus Aktas, Moses Day, Solomon Balci, Love Buyer, Omar pale, Falcon Daghan, David Nasr, Kamil Stone, Joseph Steel, Mehdi Erdogan, Necmettin Steel, Ali Impairments, Emre Ekinci, Ramadan Özmask that, Omar lame, Kadri Bagd, M rh Senyuva, Sehabettin Nashe, Aynur Kudin, Ekrem Kaçarogl

September 19 - Kobani'yi the PLA indicates that they are in a great resistance against the attack of Isidor gang Co-chairman Salih Muslim Muhammad said that "if what for whom Kobani'yi do now must be done," he especially Urfa, Suruc and tribes in Ceylanpnar in the region and called on the mobilization of everyone in the city.

September 19 - Isidor, who left their villages due to attacks from crossing the border Kobanêl 3 thousand families TC pepper gas was blocked by soldiers and their TOMA attack. Attack the push of a woman in her 50s while mine was seriously injured.

September 21 - TC Rojav to support the revolution of the ISID gang wanted to drown under attack in solidarity with the people and thousands of Amed Kobani'yi to demonstrate their response to gang attack people gathered in front of the Provincial Organization DBP.

September 21 - Kobani'de, Isidor gang to escape from soldiers attacked public employees. Soldiers attack resulted in 13-year-old Bilal Sexo, was seriously injured stepping on the mine; The 13-year-old Fatma Izettin Hes gunned down by soldiers who were seriously wounded.

September 22 - Kurdistan in many parts of Hakkari (Semdinli, Yüksekova), Srnak (Cizre), Igdr, Van, Mardin and Rojava of Isidor gang in Dersim to protest attacks on the Kobani'yi cantons took to the streets. Clashes between the police and public places took place.

September 25 - HDPE and socialists in Turkey, a large group of communist and anarchist organizations, visited the border for days while people in seizure resistance. Revolutionary Anarchist's facilities, including group activities, Kobani'yi resistance of the peoples and of themselves good resistance said it was good.

September 26 - Kobani'yi limit to the crowd from different cities, across the border in Mürsitpnar experiencing the most intense conflicts Kobanê'y entry. Kobani'yi within the TC after trying to cross the walkway, gendarmes attacked near mined areas.

September 26 - Urfa Suruc thousands of Eliza spent the night at the border village about 3 kilometers to the east boundary of the people created a human chain at the neck.

September 26 - Kobanê'n 2 km west of the village who wanted to cross the border point in Tilseh Suruç 3 Kobanel was scanned from scorpion type vehicles by Turkish soldiers. He lost his life in the attack on 35-year-old Ahmed Syed Ahmed, the brother Kemal Sayyed Ahmed and Impairments Berkel is a Kobanêl wounded.

September 28 - Istanbul police attacked a solidarity action with the Gazi district Kobani'yi. Veterans people resisted against the police for hours.

September 28 - Kadikoy Pier gathered in Besiktas, has made many women's organizations, including anarchist women walking Kobanê'y support at this event. Bahari Walking Street during the banners hang from a building in the women, it was attempted to prevent harassment by the police and walked towards the AKP building here.

29 September - Istanbul University Students, Scoundrel Square then to "Get out the killer Isidor Kurdistan, NE Kobani'yi BEXWEDI the" banner hung. Isidor from the University of supporters attacked the revolutionaries.

September 29 - Mardin Kiziltepe district while trying to cross the border in the neighborhood Senyurt captured 3 soldiers were killed and beaten by soldiers Rojava Rojaval from Ciwan Behcet's body was thrown from the boundary wire.

September 30 - Revolutionary Anarchists in different districts of Istanbul to show solidarity with Kobani'yi "Em Hemu Kawana Li Diji Dehaq the" placard made a written description.

September 30 - DAF was also involved for many revolutionary organizations that participated in the Suruç-Kobani'yi journey "Biju Berxwed until Kobani'yi" was the slogan walk to the bus departure point. Following the end of the bus to go to Suruç was passed to the solidarity action with Kobani'de Kadikoy Bull. Police walk attendees gas bombs and attacked by a plastic bullet.

October 1 - AKP government's war against the permit issued by the council of thousands took to the streets of Taksim.

October 1 - Batman, the police attacked those who want who want to protest against attacks on Isidor's Kobanê'y. Police tear gas and water cannons as did the last one young gas bomb attack on the way to hit the head of the capsule as a result of dozens of people injured and taken to detention.

October 2 - Kobanê'y directed against attack "life stop" Bonds central district where the call in Amed, Kayapnar, walls and shutters closed trades for Kobani'yi Yenisehir minibus was run on the ignition. On the other hand, the outer districts Lice, Cinar, Ergani, Hazro, the shopkeepers were opening their place in Bismil and Silvan business, students boycotted schools.

October 2 - Mothers for Peace, to protest the AKP Bagclar Isidor Isidor's Kobanê'y facing attacks and Turkey to support the building was occupied by the district.

October 3 - Conscientious Association "What a Soldier What Memorandum" with the call, made a written statement from the council regarding the permit law.

October 5 - Mürsitpnar border village next to the gate of the air has hit a home Etmankê ball. Three people were seriously injured. Gendarmerie TOMA and scorpions accompanied Etmankê the village, attacking the villagers evacuated.

October 5 - including the Anarchist Women's going to Suruç-Kobani'yi limit women's organizations from different cities that border the village live shield holding vigil for days at Beth resistance i grew up.

October 6 - Women's statement made at the border organizations. Speaking on behalf of the Anarchist Women Narcissus Sen; "Break down borders, to create freedom of all women, everywhere they are, we urge you to Kobanê'y defense," he said.

October 6 - police attacked a solidarity action with Kobani'yi held at Chalcedon.

October 7 - After violent attacks carried out solidarity actions for the police to Kobani'yi Van Bashkala, barricades were set up in the district, it's information that the military police withdrew to the barracks.

October 7 - Mus Varto by police armed attack on 25-year-old lost his life Hakan Buks. Umut Bozkurt was seriously injured.

October 7 - Sirnak Cizre border through the border crossing, hundreds of people went to Jazeery the canton.

October 7 - Van and Mardin was declared a curfew.

October 7 - in Amed, Kobanê'y solidarity against Hezbollah in different locations by a group of people on the actions contained in gunfire, one person lost his life, also found that people over 10 were injured, including a journalist.

October 7 - for solidarity with Kobani'yi Istanbul on Tuesday, October 7th street in the Flat prior to the police then attacked by racist-fascist groups in 2 people were seriously injured. Prior to the attack by racist groups "Kurds fuel our neighborhood" as rumors spread HDPE Flat Representation and also many businesses were burned. After Racist groups and shot injured in an armed attack occurs when brain death miller Mert, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Capa lost his life in the Intensive Care Unit by kurtarlamayarak.

October 8 - participated in solidarity actions with Kobani'yi ring held in Ankara, police forefinger in the air, bringing Takbir attacked.

October 8 - Yalova to the streets to Kobani'yi, fascist groups and police attacked. People in Baglarbas attack against a resistance.

October 8 - also received a large number of people were detained, including the Kobanê'y against the eylemer solidarity against attacks by organized many home Kobani'yi Amed police operation while DBP PMI members and councilors.

October 9 - METU attacked with tear gas ögrencilerepolis revolutionary solidarity actions for performing Kobani'yi.

October 9 - Pistachio police and pro-fascists supported Isidor, in clashes during a protest against the attack on the Kurdish Kobani'yi attack killed 4 people and injured more than 20 people. Sahinbey and DBP Sehitkamil district buildings were set on fire.

October 9 - Siirt Kurtalan in which the action close to the AKP AKP mayor for Kobani'yi guards and armed attacks Provincial Assembly members injured as a result of Necmettin has lost Steel life.

October 9 - at Istanbul University Isidor supporters and police attacked students. 3, including the Anarchist Youth, was taken into custody almost twenty revolutionary students. Many people were injured.

October 9 - 26 in Istanbul, Ankara and Kurdish youth engaged in military service, joined the action to Kobani'yi fled from their union.

October 9 - Istanbul Ataturk Airport Anarchists Against the War is also found in women's Women's Initiative, occupied the airport terminal's external lines. Police and private security attacking women, who performed the action took 46 women detained chuck.

October 10 - in Dersim, young people poured into the streets Kobani'yi Resistance. In clashes with police, in the Gazi district 2 TOMA and scorpions type 2 vehicles were burned.

October 11 - Van opened fire as a result of police actions during the Kobanê'y support he lost his life and seriously injured dolphin Aktas shot with real bullets.

October 11 - Kadikoy collected for those who lost their lives in solidarity with the resistance group held a march commemorating Kobani'yi.

October 12 - hdp'n's call for solidarity with Kobani'yi the walk will be organized via social media was canceled due to racist groups. HDPE and other revolutionary organizations in a press release at the entrance of Martyrs Street Cyprus has announced that they will not allow provocations.

October 12 - Idil district of Sirnak people took to the streets in solidarity with Kobani'yi. In Mersin, women's organizations protested Isidor's Kobanê'y attacks.

October 12 - Istanbul Sargazi held in police action Kobani'yi Dayansmas the TOMA and gas attacked with bombs.

October 13 - Pain and drove to the police despite the intense solidarity with Kobani'yi Resistance attack in Bitlis. The pain in Dogubayazt shutters were open trades.

October 13 - Rojav not revolutionary communist Revolution Money for participating in ypg'y Kzlbas code-named Subhi Agrnasl Nejat, was killed in clashes with Isidor.

October 14 - Adana newspaper distribution in an armed attack on his Azadiye Welat and Free Agenda Kadri Bagd the distributor, died in hospital. Kadri is located in Beyoglu, on the inability to identify the Bagdu hit Gazatesi Free Agenda in front of a person's identity, including Square, where about 100 people held a press briefing at the newspaper.

October 14 - 'Terrorist Operation' in home raids in several cities simultaneously under the name of 348 people were arrested, several people were arrested.

October 15 - Tekirdag 1 and No. 2 with 24 people imprisoned PKK and KCK case of the F-Type Prison, began an indefinite hunger strike to support the Kobani'yi Resistance-returnable.

October 18 - including Kadikoy High School High School which is also located Anarchist Platform Operations, held a solidarity action with Kobani'yi in Kadikoy. While walking he discarded the slogan of solidarity with people resisting Kobani'yi was told Rojav to Anthem. Kurdish "Serene Kobani'yi, Serene Ma Ye" (our Kobanê'n's War War), "Shoresh to Rojav to Shoresh Ma Ye" (Rojav revolution is our revolution) has moved the written exchange action was terminated by press release.

Catalonia - On October 10, in Granollers, Granollers anarchists held a solidarity action with the Kurdistan Solidarity Committee Kobani'yi.

Switzerland - Bern Switzerland on 18 October with a call for solidarity actions with Kobani'yi democratic mass organizations took place. Anarchist comrades joined in Bern action.

Argentina - 10 October in Plazo de Mayo mothers, this week's actions were devoted to resistance in Kobani'yi.

Italy - Italy on October 16 Anarchist Federation (FAI) 's act of solidarity with the çagrclg Kobani'yi occurred. Action DAF has also been translated into Italian and Umanit Nova newspaper reports were distributed.

France - On October 11, Anarchists and Revolutionary Anarchist Youth Federation's call, including the Anarchist Solidarity Group, held a solidarity action in Paris.

Czech Republic - in Prague, Czechoslovakia on October 15 Anarchist Federation Consulate in solidarity with the call to action was carried out with Kobani'yi Turkey. In Action "from Prague to Rojava, No passage" banner was opened.

Ireland - October 9, the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) in front of the parliament in Dublin with the call "Em Hemu Kawana, Li Dijiu Dehaq the" banner was carried out with a press release.

USA - on October 11 in San Francisco, with a call from the anarchist Black Cross "Isidor, its ally the Republic government and compressing limits Rojav Revolution destroyed!" was held under the slogan of international solidarity action.

You can reach our archive section to all counts of the square Gazette published.
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