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(en) União Popular Anarquista (UNIPA) - [MEXICO] Forward to murders, disappearances and arrests... Organize rebellious and combative fight! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 19:08:45 +0200

Protesting teachers Guerrero / Mexico for the appearance of students. ---- By SOLIDARIDAD proletarian, revolutionary anarchist newspaper ---- A new crackdown spread nationwide in recent months against those who oppose and those partially or fully the measures of national and local governments. ---- The arrival in 2012 of Peña Nieto to power continued the policy of militarization and spoil that recent governments had kept. The implementation of structural reforms called attacked economically and socially millions of workers, peasants, students, Indian, etc. ---- The looting is widespread and extends across the country. Call Energy Reform legalized and deepened practices that spoil and prey of holding the mining, extractive companies, etc. Derived addition, dozens of indigenous and peasant communities are targets of predatory attacks by foreign and domestic capitalists. Old projects are to be desengavetados now applied by force as in Atenco.

Under the guise of the "war against drugs" the towns and fields is militarized. Never in the history of the country there are so many "security agents" while indiscriminate violence persists in the country and she hides under the attack / opponents of the regime.

The case Ayotzinapa

On September 26 municipal officers of the city of Iguala, Guerrero state, opened fire on several occasions against buses of students from the Rural Normal School Ayotzinapa "Raul Isidro Burgos" killing students, passersby and even members of a sports team who was traveling in another bus.

After the wily attack, police detained and disappeared with 43 young normalistas. At the time of writing this journal, found several mass graves in the region, but were not confirmed the identity of the corpses or the whereabouts of the missing.

By statements from students who were able to escape, it is known that normalistas were taken to the premises of the municipal police and since have disappeared. I mean, the authorship of the municipal government is beyond any doubt.

The knowledge of the fact by the military and state police, despite not having been proven, it is a secret spoken near the military posts of the first ambush facilities and the presence of state also holds in the vicinity of the zone.

Demonstrators burn portrait of the governor of Guerrero, Angel Rivero Aguirrer.

Drug trafficking, political parties and the State

From the date of this terrible fact, the spokesmen of the government through the means of mass communication has insisted that the facts were perpetrated by hired assassins of drug cartels, and has tried to dissociate the state, in its three levels of government, responsibility in this fact.

Demonstrate at the time of the daylight full participation of the municipal police, both the state government and the federation pointed all forces accusing the mayor.

Now, as we have said, knowledge - at least - of the state and federal government are more likely, since this is not the first time that undermines social activists and grassroots organizations in Guerrero under this government, nor by the government Peña Nieto.

The insistence of the media in separate narcotics government is a fallacy. All we know in Mexico many years ago that it is impossible to separate these two structures since they form one. Cartels take and lay employees, and governments receive money and protecting one cartel over others. So in other preceding paragraphs of this paper we stated "there is a war against narco, there is a war BETWEEN narcos."

The PRD: reformist and murderer

It is no coincidence that the largest prosecution of dozens of years has taken place in a system governed by the "left" state. This domesticated left gandalla to-PRI (para-ruling) was developed from 1988 to the current date in a grotesque caricature of the classic priísmo.

Since the suppression of the strike at UNAM CGH, unsolved homicides Digna and Pavel, through the anti-anarchist arrests in Mexico DF, one after another the PRD administrations demonstrated his sadism, his corruption and his unpopular character.

There Guerrero in recent years a violent escalation against the people and their organizations, climbing warned in these pages, where farmers, ecologists, teachers, normalistas, indigenous, guerrillas, etc. fell by the bullets of the "progressive" government of the PRD.

Today the PRD in people's governor and the mayor of Iguala finally succeeded its goal: write a sadistic page in history equal to their parents and teachers PRIs. Let there be no mistake, the PRD is responsible for this act.

The open war against the people and their organizations

This brutal blow knows no precedent in the country, since a forced and collective and at once disappeared. The most similar case in the country's recent history are the massacres of October 2, 1968 and the slaughter of Acteal in 1997, ie in gruesome numbers is "bigger" - quantitatively speaking, since all are equally reprehensible - other atrocities by the Mexican state and the killing of the woods, del fen, aguas blancas, etc.

Exists today in the country a clear open war between those who are imposing an elitist system and spoiler, and those who are against these measures in opposition since their communities, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. And Ayotzinapa is a demonstration that, in a show jumping the view and calls us to take our side in this conflict.

The killing of Iguala shows how far they are willing to get the rulers and businessmen to further impose its model of exploitation and plunder.

The opposition can not be restricted to speeches and marches. It is urgent to develop a broader solidarity among the sectors in struggle and take actions that go beyond the routine protests. The blockade, the barricades self defense, sabotage, occupying bodies and media, etc. is the only way to face the blows of the above. We have to drive a combative and class national movement, which brings together the various fighting forces and radicalize the struggles nationally.

Just to give the other cheek!

By the appearance of the missing!

Justice will be won in the streets!

For our dead, for our prisoners!

Return blow for blow to the government and the rich!


This text was taken from newspaper SOLIDARIDAD proletarian No. 15. To read in its entirety CLICK HERE.

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