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(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Kobani'yi the world Anarchist Solidarit (tr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 19:03:20 +0200

Rojav Revolution was the harbinger of a new world which we büyükmet every day for a revolutionary anarchist. It was an experience that life Rojav to restructuring. Kobenê'y also to defend our revolution to defend the Rojava so. ---- Kobani'yi Resistance since i started, was exhibited once again the importance of international solidarity. Thanks in particular to inform daf'l of our comrades in the village, we received information that we share with our comrades from different parts of the world. We share because the Kobani'yi resistance in growth and a part of this responsibility in order to break the silence, we were the world. Revolutionary solidarity comrades as he told the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation was our biggest weapon.

In line with these briefings, Ireland has performed numerous solidarity actions from Catalonia. Ummanit anarchist newspapers such as Nova Kobani'yi Resistance gave ina place in the front page. Our comrades in Greece were equipped with Kobani'yi they prepare their posters streets of Athens and Thessaloniki. Our comrades from different organizations, increasingly located within the village next to our comrades, solidarity Kobani'yi were involved personally.

Square Newspaper in different geographies and the solidarity of the text we want our anarchist comrades from organizations we share with our readers.

Kobani'yi Revolutionary Anarchist Resistance, which was written by the 24th day message;
Kobani'yi in Isidor had the 24th day of the attacks. Public defenders in all the border villages to guard against attacks on human shields and the geography we live Kopana Kobanê'n to fall all over everyone standing.

We nöbetind human shields in the border village located west of Kobanê'n Boyd is approximately three weeks. The last two days Kobani'de, in the outskirts of the city and focused sound of explosions and clashes in the city center. Conflict intensified its attacks on human shields seizures in the border village gendarme in a process that intensified it. Limits on both sides of the border attacked with tear gas approaching TC soldiers attacked the village we found a gas bomb on Tuesday. TC has used military offensive weapons and was injured from time to time in various ways.

In particular, the extent of making sense of these attacks on border villages means that Isidor transition. TC support for the ISID as seen here, it seems clearly there. Of course, they are not just appearing. Isidor's, one of the leaders in managing the attack Kobani'yi YPJ / YPG killed by forces that we have learned. On the other hand while the conflict continues in the same intensity all day today. Since morning, the sound of explosions was almost no relief. But now it blasts YPJ / YPG is known to occur by the forces. YPJ / ypg'n tactical information as Kobani'yi freeing disabled on the street in the center of the blockade of coming here sid'ci among those transferred as a tactical success.

Those described in the language of the village council wished everyone excited. One of them is sid'ci fear of female guerrillas. State, terror, massacres rep rep at the sid'ci obviously male dominance. When a woman killed by a guerrilla ypj'l ie the so-called "martyrs" are afraid that they can not believe they YPJ encounter. Because they each face their own "fighting" women do not forgive sid'ci. That is the freedom that creates ypj'n fighting against the male domination.

The last two days are rising all over Kurdistan, and in all the cities of Anatolia rebellion, giving us the invincibility of the re-organized people. Kobani'yi and villagers along the border as well as in the rebellion Kobani'yi all Rojava increases the belief in everyone's revolution. Increasing our faith in our sister falling all bitterness yasats their anger on everyone's anger here, it adds to its power. Laments the knee began to crack punches hit the earth so powerful and fast shot just becomes a folk dance steps. Our sadness is so strong and rapidly öfkelesiy.

Anyone here who need this full. Despite everything desired freedom and revolution for.

Long live the People's Resistance Kobani'yi!

Hooray Rojav Revolution!

Revolutionary Solidarity is our weapon - FAB Bulgarian Anarchist Federation
Kobani'yi We're now watching the people and the moment of resistance to Isidor we learned from -daf beri- Rojav the Revolution.

In Rojava of course, that the people have a say and not as overwhelming police and military structures that stateless and initiated a revolutionary process. People's life, can be seen on organizing solidarity relations is not the overwhelming force of the institution. What happened in Rojava, disturbs the whole gang force governing people. This gang wants to get self-Islamic state securities, whether Turkey, Bulgaria or the USA as "recognized" state.

The scoreboard until the enslaved peoples of the region that will not calm down again by the most powerful gang. Until the hypocrisy and cruelty of tanks and air strikes will use every weapon. The only hope for the people of the free Rojava is its organized will and solidarity of ordinary people all over the world.

We are afraid of ordinary people around the world in such a challenge is not ready to read, because understanding against their own government and organization are missing. Although the best action in the streets of Europe in terms of solidarity, Rojav to protect people against the military power of the entire world to much more than needed. We need a worldwide revolutionary organization can stop armies and states.

Revolutionary solidarity is organized now, right now, anywhere in the world people's uprising, more than enough to eliminate all of these gangs.

Growing up in a new world in our hearts - El Comité de amb el Solidaritat the Kurdistan Granollers - Alvaro Inigo - Catalonia
Today they are fighting for freedom in the face of those Kobani'yi brutality. We anarchists in Granollers, a city in Catalonia, the people who are trying to tell Kobani'yi.

The mainstream media in the US and other countries we say that Syria and Iraq attacked the ISID. We are the people that this is not true, you are actually telling the whole world watching silently Isidor's Kobanê'y attacked.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey and other states do not want them to be free of Rojaval. Minority and women's rights are respected, similar communities do not want this democratic society. Freedom, social justice and women's rights as enemies of society they want based on religious bigotry and social injustice.

As a committee, we have established a group of anarchists in Granollers want to explain why people in the name of solidarity Rojava situation in Kurdistan. We held a meeting we want to repeat on a weekly basis. Real democracy of the Kurdish struggle, cooperative economics, women's rights and on behalf of the ultimate dissolution of the bureaucratic nation-state, we want to tell the world can be an example for a move.

The sufferings and struggles of the people in Kobani'yi Through this committee finds in the local press. We struggle with the Rojaval b. What we are here to do whatever it takes.

Kobanêli in! We're with you, with you in our hearts, and our hearts are growing a new world.

Against Religious and Military Dictatorship Rojav is Hope - IFA International Anarchist Federation
Kurdish peoples resisting the ISID jihadist attacks. And courage in a small amount of lightly armed Kobani'yi they protect and maintain their resistance determination must be respected. Unfortunately, not enough reinforcement and support. Closing the border police and troops on the Turkish government to prevent the passage of weapons and aid, Kobani'yi 'shall be construed as supported jihadist attacks. Today, the jihadists in the city.

Turkish state, let alone to help the public, the Kurdish resistance is doing its utmost to weaken or destroy. Because of this resistance, the Kurds know that refusing to increase the independence of people power in the region. On the Syrian side of the Turkish state border, wants to create a buffer zone within its control, a pretext for occupying the three cantons that make up the Rojava. French state, which the Kurds reject this proposal, by supporting the worst solution for the Kurdish resistance has chosen to completely geopolitical expediency.

Built-in power relations (nepotism, corruption, male-domination, obedience and imposed belief systems) self-organization of an environment Kurdish fighters collapsed determination to defend an astonishing passion for liberty, threatening to have the independence and disobedience. This is not something that is supported by the Arab-Western coalition.

But for us, this is what we had hoped. It is hoped, from the chaos of the Middle East, both in religious obscurantism, and also has the power to fight against decades of military-government in the region. It is hoped, will see that rebirth of resistance against the forces that prevent freedom of movement. Kobanê'y in the face of attacks on the Kurds living in Turkey were already mobilized an incredible solidarity (and are facing severe pressure). Diaspora protests in several cities across Europe, thousands of people gathering at the border to protect the city and we saw hundreds of volunteers who came to Kobanê'y. Our task is clearly giving support to the resistance movement and freedom to take action to raise the call of power.

Together, stateless and who can count on our support to build a new society until the non-religious repression.

Anti-Authoritarian Movement in Kobani'yi fight Kavgamzdr- - Athens
Syria - concerns all of us in the fight Kobani'yi; Kobani'de duration of collisions, Kurdish militias contains the collision of two worlds entirely beyond the resistance against the terror produced called Isidor: Our own world; freedom of ordinary people struggling for social justice and direct democracy and sovereignty snow swirling around the world and the only quest, states and world capitalism.

Isidor from the past that have some sort of conflict with Western culture on one side and not the social forces; Mirror image of the local followers of the ten years of terror imposed by the West and the Middle East to the public; Product disposal of all forces based in the region of Western actors; After the dissolution of the company he built state of the occupation forces in Iraq, easily obtainable, a group equipped with latest-technology-product of weapons. The Empire used in Iraq and elsewhere in the world, similar to his own private army, an army of mercenaries. Without a compass, outside of totalitarian domination over the peoples Isidor, in the heart of the empire and slowly, using the same neo-liberal western state-capital complex methods. Such as those used in Gaza and Baghdad, traces the life of slain hanging on the back wall instead of using just collapsed, leaving weapons of mass destruction, which benefit fully from the terrorist culture, using the flashy images and horrific head blow up.

On the other side we have; Our life at the expense of all those people, though the rebels to win back our freedom; This is embodied in the heroic ideal Kobani'de Kurdish militants clashing; Inspired by the ideal of democratic federalism own society of the state / capitalism while protecting against absolute rule, they are fighting for a stateless people to have the first mention of democracy. Fighting in Kobani'yi, not the end of a fight, will expand the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people, the state and will inspire all those people from fighting for a new world away from capitalism and reference will be the beginning of a fight.

We salute solidarity the Rojav the Social Revolution - IFA - Italian Anarchist Federation
"can initiate Social Revolution in Rojava, a wide range of regional self-government experience gives life and sex to overcome the discrimination - and therefore both Isidor, as the Turkish army attacked by under-which the people of Italy in front of the resistance Anarchist Federation council declares its solidarity and support.

This solidarity and support UnAdIr first parts of this struggle and liberation of people and can not be attacked by the intervention of global and regional powers on their freedom. FAI council at this stage, most of the time about the dynamics of the process are stored or distorted by the mainstream media, is it necessary to take action to collect information.

FAI council, federation of individuals and groups and all social opposition movement, in solidarity with invites to move towards the experience of people in Rojav canton. This movement must be an objective of the opening of the border around the Rojav. "

Description of the Communist Anarchists Kobani'yi for
Rojava initiated by our comrades in the revolution, the Kurdish people and part of a much larger movement for the freedom of all Middle Eastern peoples through them; free, egalitarian, oppressor and is an inspiration to those who long for a world where there is oppressed. Free, self-management working with nature and experience hosting a anarchism is a direct democracy that respects the autonomy of public infrastructure. Anarchist communists all over the world, this revolution is felt as their revolutions.

Today, the revolution is facing a three-pronged threat; imperialism, state otoritecilig and Middle Eastern nations emerged as the conquest of corruption arising from the bigoted, fanatical and extreme conservative response. This bigoted response when attacking with weapons obtained through imperialism, the Turkish armed forces to surround Kurdish people are knit like a hammer and anvil wall with an armored tanks and heavy weapons. Our comrades in Rojava this as a triple threat and the peoples movement against the occupation of this crooked, arms in hand to fight and defend their autonomy and their freedom struggle gained. But they are not alone in this battle. Behind them are collected millions of free spirited people, we uzatmakt hand to hand in their fight for our new world, with the support and grow them in our hearts. This heroic battle in Kobani'yi today, "¡No interceptions!" (No Pass!) People have fought under the slogan is a legacy of a long history.

We want to explain the world so very different place; Your struggle is our struggle. We are with you, we have to do our part in this fight for social revolution and more necessary than ever, we are ready to do so. An end to repression, Kurds to abandon attempts to show the international dimensions of criminal revolutionaries, we demand respect for the autonomy of the reins of destiny in the hands of the space community. For liberation from all kinds of oppression and exploitation, free and in the struggle for the building of a new society we are all equal. The state, capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy in the name of liberation from that of systematic violence, we need your support in any way revolutionary struggle societies.

With revolutionary and libertarian solidarity,

Periodico Solidaridad (Chile), Frente de Trabajadores Ernesto Miranda I -FTE (Chile), Workers Solidarity Movement / Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland), F ederazio de Comunisti Anarchici / Anarchist Communist Federation -fd (Italy), Organisation Socialiste Libertaire -OSL (Switzerland ), Collectif Communiste Libertaire Bienne -cclbienn (Switzerland), Alternative Libertaire (France), Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group / Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (Australia), Melissa Sepúlveda, Federation of Students of the University of Chile -Fech / Chilean University Students Federation President ( Chile)

Brandnew resistance and revolution in Kobani'yi Rojav is a strong message to those who believe in freedom and equal world today. Declared that there is no alternative to the hand of the rulers and the oppressed in a lArIndAkilerle when they say they have to settle for this mass movement is coming and show that the resistance fertile world. This movement in Chiapas, are our indigenous brothers created a world in which many places around the world. The power poured into the streets of our brothers and sisters all over the world who want to direct their hands. Zionist occupation against our brothers fighting with stones and shells. Revolutionary peasant brothers and sisters who want to land and autonomy in Colombia.

Kobani'yi people are not alone in their struggle. Our right to life, our right to be part of the vast wishing the earth. States may prohibit our language, we can grind our organization can take away our power. But can not crush our souls no resistance on time. Today, the Kurds imperialism, capitalism and the state, samples will be taken against male domination and religious conservatism murderous fanatics, and they show the value of heroic resistance while playing a tough fight world. Resistance is fertile and worldwide one, two, we need to create Kobani'yi face.

We will win!

People believe in the inevitable victory and the Brotherhood - Veselin Nikolov - ARSINDIKAT - Bulgaria
"... Now you're my destiny,
I am now, and I share your fate.
the freedom struggle
all agree with my presence.

Now I'm enthusiastic, now congratulate
each victory in the fight.
I trust the youth and power
and combined with those of your own power to ... "
1936-1939 Spanish Revolution to the dedicated revolutionary poet Nikola Vaptsarov's poem
each line above, every word, dot and comma, mine and other anarchists Continuing my friends Kobani'de contains epic struggle for what we feel.

Kobani'yi; distance before yesterday, the language barrier and most of our lack of knowledge, and not only kept you away from us and vague.
Today you Kobani'yi, beyond a case. You are revolutionary pulse beat at the same rhythm for thousands of hearts ...

We are reason or no reason; We live in a world where ambitious but generally said hollow promise. "Solidarity with the struggle in Kobani'yi" we said not so, real. Because we feel it and because -etraf the leading villain Isidor herd, behind the "international community" has built as hypocrisy the only thing that has walls with çevrilmis- militias in the forefront of solidarity.
He started a few weeks airstrike NATO states before, what happened in practice Squeeze Kobanê'y jihadists made their way north to Baghdad.

Strange thing is, obviously corrupt or ultramodern weapons from Western countries, or as we say in Bulgaria, "nine of the kite" They bombed ...

We are sitting at the computer looking for information. Our comrades in the vicinity of the borders of Turkey, came with you, they write. Our social network has; news, photos and videos are reached. We take the information from different sources to look at Kobani'yi map of recent conflicts, we listen to you how you repel and defend our nights sleep I have ever had.
at least ten times world media "Kobani'yi fell!", he said. We believe and we were right.

Because Kobani'yi will never fall!

We're with you!

Our belief in the inevitable triumph and brotherhood of peoples, revolutionary greetings from Bulgaria!

Long live the Social Revolution of the Kurdish people!

Long live the Social Revolution!

Rojav Capitalism Revolution Blow - Tenders Shalif - AHDUT- Israel
Kobani'yi struggle in the state not yet been completely defeated - to show that it is ready to begin a non-authoritarian way of life of the masses under appropriate conditions açsndan- but comparable to Chiapas. But Syria constitutes a serious threat to the elite in the new social order in the Kurdistan region.

Rojav Revolution, as a stateless experience, or has contributed to the capitalist social order by undermining the claim that there is no alternative of Marxist authoritarian state that it generates.

Has been a massive revolution against reactionary regimes in the region throughout history. In the long run, they also struggle to accelerate yenils historical changes for the better.

The Turkish Government to help them destroy the fundamentalist Rojav the Revolution will do their share. US and other imperial powers, as opposed to the act Kurdish fundamentalist, reactionary can help you find a similar autonomy in Iraq.

Rojav Revolution is too big a threat to the capitalist social order - all the elites in the region, not only in Turky. So Kobanê'yl solidarity, this is a must for anyone with a question to the capitalist social order.

Self-management and Freedom Struggle Selamlyoruz- Paul Bowman - WSM - Workers Solidarity Movement - Ireland
WSM (Workers Solidarity Movement), 'according to what, Kobani'yi and autonomous Rojav on behalf of a political alternative to the development of the region is vital. Isidor is, we see Syria and Iraq on the global and regional imperialist intervention as toxic waste.

On the other hand in this case 2003 US invasion of Iraq and increasingly bankrupt, rental protection, namely the famous "moderate militia" has become funded to policy. Such "non-ideological", the problem of power because of ideological hostility against competitors rented in the area of compliance with US imperialism and American perspective they are not what they seem. Shortly before his assassination Ahrar ash-Sham leader Hassan Aboud, the cause of the defeat of the Iraqi army in the face of Isidor "does not have the military ideology of the army," he said it was.

US and Western "moderate militia" to the face of blindly seeking, Turkey under the AKP government, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, working with the negative forces of sectarian ideology of hatred they happily financed. Each one though has its own favorite gang to compete with other, whether Brotherhood or Salafists, sectarian jihadists to have provided a suitable environment for money and weapons doors to open the ISID's marginalized Iraqi guerrillas from Mesopotamia and the Eastern Mediterranean region, threatening international rental threatening to become the .

Today is facing two strong ideology Kobani'de. On one side of imperialism, slavery, totalitarianism and embracing sectarian illegitimate child, we have fought for freedom and self-government ideas if the other side. This encounter at the sight of allies in Turkey and the West as a greater threat to freedom between these two ideologies is not surprising. Of the Workers Solidarity Movement in Kobanê'y under blockade and allow the passage of weapons while Isidor support the AKP regime that we condemn the brutal act.

YPG / YPJ the fight Kobani'de and Rojava volunteers and we support the fight against the oppression of the Kurds of Turkey states.

World's All States are afraid of Kobani'yi soaking - Alexander East - RO editor of
the Turkish border, standing on a hill sees Kobanê'y, our eyes strange to realize we're watching the game of the global policy front. Coalition of the bombs fell on the city watching the Turkish army, YPG / ypj'n hero Kurdish insurgents fighting the imperialist ambitions sid'l has helped with the rise of the US in the Middle East. Kurdish resistance from the interests of the world's leading logistics and material support to prevent situations that could end in the know within days or even hours of this horror, makes the next show unbearable.

Ironically, the 19 cantons radical democratic system was established in June 2012 with Kobani'yi peoples were organized precisely against such political games. Impairments to black cohosh "We do not need professional politicians in the decisions we make for our lives," he said. "The power is in the people's democratic and consensus decision taken by parliament to the people we need."

The Kurdish struggle within the borders of Turkey, the closely related sibling in Syria. The absence of a strong state because of civil war in Syria, the Kurds in northern Syria, what he tried to make the most of his comrades in Turkey, which will be guided by the decisions of democratic autonomy and public assembly was able to establish local organizations.

Kobani'yi left alone cause of the people; all states of the world, from Turkey to the United States, other cantons Rojava Kobani'yi and the fear and deep soaking up those captured in Africa.

State power of the people who do not need career politicians and hierarchical institutions to carry out their daily lives in Kobani'yi. Now, Kobanê'n more than ever imperialism, colonialism, and he needs the support of the coming against the oppressors. Unite and show your respect for showing us the way you rebelled and solidarity.

Berxwed Bijie until Kobani'yi!

Victory seems possible now than ever before in Kobani'yi - David Graeber - London LSE Professor of Anthropology, Author, Anarchist
states in the region obviously - Turkey, the US and the Gulf states - Kobanê'n began to dig the grave. Erdogan's Islamist government, thinking that develop immunity to the uprisings in the home, implicit support giving and it encourages Isidor, after destroying Rojav revolutionary democratic experience, designed can create a Turkish security zone inside Syria outs under NATO guise.

The implicit support of the US, Isidor's Kobani'yi bombed everywhere except the front of the heavy weapons, tanks and Kobanê'y Isidor was to make one place to safely use heavy weapons. All states Kobanê'n he was certain that he will be dropped. What no one waiting, YPG / fearlessness of YPJ resistance and was stability. Timely Spain with the International Brigades fighting in my father's statement: That is the difference between revolution. Mosul and other cities in Iraq's 800 sid'c, complete with advanced weapons division of the Iraqi army deploying easily; With this number 20 times, no heavy weapons, several thousand armed with AK47 could not play the revolutionary progress in place. Surely Rojav to, the kind of unique in the world today, has managed to create a holistic social movements. And this movement of the population using the whole mind and ability. Kobani'yi Resistance, but the real inspiration inspiring heroism with, giving us free indeed released, showing a flash of pure human society.

Kobani'de a victory - which seems possible now than ever before - completely perceptions of whether they can convert their people. Imperial powers, may seem reluctantly supporting the defense of the city, it is no doubt they will do almost anything to avoid: to get as a member, up to print clearly.

Resistance in Kobani'yi Inspires - Max Haiv who - Canada
Kobanê'y of Guernica would fear our generation, we follow the early days of social media and news sites minutes. Picasso terrifying masterpiece 'Guernica, the Spanish fascist forces in 1937 at the request of the German and Italian forces bombed, made to commemorate the town of the same name. Sunday was the day it was founded: Bask'l of thousands of civilians and insurgents were killed or maimed. All this while the allied forces, the fascists, the communists and anarchists stood away with a desire to see them to kill each other (though they were holding the side of the fascist quietly). Tortured face and twisted body in the picture, and they reminded me of dire consequences of fascism complicity.

We know that NATO imperialist powers, they break all the fuss aside, satisfied with the games they play with the AKP and Isidor They hope to destroy the rebellious Kurds in gruesome ways. And yet we know, from all over the region in recent weeks, and volunteers from around the world flocked to Kobanê'y to join the heroic fight to repel the ISID with small arms. Rojava to defend the Kurdish democratic autonomy and resist to maintain. Just as the CNT-FAI in Spain and made to defend the revolution a century ago the International Brigades they inspire the whole world.

When the day of the official proponents of Kobanê'y, this picture is not of the people to protect their homes and communities desperately, will be all the people standing against an empire. And global alliance against fascist in (from Washington to Ankara to Beijing and Moscow), also acts like an enemy for Isidor's interests, they share the same basic hatred: freedom, equality, solidarity, autonomy and peace. In this sense Kobani'yi, given all of our fights are the forefront of a global struggle.

Middle East Hope Rojav A - Anarchist News Alternative Libertaria - Guillaume Davranch - France
since summer Libertarian Alternative (Alternative libertaire, AL), including France Kurdish liberation struggle in the revolutionary left has become a very important topic of discussion. YPG-ypj'n the ISID face of the heroic struggle of the liberation of EZiD in Sengal, Rojava the "democratic autonomy", the tragic conflict in Kobani'yi, rising social mobility to defend Kobanê'y ... All these events are anarchists and other revolutionaries as a result of France Kurdish Associations Federation (feyk A) of Paris, Strasbourg and Marseille organized and took part in the Rojav Kobani'yi solidarity action.

AL on September 27, Feyka of the action in Paris and joined the revolutionary solidarity.

AL, France Kurdish activists and Kurds in the diaspora or exile in Turkey has improved relations with anarchists. We constantly share photos sent from DAF Syria-Turkey border, we have translated messages. "Alternative Libertaire" were divided in the November issue of Kurdistan and was daf'l interview.

Political experience in Rojava really concerns us. Kurdish left of the path taken in the Mesopotamian thought and self-management to avoid ambiguity in this matter, we need the perspective of the anarchists.

Now, one thing is completely certain: no reactionary forces in Syria and Iraq, which just terrible war (al-Assad, Erdogan, Isidor, Washington, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, London, Paris, Baghdad, Tehran ...) no. At least one representative of hope in the Middle East are important actors: the Kurdish people "confederalism of democratic".

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