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(en) Italy, Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici FdCA - WHO SAYS THE FUTURE IS FINISHED? -- TO LOOK UP THE CURRENT PHASE OF CAPITALIST RESTRUCTURING (it) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 13:21:23 +0200

Roller coaster of double-dip ---- The various factors that currently seem unconnected outline the drop point, or at least the attempt of capital to find a new international balance to ensure a new phase of capitalist accumulation in the western area (US-EU). ---- What is commonly called the crisis of 2008 and that affects entire populations can not seem to get out of their monetary dimension. ---- A monetary policy - which sees the protagonists commercial banks in the creation of money through the loan made possible by debt - has a function of time necessary to protect the capitalization of the financial system, but it has the merit to show everyone what are the dynamics of financial power. ---- The interest-free loans from the ECB to the financial system only serves to not collapse. An economy without debt and de-industrialization of the old settlement areas productive tries his best to issue currency, to clear rights and protections, resulting in a time now too stretched:

stagnation with devastating social effects;
valorization of capital that is by looting of public resources, human and natural;
resulting in an explosion of public debt because of the relapse on it in private debt and lack of levers and general progressive tax.
There seems to be prepared for a new phase of the crisis. The possibility of a new evaporation of fictitious capital accumulated is alarming the financial world and someone is trying to run for cover, as in the old days, to ensure the basic capital and the state to guarantee an economic area of 800 million consumers, ready to suffer further abuse and made functional by an authoritarian system like never before.

E 'in this sense that you have to see the great events that follow are in this period, with a forced acceleration of the political times, now ready to redraw a frame disintegrated by the crisis and the mutation imposed by financial capital.

Financial capital, in economic policies and in its European dimension, is highlighting those who are the true political dynamics (and military) that can be seen, but which are not spelled correctly, not to make them public. Their importance to the lives of millions of workers, in fact, is such that they are wisely reserved for insiders, a political class that obeys corporations and banks seeking their expansion or survival at the expense of the lower classes.

Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia rushed to sign a free trade agreement with the EU. Having ousted the old Ukrainian President Yanukovych and his government, with the help of US intelligence and Polish membership of these countries influence the euro-dollar is assured. It's not exactly a free-trade treaty: it is simply the submission of these countries to European imperialism and American, the removal of trade barriers for Ukrainian imports. The end of the price for which was guaranteed by the supply of oil from Russia seems to be balanced by the privatization of the entire structure extraction and distribution of hydrocarbons. Monsanto and Cargill, for a long time in the country, rushed to secure a favored position on agriculture and food industry. The misery of the Ukrainians will be mitigated by the intervention of the IMF and the World Bank, proving that in addition to the role of military and covert, hand USA drove up to the war to establish the wagon euro-atlantic this part of Europe, isolating Russia on the Asian side and making it difficult to key in any relationship Eurasian, as was the intention of the Government of Moscow.


The acceleration that is having the discussion (secret) on transatlantic free trade agreement between the EU and the US and that they identify some tissue newspapers, seems to have become vital issue for the US and for the capital that needs to export (though fictitious) , as the Fed continues to print billions of dollars a month.

A treaty, this includes military ties, but that confirms and ratifies the liberal policy against any kind of government spending, common resources, which claims the privilege, an international investor to rely on the terms of the contract, that not only privatization the production system, or what remains of it, but of all the multi-utility and the welfare system that is still standing in Europe.

The TTIP will be the final legal status for the expropriation of the wealth and future of entire populations, ending with an international agreement that will see the multinationals to compensation from the State for the lack of compliance with the agreements made, which are not only those who ensure the sales in the European market for chicken meat or bleach to estrogen and mass made of GMO crops, but there is also the possibility, with the exception of wines and spirits, to be able to produce agricultural products elsewhere in Europe that had conquered brands DOP and DOC whose imitation was so far considered fraud.

Even the story of the attempt of the European agreement for the election of a candidate Juncker shared by the EPP and Socialists Europeans had an attack from the right: No. Cameron England and Hungary Orbán have only highlighted the difficult negotiations in progress on the Treaty and the direct impact on their political allegiance to liberal.

So far were the states that contrasted the expansionist policies of finance and corporations, often with subterfuge that called on state security, such as sales of assets considered strategic, railways, highways, ports, steel and chemical industries, power plants and so on.

The guilt and debt default

Tomorrow will surely be impossible for regions, states, municipalities may exercise the right to defend the community from transnational corporations and capital investors, who do not want to repeat what happened to hedge funds with the support of the US Supreme Court, namely, that they are having to deal with the Argentine government to see them recognized the role of criminal creditors. And this is just one of the latest examples of the role that international investors take on the debt of a country that does not have enough political clout to counter this savagery.

The wars endemic

The wars in place for the redistribution of spheres of influence and to counter the countries and areas with a heightened political and military weight is before our eyes:

The disintegration of the Middle East under massive intervention of dollars handed out by the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the lead; the role of regional powers Iran and Turkey; the wars in Africa and the destruction of Libya, the story and the Ukraine have isolated Russia from Europe and bring it closer to China, are the result of American policies and the economic difficulties of the US. You draw a future that provides capital to survive albeit with devastating social costs.

Poverty and pollution, depletion of lives and the environment, control of time and space to live. draw our future.


If these symptoms of strategic redefinition of the imperialist powers add the arms race on the entire globe, it seems not ruled out an extension of the ongoing conflicts. It seems a simple equation: the crisis of overproduction of goods and capital, the birth and rise of new economic poles and political attempts to expand financial and mercantile, re-location of manufacturing ...

In a word imperialism that emerges as a category of interpretation of conflicts.

An enemy that we know for almost a century, we should know how to fight. With the weapons of the international mobilization of the mass organizations of workers, the political alliance of the revolutionary forces anti-imperialist and anti-statist, opposing the international class solidarity militarism and nationalism.

For the libertarian alternative, international organization and self-management.

Secretariat of the National
Federation of Anarchist Communists

10 July 2014
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