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(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Service Sector Workers are organizing Dora Hotels Resisting (tr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 03 Nov 2014 17:07:19 +0200

In the service sector, years later, Dora Hotel workers have achieved a first. Square Newspaper as the start date of dismissal on September 25, so far 11 members of a union, which fired a total of 13 workers, and therefore the resistance of te with Dora Hotel workers; This work is organized in Tourism Hotel Sports Workers' Union (all Labour Sen), we share with you an interview we did with. ---- Square Newspaper: Hello. How to start work at the hotel ejections Dora ---- Mohammed: union activities we carried out the study, the employer's representative, that we get that sensation known by the general manager. Evening of September 24 at the end of overtime, three union members were dismissed our five friends. ---- Minister: I was working in the kitchen area of the hotel. After closing on me without being told why no unquestioned "You fired today, not tomorrow, here" the statement said. Until the union was also friends with no explanation. When I returned back to the hotel personnel manager met with the police by lying to me and I play the file from the office tried to put pressure on me. But to call again the next evening, "You're there for me, I told him so angry," he said. Lawsuit related to this issue. Later, as the main reason "I played a lot on the phone" said the water in the form of a work-related excuse, but it's no reality.

He said: I was at the hotel from 15: 00-23: 00 I'm trying to cross. After closing the night manager is calling me and says that my business end. When I asked the reason for the notice was given to me for a dismissal. In Notification "On September 24 we told the press and so we join the slow action of undermining the prestige of the hotel," he writes. In addition, our chief task without notice we were told to leave our place, but actually take out me had already witnessed the events department supervisors and employees as well.

Of workers in the tourism sector issues and working conditions; How does it feel itself in the outsourcing sector

Mohammed: I have not seen any hotel contractors operating throughout my career. Uninsured and long hours are common in small businesses to run. In the large business subcontractors in each study area has a high proportion of the hotel. Service from the kitchen to the floor of the security officers, technical service, etc. always subcontractors. In subcontractors working people know very well: "I do not get my food come here to take my job, but tomorrow I will not put the money will be put in front of the door or unclear."

Dora Hotel in resistance to the point where what is in it now How do you come to a prediction for the future of the process What do you think about long next

Victory: So far, 11 of which are unionized, have been laid off a total of 13 friends. I also have a special status associated with this process as follows: The employer did not make me work but present resistance to support their interests and not give permission for me without my consent insider information not leak. But before Muhammad's first go-slow start on the day, giving only one name which section the assistant general manager of the few people "that severed head," he said. To comply with the general business discipline and dismissal reasons for a person to "harass" as specified. But what is interesting about this is our old friend "harassment" as can be demonstrated to the claim, the employer dismissed the indemnity was given to him to refute this claim! Here, produced with such flimsy pretexts and justifications about what is removed, about me, general manager, general manager of the production as a reason that I was rude to customers to help found the suggestion. If this suggestion is opposite us to his informant, deputy director general employer "is not so tall!" He said could produce such a justification.

In fact, work is the essence of the employer itself, although bright reads an opposition (!) As well call it a right to define and union workers, is the organization through trade union of workers of its main problems we know very well. Also made by October 6 morning action while breakfast with riot police chiefs have a labor friend, who was there at that time, Travel Park resistance in the process of "Did not you he's here to get the cops," he revealed that he is kind of a dissident.

After a long time the Dora Hotel process, the first organized resistance experienced in the tourism industry all labor you how it was involved

Abraham Akselogl (All Labour Sen General Secretary): Our union Dora The hotel was conduct union organizing activities for approximately 1 year. Approximately 54 people work and discarding the work that our members are still 13 people in the workplace in which a worker massacre. In this sense, maintaining existing resistance as our union organization in the workplace, we have to move forward and even potential. In addition, we have been going to follow the legal process as trade unions.

Dora Hotels in work stoppages that began on September 25, in the hotel sector we have seen shaking too much emphasis on the potential prestige. Now we know that in the future we can move it inside our örgütlülügü further. A very small sample; Our friend halting a receptionist at the hotel services available to customers dismissal by the employer, mobbing and so on. about the website saying that due to the application you want to make comments against the hotel in that direction. This significantly affects the prestige given much attention to the employer's business.

Dora Hotel resistance as it is also necessary before carrying out the next process is still working with our friends and activities in the workplace, as well as the sacked friend we will operate our core principles of organization within the joint decision-making. We syndicate our fellow workers as "pioneer unionism", but we are in solidarity and experience transfer.

After many years in the tourism industry experienced this resistance, the process can be initiated in an area that almost never happened before with a resistance of workers and the attainment of self-organization showed that this process could evriltil right. In addition, as a result of communication we have established trade unions World Trade Union Federation (WSF-WFTU) dismissed Doran Hotel workers sent a message of support and solidarity.

All labor you what it is, how it originated, which was born of necessity

Ibrahim: After January 24, 1980 Decision was implemented in order to find a solution to periodic crises of capitalist class tourism sector has emerged as a highly profitable areas for investment for shareholders. Capital has existed for years in line with the interruption of this enormous profit organization wants to prevent all kinds of efforts in this area. Tens of thousands of workers in this industry for many years unsecured, uninsured, is operated under difficult conditions as unionized. Our office hours are quite uncertain, for example, can be left in overtime as fait accompli to a friend overtime ending and quite common in this sector. Two or three people can do things on a person torn down and not paid any salary differential. Looking at the tourism sector, we see that the workload is quite high compared to other sectors.

At the end of 2009 in order to organize the sports industry Sports Workers' Union (Sports Sen), we held our first enterprise application by name. We have argued since the beginning of our establishment, impoundments, business lines without limit may join the union wants each worker-laborer "Free Trade Unionism" Business Law, Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining Act, Businesses to create the conditions than today of taking a step towards pro-capital legislation such as the Regulation now and We entered into a mandatory field in the branch of an organization covering all sectors.

In the summer of 2013 after the decisions we make union organizing our activities in October of the same year Sports Tourism and Hotel Workers' Union (all Labour Sen) as we decided to continue. You all labor organization as we target in all areas of the service sector. Unions concrete work except in the sense we organized in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Apart from these provinces are located in our relations in Antalya. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the service sector trade union with Dora Hotel resistance and we continue to receive.

How is the style of organization and functioning of trade unions

Abraham: We have two types of unions as organizations understanding of this sector. First we call horizontal organization called "field organization". This style is often compared to the organization hotels, entertainment places and so on. We get some organization in this area is the horizontal area businesses gathered in certain places of the city. Bar, restaurant and so on. very large amount of work for workers in the workplace, where these businesses (eg a street cafes, bars, restaurants), it is possible to exhibit a stronger stance against the ratio of shareholders by organizing fields. As for the second type of organizational model, it can also give examples of workplace organization. Cafes, bars and so on. compared to businesses in the holiday region (Mediterranean, Aegean regions like) with a number of workers in the hotel much more. Naturally, it is quite effective workplace organization model establishments located in those regions.

Square Newspaper greets solidarity with the resistance of Dora workers, all labor and wish them success in union organizing activities in You to the class struggle.

Dora Hotel Workers and all labor You: We appreciate the interest that has been shown to Square Gazette and because of solidarity.

Interview: Jonathan Yasar

This article was published in the Journal Square 22.

You can reach our archive section to all counts of the Meydan journal published.
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