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(en) Brazil, Coletivo Aanarquista Luta de Classe [CALC] - LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST BRIEF ANALYSIS ON THE OUTCOME OF THE POLLS IN 2014 (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 02 Nov 2014 09:47:24 +0200

After a close result at the polls, the PT candidate Dilma saddle four more years for the ruling Workers' Party executive of the country. As well sinalizávamos, the left exit this time can not come from the polls (read on: Elements of Electoral Scenario 2014 ). None of majoritarian candidates , including the winning candidacy of PT (allegedly left), is committed to breaking with the capital financial or end the legal mechanisms that compel the payment of the public debt (the absurd Fiscal Responsibility Law). A nefarious government debt grasps 42% of annual income, and without messing this payment, the income of banks, no significant change can come in education, health or transport. ---- Both applications (PT and PSDB) were financed by large capital (agribusiness, banks, contractors and food industry) , making it clear that they do not even attempt to hide or omit their umbilical links with the capital.

Still in the field of economics, we know this comes in clear slowdown. On the one hand, the slowdown dissatisfy.Please the top, which comes profiting less, and the other starts generating more outrage at the bottom, which has based its consumption in bank credit are now indebted (57 million indebted Brazilians, of these 60% debt at twice the salary) . The profiteering (economic principle characteristic of this government) suggests as a solution to the high inflation in the interest rate, which moves in the opposite direction of growth, after increasing the interest rate away from productive capital can generate more and better jobs, as policies favoring scientific and educational, and still attracts vultures speculation.

Again the dominant classes suggest that the solution to growth is to cut the meat workers, cutting rights, privatizing services, raising taxes and reducing the already sparse budget for social guarantees (such as Bolsa Familia). As in past 12 years, we know what we will do PT, attack workers and their rights (as did already privatizing federal health in the case of Ebserh and pension reform) , throwing a few crumbs to the most precarious (Bolsa Família and More Doctors) , giving an aura of poor government, favoring the pact classes through exorbitant profits to above and distributing of crumbs to the poor .

We know that this government will not seek to decentralize income and create jobs through the expansion of services and works that benefit the population. We know it will not against the increasing privatization of services and rights . We know that land reform is already part of the past PT and is not in the plans of PT's "Letter to the Brazilian". That's because his commitment was already sealed with the ruling classes, something that occurred well before the 2014 elections .

Politically we should also mention that both applications make coalition with conservative sectors (neopentecostal, large farmers, etc.) in federal benches (senate and congress) . Covenants that they should further weigh against human rights (regulation of drugs, anti-asylums, rights homosexual and woman, like abortion) , as pointed out after the DIEP (Inter-Union Department of Parliamentary Studies), this is the composition of the most conservative House since 1964.

In the field of politics, the only clearer commitment is with the PT said political reform. This reform does not aim to put more power in the hands of the people to decide the country's strategic issues, such as payment of debt, privatization, human rights, but reshape worn representative and bourgeois political system , aimed at rehabilitating against unbelieving mass, which absteu in the first round to about 30% of the process . Level of abstention size, which is only less than 1998 since the "democratic opening".

A few days after the victory of Dilma, it appears that the appeals will not be heard from the streets . The government says it will follow the model and when she talks to promote dialogue not think about doing it with the revolting masses that occupy the streets since 2013, but with the opposition (PSDB), with the capital, with the same media as the attacks . The PT makes a point of stating that there is no split in the society: "I urge, without exception, all Brazilian men and women to unite in favor of the future of our country. I do not believe that these elections have divided the country in half. I believe they mobilized ideas and emotions sometimes contradictory, but moved by a common sentiment: the quest for a better future "(speech Dilma post victory).

We organized anarchists, on the contrary, we continue to understand that this country is still divided into exploiters and exploited . Therefore, we do not believe in a design that offers the deal of the exploited classes in exchange for measly crumbs . On this side of the trench, on the side of the exploited, will be 4 more years of struggle, or as necessary for us to build a reality of socialism and freedom. We see that you can only get the society we want through a project Class, Popular Power, which is not built on agreements with the ruling class and its state, nor in elections, but in everyday struggle in building power from below, in the marches, movements, unions and any space the struggle of the exploited classes.

For us, still worth a maximum: Or if Vota with Angle or Struggle with Low!
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