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(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - "Lynching Culture is the State's Culture" - Hussein mercury (tr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 01 Nov 2014 10:44:49 +0200

Koban solidarity actions during the lynching news came a series of different cities. Flat Okyaytan suffered attacks in Kabul, it was important in terms of understanding the nature of all attacks. Okyayt who was stabbed first, then stripped naked and were beaten again. The fact that so frequently are found on similar facts, "lynching" in the geography that we live in a state called the action moves frequently referenced reveals. In fact, in this case, the çalsl to be portrayed as a non-response "lynching" is important for the government to reveal the origin of the action. ---- Mr. Lynch and Laws ---- In 1911, US Oklahoma Laura and LD Nelson is the son of two black parents, they live near the area found hanging in a bridge. Posing for pictures hanging on the bridge when the 58 "human" la together. Claiming that caused the event, was the theft of a white cow farm owner. The mother and son had been detained for alleged theft, extracted from the cells and a "sign-i-world" whether he was hanged from the bridge were suspended.

This history, especially in the United States consists of these examples can be replicated is about turning into a lynch campaign against blacks similar action.

The meaning of the word lynch is also associated with this story. The root of the word does not have any meaning. The word derives from the name of a person came by that arise during the civil war in the US. Charles few names associated with this word with Lynch Lynch surname, surname makes sense that the socio-economic character of Lynch. These characters, slave-owning farms or military network.

This network of slave-owning farms, "peace can not be achieved by all means" land use to protect property owners and their animals as "de facto laws" he called Lynch Law. Lynch Law in density were the victims black or poor. Law catching the suspect when the crime was committed, the accused was going through the decision of those who hang on the tree consisting of property owners. Therefore, the first sense of the word, extrajudicial executions were.

Lynch was applied against blacks until the mid-1960s. Even this state, had become a policy towards black. This relationship between government policy and lynch "lynching" is important in terms of understanding the nature.

1934 Thrace pogroms

In 1934, a number of Jews living in Thrace was experienced an attempted lynching. Date when TC said, let alone the state applied in the construction of the massacre aside, it is possible to replicate similar examples (6-7 September Events, Maras, Corum, Sivas Massacre). What happened in 1934, Nihal Atsiz and Cevat Rifat Atilhan starting with their racist writings against Jews, Jews owned houses, where looting shops, dozens of Jews were killed and tens of thousands of well was a 2-week lynching attempts that have been forced to emigrate. When Lynch called Thrace too unthinkable events and it will be sufficient to look at the social history of TC to replicate similar examples. This makes it different from similar ever happened Dersim massacre, not by the state directly to the state of the resulting violence was also being done by the hand of individuals or groups.

The Invisible Hand of the State

In fact, lynching is that in this case rendered invisible the impact government in action: Lynching of those in action, crime anonymised formed a social reaction air is given ... Lynch, one state has a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence "not yet" places, individuals supposedly identify the culprits in accordance with their justice conception, the moment can be seen as the imposition of a fine.

A similar statement above regarding the lynching action, action "to normalize" is related to the study. Already in accordance with the terms of the media in this view, not exposed to lynch attempts to create an empathy with those in the attempted lynching. The reason for this is related to normalization. "Social sensitivities" are actually operated under the name associated with the state averages.

These normals are related to the state's existence and practical value. This "normal" everything outside in, is threatening the existence of the society! So lynch-exposed sectors "marginal" has been declared.

Lince actions are usually evaluated, or tried to be trivialized shown as individual actions and thus has taken over the responsibility of the state or subject, is shown as a separate infinitive of state power. So who are the lynch action, arising out of distrust of state authority, it should protect normal work. Objective of the action is already threatening the state for authority.

Exceptional Cases

Individuals are kept in action, although if kept separate from the state, the action is an action associated with the state of lynching. The state, when the need arises to restore order can not create violence by law.

Lynch, is kidnapped from the state, especially correlated. Because that arise during lynch violence, with Carl Schmitt's words, "the law refers to constituent sovereignty". Here betting violence issues, the problem is related to the state of existence; legitimacy to base law on the one hand, to go beyond the law is based layout, while on the other hand ...

Matter of fact, does the law is or is directly related to the discussion of political power is superior. Political power "founder law" and "law guardian" of nature, placing it among the dominant ontology debate from a position superior legal law.

Political power, suspends the law in exceptional cases. Despite the law, leaving it useless this attitude, it reduces the danger of legitimacy based on state law. Also in danger of falling is legitimate monopoly of violence. In this case, political power is indicative of established law. In this case, rather than an exception, the "natural". Political power, the law as stated above, is approached on the basis of the founders and protective relationship. The existence of this relationship defined by the law of the state is related to the question of political power.

Giorgio Agamben's "state of exception" as termed relations, on behalf of analyzing where you get the power of the government is important. Exception cases are showing justification process of law has been suspended. In this exceptional case, the political power of the elements bearing on the law; tool is its proximity to violence.

Carl Schmitt in exceptional cases based on "state values" can be destroyed by the government. (Carl Schimtt in Nazi Germany, the National-Socialist Jurists, this was not too surprising when you consider that it came from the Soviet Union.)


Values created by the state require media operates. Therefore, it is necessary to form the layout of the legal order to be meaningful. However, when the scheme fails, the state moves away from these values. Out of the legal order. That authority, the evidence need not be justified to produce law.

The illusion that it receives from the power of the default state law would have emerged once more. The functioning of state power are above the law.

Public Order law and Not Available obedience

Lynch action is one of the exceptional cases. In fact, allowing the state power status, this exceptionalism as a culture is kept alive by the involvement of the citizens within the limits of sovereignty.

Each lynching, is produced again and again the current state value. When conceptualized as social sensitivity, government pressure on the oppressed, bullied, are two values that make up its monopoly to destroy when appropriate.

Without exception, these values are values that are not in favor of the oppressed, or even directly oppressed is clear that the value created to hold the same position in power relations. Lynching of action from those in the provided obedient assumes that the state provide public order. This is the nature of human groups, although obedient Stockholm Syndrome explained by analogy, though, there's another thing to be remembered in the middle.

Lynch, fearing the other is a method applied by understanding not deal with the other. Increase of lynching action, reflect increased in those who do not obey. With the process Serhildan widespread, across the state of this potent set of values; solidarity and sharing with each other; values are formed by rebel for freedom and justice.

Hussein mercury


Meydan can be reached on all issues published in the newspaper archives of our department.
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