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(en) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #237 - Neither Fatah nor Hamas How to resist when you're in a cage? (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 02 Mar 2014 15:07:36 +0200

Egyptian complicity ---- Since 2007, the Israeli occupation has declared the blockade of Gaza. From the outset, he received support and understanding among Western leaders. We are in full "clash of civilizations" and the "war of good against evil." "Good" is Israel, a Western country, "the only democracy in the Middle East," which spread civilization to the backward people of Gaza with bombs, phosphorus and depleted uranium . Evil, it is the people of Gaza, necessarily obscurantist, fundamentalist and terrorist. One that is not resigned to the status quo that is suffocating and sometimes reminds favorite homemade rockets. ---- Never the blockade could not function without the Egyptian complicity. Under Mubarak, the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip and Israel was regularly closed watched the rare passages. To escape the famine, Gazans built tunnels. Mubarak has repeatedly tried to destroy them without ever succeeding.

Under Morsi, there were contacts and even an official visit of the Egyptian president in Gaza. We must not forget that Hamas was originally the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The south door of the cage was ajar and the situation in Gaza has improved somewhat.

Since the coup in Egypt late June 2013, the military decided to end Hamas. Morsi risk the death penalty for "plotting with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards, Al Qaeda (!) And have maintained political relations with Hamas as head of state. Since the coup, the Egyptian military realized that the Israeli army had never been able to destroy the majority of tunnels and cause economic chaos of the coup in Gaza. The Rafah border is open on average two days alternating with two weeks of closure. Permission is required and many hours to cross the Egyptian customs, everything being done to humiliate Palestinians. Between Cairo and Rafah, the army has installed numerous checkpoints. She believe that prevails in the region a great "insecurity" which Hamas is responsible.

War crimes and shortages

Since the beginning of the blockade and not to mention the deaths of massacres December / January 2008-2009 (Cast Lead, 1,400 dead es) and November 2012, the Israelis killed 650 people with their drones called "terrorists" in Gaza. These extrajudicial executions were accompanied by "collateral damage". The day I arrived in Gaza (24 December), the Israelis attacked 15 different points. A tank was sprayed in a refugee camp a house of 25 people. A girl, Hala, 3, was killed and several members of his family injured es. The family asked us to film the body to the hospital and testify.

Gaza is totally overcrowded: 1800000 inhabitants to 360 km2 or 5,000 inhabitants per km2. Farmland accounted for one third of the area there are 6 years old and they do not represent more than 1/5 due to Israeli destruction and population pressure. One third of the agricultural area is on the edge of what the occupant called "security barrier". Israeli army shoots regularly. In 6 years, 150 farmers and thousands of animals were killed. On December 21, an Israeli soldier, probably aimless, killed 800 m away a rag that recycled waste.

The issue of water is crucial to Gaza. The aquifer water from the West Bank. At the time of "withdrawal" imagined by the late Ariel Sharon, Israelis have dug every 100 m wells all along the border with Gaza. They capture and 40% water which is not sufficient for agriculture. Because it is empty, the water table was invaded by the sea water is brackish in Gaza and unsuitable for domestic consumption. Must buy water to drink.

There are 125,000 farmers in Gaza, the area of land not exceeding half hectare per family. The territory is almost self-sufficient in vegetables, spices and chicken. But must be imported (Israel, Egypt rarely) eggs, red meat, fish.

The Gazan-es would love to participate in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel, but their captive market. Buy Israel is often the only way not to die of hunger.

Fishing was a traditional activity in Gaza. At the time of the Oslo Accords, the fishermen were allowed to go up to 30 km from the coast. Now it is 2 Km, to an area where there are no fish. And yet, the Israelis regularly violate this "authorization". Many fishermen have been killed or wounded (2 dead in early December). Their boats are confiscated.

Lack of medicines in Gaza. Hospitals are in a deplorable state, as lack of qualified doctors. There is a lack of cement in Gaza even if most reconstructions after "Cast Lead" was made. There is a lack of school supplies, while (this is a Palestinian tradition), families make a huge effort for education. There are only 5% of illiterate against 35% in Egypt. There are 100,000 students in Gaza, but massive unemployment (half the population) and poverty also affects graduates are massively.

During the time the tunnels allowed most products arrive, oil came from Egypt where gasoline (subsidized) costs only 12 cents per liter. Gasoline was so cheap. It is now Israel and costs 1.7 euro / liter. Result, cars are rare and carts replace.

Without oil, there are only 4-6 hours of electricity per day. The flashlight is indispensable. Take the elevator is dangerous, it can get stuck. Wastewater is not treated, they are stored briefly. The desalination plant is idling. Generators, archaic groups regularly cause accidents.

Civil society and political life

The image of Gaza subjected to fundamentalism and prohibitions is false. Religious symbols (Islamic beard, hidjebs) exist, but there is rather less than in Egypt. The Christian minority is respected, even Christmas is a holiday.

People talk very freely. There are about one hears regularly: "Palestine has neither unity nor leadership." "We have two governments, two parliaments, two laws. Why did he not reunification? I do not care about Fatah-Hamas' relations. "The two Palestinian governments have neither legitimacy nor legal framework for exercising power." "The two governments benefit from the occupation to retain power. Division, it's a shame, they think only of their own interests. " "If we could vote, lose Fatah in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza lose. Palestinians are treated like animals. We do not even have the right to choose our leaders. " "Nothing will change with Abu Mazen."

People talk with regret the time when they were not in a cage. Gaza is full of associations that enable the company to survive. There apolitical associations. I think for example the Union of Palestinian Women (PWU), whose existence dates back to the Egyptian occupation. She nurseries, kindergartens, preschools and without subsidies, helps poor families for orphans to enable them to attend school.

Out of the Fatah / Hamas deadly confrontation, there is a Palestinian left. Third political party, the PFLP has paid a very heavy price for Israeli repression. Its General Secretary Abu Ali Mustafa was assassinated by Israel in 2001. In retaliation, the PFLP has implemented a far-right Israeli minister, Rehavam Zeevi. Today, part of the PFLP leadership, including Secretary General Ahmed Saadat, is in jail (for life). I thought a party to meet a bit worn and I discover a true reflection: "We just renewed 2/3 of our direction. It now has 35% of youth and 20% of women, which is not evident in our society. " "We're looking to create a third political pole in Palestine with the party of Mustafa Barghouti and the Communist Party." "There are critical issues for us: to break off negotiations with Israel to end Palestinian division which is very injurious to end the siege of Gaza and settlement, solving economic and social crisis in Gaza." Many leftists are an important social work: hospitals, kindergartens and logically they are found to PCHR (Palestinian Center for Human Rights). PCHR has given John Dugard, Richard Goldstone and Richard Falk all elements that have allowed them to make reports to the UN on the occupant overwhelming "those who ordered their army to fire on civilians violated the Geneva Convention. Why international justice does protect Israeli war criminals? "

PCHR lists all the crimes committed by the Israeli army, but he also denounced the intra-Palestinian violence. He does not accept the Egyptian blockade, "it is clear that Egypt is against us. They claim attack Hamas but they are all Palestinians are paying the consequences. " "Our dream is a single state, our reference is Mandela, but our leaders are stupid. PCHR working with committees prisoners against torture and isolation. "

Leftists also animate the union committees agricultural workers (UAWC) which belongs to Via Campesina. The union helps farmers and fishermen. He provided greenhouses after the catastrophic floods of December. It gives fishermen nets. He tries to organize an export strawberries die to the Netherlands via a company belonging to Palestinians in Israel. But he sees the limits of its action "without a political solution, it will continue to run out of water, earth, doctors and it will eventually explode."

International solidarity

Pierre Stambul
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