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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - Resistance to layoffs: Analysis and proposals anarchists (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 22:36:10 +0300

Ads and unfulfilled government promises succeed and unemployment is not increasing, boxes, even profitable from the point of view of the market economy, close regularly. This bleak picture is becoming commonplace. Layoffs and unemployment divide exploited es sow misery and provide the grounds on which the successful fascism. Fear of unemployment pulls down wages and contributes to the degradation of working conditions of all. Yet despite the media blackout, resistors closures boxes continue to exist. For all these reasons, it is essential to share strategies that can be implemented to face layoffs, real weapon bosses. ---- Still collective solution ... ---- Face social plans or plant closures, the temptation may be to play it low profile and hope it falls on others or the bosses are more forgiving when you do not bring too much. However, apart from ethical considerations, it is always the worst solution in the short or medium term. The example of the Bosch factory in Venissieux is typical. Despite years of concession on the part of employee-es (lower labor costs due to a decrease of acquired competitiveness agreements / flexibility, restructuring plans / conventional breaks, voluntary redundancy plans), the Bosch Group has finally decided accommodate the progressive death of this site. Conversely, in the face of plant closures, it is the workers who have conducted collective struggles and have shown the most combative es-ve-s which are the best shot-es.

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And ... the balance of power
Whatever choices claim made, the employee-es to deal with bosses, the
decisions of "justice" and maneuvers of the state should implement a power.
Occupy the factory, attack the economic interests of the donor box orders or companies
client (the boycott, the occupation of subsidiaries, blocking the flow of products and
machinery of the box in question ...), many practices to reclaim the working tool
and have leverage. It is this use of direct offensive action against the
capital should be promoted.
It is also essential to organize solidarity outside the box: going to see the other
companies around, seeking inter-union organizations (UL, etc..)
and if they are lacking, by meeting people directly, and other workers
workers on neighborhoods ...
Unite the struggles against dismissal also involved in the establishment of this power is
also have done number of employees-are struggling (Continental, Philips, Molex, Ford, SBFM,
Goodyear, Aubade, etc.). Repeatedly. We can also unfortunate that too often
bureaucrats major union confederations, when they do not oppose such initiatives
beyond their control, will support them too softly. Organize class solidarity should
nevertheless be the main task of the workers' organizations ...
Do not run out in the lobby to politicians
To win, the establishment of a true balance of power is indispensable. In contrast to this, the
lobbying politicians ne s (mayors, MPs, candidates are all kinds) and their
promises that engage only those who believe can waste a lot of time,
energy and ultimately cause a lot of resignation; typically, let us remember the passage
candidate Hollande in worker-es ArcelorMittal Florange ... Tipping the balance
forcing state officials to take real steps can only be obtained by the ratio of
For their part, the left-wing politician ne s brandish as "claim the ban
layoffs. " This claim is demagogic in nature because it is believe
employee-es that the state can protect against dirty tricks bosses and shareholders.
But the state is the armed wing patterns: it sends the CRS against the strikers, all liquid
manifestations of social solidarity privatizing criminalize assistance takes the poor to
give to the rich. 30 billion euros of additional gifts given to employers by
Valls government once again demonstrate, if necessary, he should expect nothing other
the State to support the bosses. Such a claim condemned to wait, brandishing
the illusion of "protective arm of the state" that would be a barrier to the employer's policy. Although the
contrary, we believe that workers and workers have an incentive to act directly
fight against layoffs.
Have a pragmatic approach and claims a method of horizontal organization
To build this power, the employee shall be determined es-es and more uni-es
possible. Also the choice of unifying claims, pragmatic, corresponding to the realities of
life in the box is paramount. They can focus around the refusal of the closure of the box or
layoffs, be more focused on the fight for redundancy or high
around the resumption of activity by the employee-es them / themselves.
To allow those struggling to decide conducted their struggles, it is necessary to
ask a structure of horizontal movement AG employee-es, control committee or
Open to all / all to the specificities of boxes, all possibilities of inter-
must work that employee-es retain control over their struggle (especially during
negotiations with the bosses or "government").
For business opportunities as recovery of social struggle (creation of SCOP) ... when
Today face layoffs standard strategy is often to try to cough up the
maximum bosses pulling the biggest benefits possible dismissal. Yet more
more employee-es struggling develop projects 1 factory recovery. This option may not be
model (it is nice to have a pragmatic approach) because it is only suitable for plants that are
in a short circuit in the end of the production line or are eligible in their area of
network of companies / scops existing. But plants are often embedded in a system of sub-
contract and it is easy for the operators of other plants to boycott the chain and in loss
factory recovery by employee-e-s. Reversals factory to be viable can also produce
items that can be purchased directly by individuals and can thus be part of a
popular struggle which enjoys the support of the population.
When possible, this option seems interesting to dig and to popularize several
Why again?
To satisfy the appetites of bosses and shareholders increasingly voraces2, the rate of return
Plants are often at most 10%. Winding boxes, yet profitable, involved
when this margin, the rate of profit declines. Why not take these businesses quite
For example and among others: Fralib - elephant tea (http://cgt.fralibvivra.over-blog.com/ - or
http://www.plusbelleslesluttes.org/?Fralib-SCOP-TI-plus-que-jamaisla) or stationery Docelles Lorraine
(Http://www.bastamag.net/La-plus-vieille-usine-de-France) or the Pilpa in Aude

economically viable? In addition, by taking their tool, the employee can then es-
implement a more rational organization of work and egalitarian remove or lower
drastically representation costs enormously and unnecessarily burdening budgets
companies no longer have to pay the shareholders and senior salaries opting for equality
pay, etc..
In many cases, the employee-es can therefore maintain profitability while their factory
improving their working conditions.
We know best how to work patterns, rather than being condemned to poverty-es,
why not take advantage of our production tool? In the case of a partial social level,
is interesting to propose pooling of severance pay to start a
cooperative working, based on the principle of "equal work / equal pay", and total equality between
Cooperators (in terms of decisions, management structure).
Factory times, a real social struggle
Employers see the hard fight against reversals factory (all examples
discussed in this article shows), and in the case of repression or lack of state support,
enough to persuade the merits of the approach. The employee-es who want to take their factories have
fight a lot of legal and financial avatars. Firstly, they do not often have the money
necessary - even by pooling their severance pay - to buy their factory. Do
recognize their legitimacy to take the plant (as the case against a symbolic euro, against their
allowances, etc..) always goes through a power and almost always occupying
their factory. The employee-es must also fight against the courts seized from the often
factory occupations to challenge the legal status of plants times: again only
balance of power and struggle, always long-term, pay.
The State, rather than send police dislodge employee es occupying their plant could very well
require companies to transfer ownership to employees es or release the money to projects
recovery. These solutions, however inexpensive, economically viable (economic benefits
unemployment pay) and are popular, with very few exceptions ever net (the case of Lejaby)
not used by the state. This position of the State is ideological. Even if it breaks
not with the market economy, the solution times of increasing self-management mind and allows
to bring up to date the historical solution of the labor movement: the expropriation of bosses
and restart production by the Workers them / themselves to
them / themselves. And that capitalist state and do not want because they know the danger that
represents. Conversely, we must support these struggles recovery!
Occasions factories and cooperatives creations: limits and tracks to dig ...
If the form "cooperative" are legally 3, the law on SCOP has a diversion
the original spirit of cooperatives. So be attentive to the form chosen to avoid maximum
allow a return to capitalist logic within the cooperative structure.
Cooperatives can operate very close capitalist enterprises: some of
existing ones reproduce unequal pay, maintaining a distinction
leaders / run, a frame, dependence shareholder (50% stake). It
is important to assert the claim of equal pay, but also a management
collective of the cooperative, as well as control of all "capital" by the employee-es.
The second problem is the capitalist market pressure, the logic of competition that
trend is to challenge the survival of the project is to change it to standards
capitalist profitability.
On the other hand, the question of the management of production by employee-'re not the question of
social utility of what happened: to caricature, a self-weapons factory not apparent
not for us to social emancipation ..
The law of 19 July 1978, Sections 48 to 52, allows the recovery of a cooperative company files for bankruptcy
To work ... the revolutionary tilt
This is why we can not consider the constitution of SCOP as something other than
temporary solution, a tool of resistance, we must reaffirm the need for change
revolutionary, the only way to allow the establishment of libertarian communism for the
decision on what is produced, how and how much is not forfeited to the public.
The cooperative form as it legally exists is a tool of resistance, but ultimately there is not
real prospect of fighting against dismissal without perspective transformation
revolutionary society. It is therefore imperative that cooperatives are created and the
support to social struggles can play as working against mutual-society.
The only way to break this ability of capitalism and the state structures that integrate
antagonists it is the constant development of struggles is the federation structures
resistors cooperative with the practice of the direct production of pooling whenever
Coordination of Anarchist Groups - External Relations

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