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(en) Brazil, Against the World Cup and the Suppression: Only the Struggle and Organization! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 02 Jul 2014 12:07:35 +0300

The framework of trade union struggles and conflicts, and popular in the country before and during the World Cup has pressured the federal government, some state, local governments and employers, generating a war of nerves in the major urban centers of Brazil. ---- If last year the big mobilizations were enthralled by the precarious sectors youth and not by popular movements organized in 2014, the emphasis has been, and by the way, will continue to be given by the basis of various categories of workers and sectors close and articulated with the oppressed classes. The development of the conflict of Subway of Sao Paulo - who for days faced the intransigence of the worst expressions of the right in this country (the framework of the organization of the extreme right Catholic Opus Dei Alckmin / PSDB) is an example of this, getting the strong repression police, all the dirty game of major media and even the announcement of more than 40 layoffs. The subway pursue the campaign for the readmission of 42 workers dismissed. Buckshot is being played upon these companions / the valiant and over other categories currently on strike is why we need to be aware of all attempts at criminalization of struggles.

* State of Exception? State of struggle and constant solidarity! *

As part of the World Cup General Law and Ordinance Guarantee Law and Order, which sets
a true state of emergency in the country, it is extremely necessary to Solidarity
Hardcore set of left and social movements to all conflicts in
course, and especially for subway workers in Sao Paulo.


Because of the June days of 2013, we have seen the growing concern of the state
Singapore to ensure the "peace" during the World Cup. This, in practice,
expressed in legal mechanisms that rifam civil rights and democratic freedoms,
intensification of repression and criminalization of protest and poverty, increased
effective police and military in urban centers, as well as their suburbs and slums,
as well as the costs of the technologies of repression. The continuity of union struggles and
Popular this period indicates that no effort will be spared to contain,
frighten and prevent workers from using legitimate and historical instruments
defend their rights and boot achievements, such as strikes, pickets, occupations and marches.

In Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Ceará, for example, search warrants and seizure were
issued on the eve of COPA, the detention of some companions / towards the
instill fear in social fighters. In the Federal District, militants of the Popular Committee
Cup of alleged intimidation received representatives of Elections
unidentified, a day before a protest against spending canopy. In Porto Alegre,
various social fighters Block Fights are being sued and enjoined. the
own subway workers on strike were strongly repression of Shock Troops of the PM, who used
tear gas, the moral effect and rubber bullets. In Goiânia, students
Front of Struggle for Public Transport were arrested arbitrarily and are added to
numerous prisoners and detainees fight for transportation in the country. The list is huge and could
extend over a page with cases of intimidation and repression from north to south.

The problem of housing shortage is most serious in the country, is the number of occupations
in large urban cities multiply. The state's response has been to defend the
real estate speculators, with forced removals. Except, when the movements of property,
take to the streets denouncing and demanding advances, such as recently in Sao Paulo.

We pointed out in our materials analysis, we live in an emblematic moment
our country, with the increase of political persecution of social activists and organizations
policies, surveys with absurd and unreasonable charges which may continue beyond
World Cup. All this is coordinated by a constant psychological warfare to fight
by large social media, distilling their class hatred and their
lies in the expectation of building a conservative consensus that reinforces the idea that
social issue is a police matter. The period of the Copa confirms the continuity of
scenario. In national statement on 10/06, President Dilma Rousseff says this
will be the "crown of tolerance, diversity, dialogue and understanding." a clear
reaffirmation of the current social contract employee by the current government with the bourgeoisie and its base
support, both in partisan terms as within social movements that
hegemonic, as is the case for example of the CUT.

* Facing repression: organizing and fighting!

The period we are living has shown the true face of the system of domination
capitalist, it will not be changed with the change of governments to shift. When the
move down the above address put in place all sorts of mechanisms
coercive, repressive and intimidation to stop the fights. The repression is and always will be
trump card of dominant classes and the state, the letter tipping and all other
imposes "social peace". The violence of the above is constitutive structures of domination
of capitalism and therefore will never be an exception in the current system. She's rule
helps to keep operating the relations of power and domination functional privileges
the ruling classes.

Admittedly, the nature of the demonstrations, many of them in absentia of the union leaderships and
formal structures of the "traditional" unions, asks us to move towards forms
organization, from the base, which make the fighting experience of thousands of
workers, residents of urban peripheries and rural poor students a criterion
to point out what serves and what does not serve the leadership and direct action of these fighters.
This involves strengthening and building popular movements and organizations union base
combative and independent social force to give the downtrodden and oppressed, political line
that the CAB has modestly dedicated to building in various sectors of struggle. the
experiences of the struggles of 2013 and recent conflicts have been better to have
produced a militant ideology of struggle and confrontation. It is time to retreat but
yes, time to give organizational quality!

Give organizational quality in the creation of bodies basis.

Again, time is constant solidarity, because the fight is ongoing and where there
domination there is resistance! Where there is resistance, struggle and grassroots organization, there are seeds
being planted for the construction of Popular Power.

The moment is struggling to cope with the repression that this new period of struggle against
enforcement deepen the levels of organization and awareness to overcome the low
fear that the ruling class of his government in turn wish to impose.

* All the Solidarity strike by subway workers in Sao Paulo! The Right to Strike!
42 ** For the readmission of strikers subway!
** By order of arrest and subpoenas Fighters!
Against ** repression promoted by Angle, the struggle, the strike and the organization of Bass!
** Strengthen the union and popular movement with direct democracy, class independence
and governments!
** Protesting is not a crime! *

* Coordination Brazilian Anarchist (CAB) *
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