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(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie - lyon (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #236 - , The cons - "reform school rhythms": the first steps of a struggle to come... (fr, pt)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 13:04:52 +0200

Under the guise of "rebuild the school," the left continues the task begun by his predecessors right. It is now the turn of Minister Peillon take its share of unwinding and restructuring a school setting now considered obsolete and inefficient. Market demands of labor and the cost of reproduction called according to formulas devoted to "initiate reforms" and to "save." Prepared well before the election of Holland but imposed ex nihilo, the implementation of the reform-rhythms against hidden behind a false controversy maintained around the reorganization "of the time of the child", the objective of commodify in the sub contractor, or any part of the activity. ---- Not only the Socialists returned to any measures which, under the Sarkozy government, they had mobilized against some primary school teachers: the dragnets by the "Base student" server, reducing the child to a sum of " micro-skills "through the creation of" Personal Skills Booklet "restricting the right of teachers to strike with the obligation to declare strike 48 hours in advance, measuring always accompanies a hosting service called" minimum "- but they have the added bonus imposed their forehead" reform school rhythms. "

The starting point is simple, if not simplistic: the French schoolchildren school days among the longest in Europe with the number of days the lower school. The organization of school time is one of the main causes of poor performance in the survey conducted under the auspices of the OECD results (1) and announced by Peillon before they are made public ...

Streamline time parcelliser "skills"

Now, students will work nine half-days in the week instead of the previous eight. This, incidentally, is only applying to literally an amendment already contained in the Decree of the Minister Darcos right, dated 15 May 2008 (2) ... Priority is given to the morning time slots reserved for learning, the release time is converted in the afternoon called "extracurricular" activities. To justify this new development, the team Peillon amalgam issue of the weekly student attendance than the access to so-called "cultural" practices inequality. A demonstration without coherence or report found that reduces the conditions of access to culture - what culture elsewhere? - A simple timetable case.

In order to establish the legitimacy of their policy, the socialists are added services "experts Chronobiology." These specialists are able to abstract a "time of the child", the measured time, imposed on all human activity during the market society (3). In this case, recognize that there is no intention qualitative. It sucks in reality only streamline the cost of time spent by the student in learning. Nothing new, if not controlled by adjusting the current arrangements for social reproduction. So, this time will be subject to streamlined learning parceled into "micro-competences" which results, after evaluation, will be recorded in the draconian and controversial "Booklet Personal Skills." Chain end, a new handful of scientists, those of PISA, evaluate based on the results of compliance promised and expected the education system. In summary, we are confronted in this case a form of sub-Taylorism adjusted to the school environment, in line with market expectations of employment. It goes without saying that this "time of the child", as is the listed our experts, is harmoniously its limit begins where the interests of the entertainment industry and tourism, ie precisely at the Friday afternoon, the day before the weekend ...

"Reform Rhythms" in action

In a first time, seventeen hundred cities that have chosen to apply the decree this year began with drum up Spatial staff and put in order. In some municipalities, job descriptions were changed without consultation or compensation and sometimes Patents Aptitude Animator past emergency and allocated in the wake function. Derogatory manner, rates of child frames have been modified and revised upwards since August 2013. The account is not there, the most zealous municipalities and better equipped recruited workers under private law paid EUR 7.39 net per hour for three hours of work per week (4). The result was not long in coming. "The Learning Differently", according to Ministerial formula is given to see it for what it really is: a muddle that maintains purposely confuse school and "extracurricular" activities, a simple display that does not fool anyone since the real meaning of that nestles against-reform elsewhere. In municipalities headed by ministers in place, such as Boulogne-sur-mer, for example, the effort is the first in propaganda in order to swallow the pill in the population. In an atmosphere of Potemkin village, official visits successive novels pictures municipal publications and injunctions to rain down at any cost, to hold the line. Moreover, politics are found where additional land to flaunt his misery. So do you observe on the eve of municipal elections, the Left Front, for example, challenge the street Peillon policy and defend the same day facing strikers and parents came to claim accounts in paneling City Hall ...

What work Socialists

If the state does not yet revealed its full level, several signals that provide a glimpse into what we are heading. With the "Reform Rhythms", it is also relying on the decentralization law in order to pass the organization of school time under the control of local authorities. A measure justified in the period by declining public funding and supported by the transfer of activities outsourced. It is in this specific context, that of a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Total group has pledged $ 4 million, to fund extracurricular activities plan Peillon (5).

These initial measures were immediately challenged by those who see it essentially a challenge to the national framework for education and "Equal Republican." In fact, reading a recent report by the Court of Auditors, we understand that it is the first act of a more ambitious plan. In one of the latest information delivered to the government, the court recommends revising procedures for assignment of personnel to "straighten student achievement," believing that "reform package management arrangements" is required ( 6). Finally, everything becomes clear when one learns that the operation will involve the second degree as soon as elementary schools. The so-called "reconstruction" projects law in effect, to extend the "reform rhythms" to colleges and high schools.

In the first stage, the shift to flexibility and the annualization of working time is already a reality. Since September, mobile teachers working alternately in constituencies where applicable and do not apply the cumulative reform illegally timeouts service that the framework established by the administration knows that they can recover. It is also the organization cycle schools that overflows from this year in college. It also increases the "Elementary / College" joint teaching activities as "Rally" embellished meetings, consultations, workshops and plenary common ...

It is therefore the deregulation of education systems and their creeping privatization referred through this against-reform. The objective pursued by the socialist government takes, it will be understood, less research for the development of the child and the case of the status of workers.

Mobilization on the ground

Shortly after the beginning of September, so far managed the feat of uniting against it and in a timely convergence parents cheated on merchandise but firmly opposed to any politician recovery (7), territorial fait accompli , teachers angered by yet another shift imposed without consultation and disoriented contractors and resigned in turn. A pleasure not to sulk when you know the flop that was the same period the non-action over pensions.

Since then, several municipalities have preferred to stop the experiment en route mainly under pressure from mobilized parents. They also challenged the government on its own ground, that of representativeness. Questionnaires developed and distributed by parents with families did lie advanced by the Department to impose its numbers. In institutions where families are widely expressed, the results of the recount showed up more than 70% of dissatisfaction and a large majority demanded the repeal or modification of the decree.

On 13 November, the day of national boycott organized again at the initiative of the parents was a real success. In many places where the boycott is applied, teachers made progress before virtually empty classes.

To win: go beyond the defense of corporate interests

Among teachers, of course, things are not moving in the same train. The majority of first-degree unions support the government in power and are involved in monitoring the reform in the joint bodies. It was in Paris, for the moment, that the mobilization is the strongest. Where essentially the basis of SNUIPP, against the positions of its management multiplies very day strikes followed. Since the fall, this policy has cost SNUIPP the departure of more than a thousand members, which, we must admit, is a pretty good sign ...

Elsewhere, the days of strikes on 14 November and 5 December 2013 have been relatively successful if we take into account that 80% of schools do not yet apply the reform.

So, hopefully in the coming year that the real balance of power will incur. This will depend primarily on the qu'adopteront attitude towards teachers union devices that claim to represent. It has become crucial to win something after years of setbacks, it is equally important to achieve by saying collectively, in contrast to the often individual resistance, isolated, sometimes quasi-clandestine conducted by some teachers in the Sarkozy years.

And finally because it is never too late to start to do well, the time has perhaps come for teachers to go beyond the defense of a mythical status and public service. Do not understand how it becomes ridiculous to face the market logic is at work by hiding behind a symbolic function completely devalued, that state, he has long understood ...

In schools, teachers are now working in conjunction with multiple categories of undocumented workers, insecure and constantly increasing. The arrival on the premises of the contractors Peillon reform is the latest illustration. It is now in the direction of these workers that few teachers in a class position, unionized or not, must turn to thwart attempts to divide municipalities left endeavor to encourage since September. Following yet to be written ...

A worker of social reproduction. Boulogne-sur-mer, the 12/16/13.

(1) About PISA, reading: "Pisa, what a useful fetish, in:" http://www.questionsdeclasses.org/ ...?

(2) See, Claire Leconte (which in turn supports the reform): Rationale demonstrating the absurdity of the decree issued under the Act for the rebuilding of the school. http://www.claireleconte. com / pages / ...

(3) On the relation that the "Capital" to "Time", read or reread with profit the classic ED Thompson, entitled "Time, work discipline and industrial capitalism." Excerpt: "In the organization of work in the planning of recreation, use of space in the design of everyday life, these are all structures of modern capitalist society which arise from the workings of the measured time. "

(4) One of them says: "TAP is the worst organization ever seen; delirium and now I pay for it 3h/week while we swore to me that would be the RSA unaffected. There I had 100 euros and 180 removes me ... "

(5) ... http://www.sudeducation.org/Rythmes

(6) "Managing teachers differently." Report of the Court of Auditors dated 22 May 2013.

(7) attempts to recover the challenge from the right have all failed for the moment. For its part, the CIPF supports reform, but seems well insulated, and some locals have stood in the direction joining the protest
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