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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - IAL #98 - Education, submission ... Emancipation! (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 20 Jan 2014 11:38:14 +0200

Seven in the morning, the alarm clock rings ... Fast food, and we're already in high school, to college, to follow the lessons of the day ... But what lessons? ---- For education, beyond the considerable progress it represents over the last century, is the tool used by the state to teach young people the values of the capitalist system. Learning submission distortion of history ... Everything is done to ensure that young people do not develop critical thinking outside the margins granted and provided by what the school system today. It is not here to criticize the work of education staff, who often does his best with what is imposed by the department. But it is an indisputable fact, the French education in the service of capitalism.

First, because from childhood we are taught submission: submission to the individual rules, standards ... The Professor first called "Master" or "Mistress" embodies the powerful hierarchy. Children, students tremble before the Master or Mistress outsized and indisputable authority. Submission is at all levels: first, he / she must and will until the end of the school or the teacher vouvoyer, which may, in turn, the tu. He / she will stand as the professor does not give the order to sit down, will stand at the entrance or the Director · rice, main headmaster ... Learning according to the educational system also takes the form of punishment. Rather than seeking from childhood, to empower the student is taught to obey by the carrot and the stick. Stick for punishment, adhesives ... And carrot for scoring. We will return later. At school, it is the fear of the Master or Mistress. In college, fear not pawns, CPE and the entire school hierarchy that gives the impression of being a student assembly part in a huge machine to be only someone a · e must "go into the mold." In high school, it is the fear of failing the tray and "miss his life" as we like to repeat the student.

Because that is where the substance of the submission school resides. Education does not aim to help students grow as an individual, but to do it to fit in capitalist society. From an early age, he was taught to do the work as the ultimate goal of his schooling. "You wanna do when you grow up? "Is the question that comes up most often. First, the adult to the child, but more pernicious, and that is that we realize that the system values found in the minds of brats a good ground where install, child to child. The work is set as the goal, as the end of our lives. Finding a job, a place in the workings of capitalist society then is the purpose of the whole school. We are taught from childhood to see our entire life centered around work only. The child is no longer an individual who builds in all its complexity, it is a future worker is. Leisure, social relations are relegated to the background, as if it was only vague bonus at work governing our lives. We are taught as well as the pursuit of happiness through work, that it is he who will make us happy, allow us to "emancipate" make us "independent". Good joke. There is no life without agreeing to sell to a boss or the state. Must submit to this reality, in the hope of one day up overwriting the other. Learning the competition starts at school. Let there be no mistake, education is nothing other than the instruction values to the younger generations of capitalist system by the notation, it teaches young people to be assessed By competition, they / they can do nothing without conforming to the standard ...
As for the program itself, it is not much better. Any period of history a little bit subversive is scratched or caricatured .. It will look beautiful, you will not find a trace of the Paris Commune, rebellion Canut ... Single page on the Spanish Civil War evokes neither anarchists nor unions. Moreover, anarchists are discussed only one occasion: the assassination of Sadi Carnot. In one sentence "definition", anarchism becomes a "revolutionary movement advocating the overthrow of bourgeois power by violence." But the Communists, is they are not forgotten (far from it), hardly know a more enviable fate. Communism is summarized in the USSR and the dictatorship of the proletariat, reinforcing capitalist society in the role of "nice" history.

Not to mention the so-called "democracy" that we are sold in high school. Through some institutions such as the Council of Life Lycéen and higher levels (CAVL, CNVL ...), it gives the impression of caring about the word student-created in their establishment. But honestly, all these posts are useless other than to feel good to the system and to nip in the bud the possible claims for students and schoolgirls.

But there is ultimately nothing surprising or shocking that capitalist society seeks to preserve through its educational system. It is therefore up to us, students, high school students, and anyone aware of reinventing education. Rather than being a sort of "factory adults" creating future is worker, schools could be places of sharing knowledge, research ... Education would then no longer intended to teach, but to give the taste of learning you always. Everyone · e could then focus on what he likes, and actually empower the culture and knowledge. The school, then, would be managed by everyone without distinction between those come out and learn these / those came to spread their knowledge. So, the school is no longer in school, college and high school college high school, but our school, our school, our school. But do not be fooled, if this kind of experience is tolerated in some institutions, like the Self-Directed School of Paris or Saint Nazaire Experimental High School as an education system will not be possible on a large scale under capitalism. To implement this education, based not on the future productivity of the human being but to clean each and every individuality, will require a social revolution of scale in all sectors of society. Put people at the center, to the freedom anything other than empty words ... Organize Anarchy.

Group Mâcon
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