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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - IAL #98 - Clermont-Ferrand: the city and the prefecture hand in hand against the homeless (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 18 Jan 2014 12:38:21 +0200

Monday, September 2, 2013 in Clermont-Ferrand, the day before school year, 360 people (men, women and children) were thrown into the street. The ANEF631, no longer receiving state aid for 6 months found itself unable to pay the hotels hosting the applicant · is · s asylum, isolated people, women victims of domestic violence and without homeless until it financed. For its part, the State sought to rely mismanagement of the association while an agreement concluded with the ANEF imposes a "duty of unconditional acceptance." Hotel accommodation cost € 2 million to ANEF, but the staffing of the State must be used to reimburse the association was only 150,000 euros. After entering the administrative court referred by 24 families left homeless, the prefect has been instructed to offer 17 of them suitable accommodation within 72 hours. The State has released EUR 400 000. Barely a quarter of the debt he owed to the ANEF.

The sinking of the emergency shelter

So a crisis demonstrates once again if necessary inefficient governments, whatever their political color, responding to humanitarian emergencies. The victims of the sinking of the emergency shelter, many · its undocumented and applicant · se · s asylums, so have found refuge in a church, but arson has forced to return to the street at 4 am, Tuesday, September 3. Since we have no information about the investigation by the Judicial Police on this matter. For our part we have a good idea about the identity of the perpetrators of this criminal act. During 11 days of camp, we were treated to all kinds of nationalist and racist provocations: alcoholic people singing "here we Marshal" that mimic the sound of monkey, or shout "One only has to swing their packets rice! "Or some shaved heads bombers passing slowly by car to shout" illegals go home window! ". Police conclude without doubt that this is irrelevant, we usually ...

Solidarity is organizing state punishes

Homeless, activist networks and Clermonts were therefore mobilized to meet the most urgent health needs by installing an encampment on the steps of the church.
Prefecture was first proposed to open a gym in an area away from the city center, but the homeless have preferred to refuse this solution, well aware over there, they would quickly invisibilisé then forgotten. And among these people tossed emergency accommodation in accommodation of emergencies, CADA2 by appointment at the prefecture of the "Restos du Hearts" to "Secours Populaire" suddenly occupy the public square under eye of the media created a strong desire to fight.
Facing them / them, the city and the prefecture. The pref refused to use the law of requisition to simply propose another gym closer to the center than the first. But the homeless, lucid, refused a second time. As for the city, from the beginning she refused to open access to drinking water and a source of electricity.
But instead of Jaude, the homeless are not alone, and solidarity is organized with the militant network and several hundred inhabitants.
For user movement, prefecture ordered the Secours Populaire and the Red Cross not to deliver food to the camp, but to distribute it to the gym, to require the homeless to move where she wanted the park. As soon as the decision of the pref was known on the camp, the solidarity that has been doubled: the same evening, gas cylinders, stoves, pots and food arrived on the scene. Soup and a delicious ratatouille were distributed in the bowls; better than the meal trays Secours Populaire or the Red Cross!
The camp kitchen has demonstrated that organizing without delay after the authorities and the people their orders soups, the population can cope with emergencies and find bread for those in need. Indeed, in the absence of electricity, it was necessary to tinker a municipal lighting pole terminals and electric bikes in the city for water, it was necessary to supply the underground parking place with jerry cans. We must salute the solidarity came from employees of the park, or even construction workers who helped out around construction equipment.

Then, on Sept. 13, by denying its commitments, the pref suppressed the movement without warning, under the pretext of an identity check. CRS and therefore did what they do best: beating (including activist violently thrown to the ground), insults, destruction shared by men and women solidarity property, and another activist arrested, tried the November 27, scooping three months suspended, duty of care and 18 months probation. In this case, the only obsession authorities (municipality and prefecture hand in hand) has been "clean" at all costs place before September 14.

Strength and limitations of the self on the camp
The humanitarian emergency was such at the outset that most of the actions are made in a very spontaneous and overnight. If the voluntarism of and other bearing has very quickly the basic needs of the homeless, this way of working was not able to go further in the structure. And if some militants well as we saw the need to implement a daily general meeting to give control of the struggle for the homeless they / themselves, the amount of work required to keep the camp has overshadowed the need of spirits. However, the inability of the movement to go to the self can not be explained solely by the pressure of the health emergency. It must be said that many of its militants do not consider that the General Assembly is required. Rightly we believe. Indeed, daily AG would more cohesive participants to fight them / them, helped to overcome conflicts and disagreements and would have brought transparency in decisions and the allocation of tasks. Faced with the deterioration of the strategy pref, families have gradually left the camp piecemeal. This is what signed defeat. With AG and a stronger integration of movement, they might have managed to keep a few more days. And more generally, a general meeting could bring us a common language from the beginning.
We will not forget the strong support and fellowship times, but an analysis of failures in terms of organization is required to work on the future cohesion of social struggles in Clermont-Ferrand.

Institutional hypocrisy

Anyway, September 14 was planned by the city long known as the party of "equality and diversity", so fair to local associations. He was out of the question for the PS that this beautiful Republican party is held with a refugee camps in the background, especially a few months before a municipal election.
As to the pref during the 11 days of fighting on the place of Jaude, she stubbornly refused to requisition empty homes that are estimated to be about 7500 in Clermont-Ferrand. But why the government prefers he pay more for a hotel rather than commandeer housing, or expulsion, rather than regularize undocumented? The aim is to prevent people from taking root (and therefore to integrate as they say), make them undesirable, insecure, and encourage ostracism from the French. Indeed, especially for applicant · is · s-seekers or undocumented migrants who are denied this right, being in a new country without being able to settle peacefully is difficult to live. Frequent rotation hotels (often seedy) in various homes, makes any accommodation to the new life that refugees came for here. The state grows skillfully and determination instability.
Then he beautiful game to acknowledge the homeless and undocumented expensive, but for the homeless and undocumented the cheapest solution is not the hotel and plane is the requisition and regularization.
The French government, like other major economic powers of the world, its businesses and institutions, cultivate poverty in neo-colonial countries that grow naturally people to migrate in search of livelihoods less odious. Financial windfall this operation organized internationally well worth all propaganda efforts to encourage the French population to take the immigrant and the poor in general. We do not accept. The immigrants arriving in France are pushed by colonialism, capitalist globalization and economic liberalism. Undocumented migrants are only victims of capitalism, expel is to exercise against them a double injustice.
The Socialist Party and the "hemorrhage rom"
To date, address issues of emergency accommodation in Clermont-Ferrand, the government finally decided to reboot the system as it was before the sinking of the ANEF, which further fuel the growing racism in society. And Serge Godard, PS mayor of Clermont, eager to please the racist electorate to make a few extra points for his likely successor Olivier Biancci the next municipal, already striving to show that immigration is too expensive for France by stating in Le Monde: "We must stop all forms of idealism in the treatment of Roma folder. There is no question of stigmatizing a population, but in a period of scarcity of jobs and housing, we are not able to successfully integrate. We must stop the bleeding Roma in France " .
We say it should put an end to the capitalist state and bleeding.

Group Clermont-Ferrand

1. ANEF: Association responsible for the management of 115 in Clermont-Ferrand
2. CADA: Welcome Centre Asylum Seekers
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