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(en) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - RÃsistons ensemble #126 - Prohibited cities? + (fr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 12:25:56 +0200

December 16, Natacha union member South Education 92 , Ivan and Janos Network members Resist together against the police and security violence , diffused the latest issue of our monthly newsletter entitled "Crimes police hate crimes, 30 years later nothing n has changed " . They were placed at the subway exit Courtilles (line 13) facing the City Luth Gennevilliers (92) Priority Security Zone declared in the second wave of deployment in November 2012. ---- Quickly, 4 officers BAC came to arrest them, the police management of Gennevilliers. On April 15, Ivan and Janos had already suffered the same attack, arrested for the same reasons within the city of Luth (always so far without result). Whenever the boys were brought to the police coerced Gennevilliers and placed in a cell with the prohibition to call for what was presented to them as "free auditions."

For distributing the newsletter content that would be considered by the police as defamatory. This time the fingerprints and pictures of Natasha were identified as those of Ivan and Janos had been at their previous arrest.

highly virulent The Commissioner told them he wanted to see them disappear from the neighborhood, promising to prosecute . Some officers did not hesitate to assert that their action was in retaliation for criticism in the report.

Two arrests in eight months while the small newspaper Resist network together is broadcast regularly, and since its inception (in 2002!) in the same district Lute never have been entered. Clearly, we did better in the Goche that under the right.
On the occasion of each of these two arrests, cops refuse to return hundreds of copies of the newsletter they have seized, and thus materially prohibit its distribution, with the promise of harassment. These police actions thus lead to prevent the distribution of any particular ballot paper in one of these cities ostracized. Thus this attack is more widely the network, in its nature, necessary expression in popular neighborhoods.
Areas of relegation by successive governments for unemployment, insecurity, racism, repression ... these arrests are they would not sign a new crossing, also seeking to exclude these areas, including SPA, the expression of any radical critique? Appeal for witnesses Maybe you aware of any police action similar this year ? In priority areas of security (ZSP)? Or outside? Or is it a local initiative of the Commission Gennevilliers? Send us your testimony on contact@resistons.lautre.net . Communiquà after the first arrest: resistons.lautre.net / spip.php article521? December 16 and following: resistons.lautre.net / spip.php article533? .


August 19 Benlhoussine Mounir, a young man of 27 years died in detention at the prison house of Blois. A prisoner testifies "He was sick. All night her boyfriend knocked on the cell door to ask for help. That is why we are angry. Nobody came, I swear! " The official version speaks of infarction. Hard to swallow, the young man was in perfect health. The suspicious death was then led a mutiny (see RE No. 122) violently repressed by ERIS (regional response team and security, the GIGN of prison). Then it was the lot of disciplinary sanctions, transfers away ... Finally nine prisoners found themselves before the tribunal de grande instance de Blois on December 9. The outcome of the trial is unsurprisingly, from 6 months to 3 years in prison, according to the prosecution case, the penalties, exemplary and severe.
Infos: http://lenumerozero.lautre.net/article2663.html


Wissam El Yamni - photos which show
there two years ago, Wissam El Yamni, Clermont truck driver of 30 years, died after nine days in a coma at the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand after his arrest on the night of 1 January 2012. Since judges in expertise, education behind (see RE 123). Family Wissam has published two photos (see below) that unmask the hypocrisy of justice. Serious injuries that are visible are qualified by "experts" "rubbing by clothing" or "pressing surface friction" . As for the "nose and the left orbit fracture" and the ribs revealed by the first scanner, this would be "old bone lesions, very previous events" character "Benin" . Deaths border Calais Since 2008, at least 25 people have died under our windows to Calais. Chased by the police, Vietnamese, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Iranians. Afghans ... drowned trying to swim across, were stabbed, crushed, strangled victims of the Mafia, a fall from a truck ..... All the misery of this world is. A blanket of silence for one shroud covering their body. Fortunately a few brave activists working to expose the barbarism against them and help them. Info: https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/channelcrossing "The gypsism: cement a degenerate political class" (excerpts) The gypsism becomes a locomotive campaign in the former country of human Rights. It is even cement a political class degenerated to such an extent that no more distinguished components. In September 2012, Samia Ghali, Socialist Senator-Mayor of Marseille, said understanding the band, under the impassive eye of the police had chased the city of Roma CrÃneaux under threat. July 22, 2013 Gilles Bourdouleix, deputy mayor of IDUs, said Hitler had perhaps not killed enough Roma. Yesterday it was the turn of Luc Jousse, UMP mayor of Roquebrune-sur-Argens, who regretted the rapid intervention of firefighters to extinguish a fire in which Roma have been burned alive. He follows his friend Regis Cauche Mayor UMP Cross last September that promised its full support to those who commit the irreparable against a Rroma. November 27, it was Jacqueline Rouillon, Mayor Left Front St. Ouen, who succeeded his move to deport 800 Roma under the false pretense that their presence tsiganophobe jeopardized heating Parisian hospitals and housing . " Association "Voice of Roma" http://www.lavoixdesrroms.org Listened, watched, geolocated never alone ... These are just a few short paragraphs in the military planning law adopted by the Senate on December 10. But they are heavy consequences. As the statement says the Pirate Party: "The government will now monitor anyone without other pretext than a vague suspicion of crime, thus allowing eavesdrop, monitor the movement and generally spying and save limitless our every word, facts and figures without consulting a judge. " Source: http://www.partipirate.org/spip.php?article433cp 20loi%%% 20de% 20programmation 20militaire Also, according to the bill that will be presented on January 22 in the Senate, the police may, without Understanding even a judge, and for 15 days you "geotag" your laptop, the GPS ...

"You do not come by chance in LAC. It is because we invest in excess of what is required. "
The case of police "rogue cops" of the North BAC which caused the immediate dissolution of the unity of the northern districts of Marseilles by the Minister Valls crying scandal in October 2012, ending in a strange way. The investigation was botched IGPN, cops indicted were released under court supervision after a month of detention and reinstated after being transferred, the judicial investigation is stalled.
Rest sanctions by internal route: in addition to some suspensions, revocations only 3 were made ââat a disciplinary council held early December in Marseille, (still awaiting validation). . Meager sanctions that seem more the result of a "war leaders"
As the cops in question, they do not believe their own eyes: "It says you're the greatest rogue and then we will makes your weapon, we trusted you to ensure the safety of persons " . Here's what has been heard journalists MÃdiapart who attended, invited by unions cops, the Disciplinary Board which were submitted 6 policemen and 17 last December 18. Finally the truth could emerge from this board is a kind of paradoxical evidence of the relative innocence of the six officers involved: their behavior was not that of individual cops of ripoux who sought to enrich themselves personally involved in trafficking, but the ordinary cops, in a BAC whose operation was quite in line with what the state expects that in neighborhoods where parque its poor. BAC neighborhoods: the arbitrary rule ( "Every action, you know that maybe this is the last It does not happen to Dad.." *), and to achieve their redistribution, the number and "fine business" cops can count on the support of all the powerful ( "we" arrange "an uncle-indic-a case, we find it a nursery place probably through by an elected or we boosts to get an apartment " *). Nothing new then, but at least we have heard from the cops, and among the best of them.
* About heard at the Disciplinary Board.

> [ACT]

Call COBP (Collective Opposed to Police Brutality) Quebec
"COBP text search on the topic of the militarization of police or any other matter concerning the police crackdown in Quebec and elsewhere in the world, and for a newspaper which will be published a few weeks before the International Day against Police Brutality (March 15). "
"In addition, we invite community groups and activists to reclaim the international day against police brutality organizing vigils or any other activity in their image during the week of 9 to 15 March 2014. Â
News : cobp@riseup.net . trial for recurrent rejection sampling DNA January 14, 2014 at 16h at TGI Mont-de-Marsan, Jean-Charles appearing for the third time for a refusal DNA collection proceeding from same initial offense. The collective support invites you to join the rally from 14h court. Infos: http://gironde.demosphere.eu/rv/2938 Contact: justiceetpaix@riseup.net .
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