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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - Against the racist and anti-Semitic poison: Organising the popular response! (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 12 Jan 2014 11:13:33 +0200

Analysis of CGA Lyon on the rise of racism and anti-Semitism, and its significance in times of crisis ---- Against the racist and anti-Semitic poison: Organising the popular response! ---- It is not necessary to be an activist to find that for a decade, racist speech is fully released, justifying the concrete racist oppression and the passage to the act against national racialized minorities by political currents or individuals, or by the State. The rise of racism coincides with the deepening capitalist crisis and its resulting (rising mass unemployment, growing precariousness case of social rights, public services, dismantling of social protection...). To camouflage the true responsible for this human disaster, namely an economic system, capitalism, a dominant class, the bourgeoisie, and an institution that organizes the domination and exploitation, the state, we must find scapegoats!

So in addition to the "workers who cost too much and living beyond their means", are designated as responsible for this "crisis", black, Arab, Turkish / Kurdish and minorities from Turkey, Roma, Asians, Jews / Jewish and Muslim essentialized and racialized short, all those who are considered es by nationalist ideology as outside es - national body or even if they have the French nationality: national Minorities.

Today as yesterday, the bourgeoisie plays the racist poison because it allows him to "divide and rule" in the amount oppressed against each other.

Antisemitism, meanwhile, if it is also in this "divide and conquer" has the additional function of making the invisible ruling class by substituting in racialized groups, Jews and Jewish. This is what makes a specific form of racism. This is why anti-Semitism is indispensable to the bourgeoisie period of capitalist crisis, because it allows him to disappear in the eyes of the oppressed being invisibilisé by antisemitic discourse.

The question of the responsibility of the capitalist organization of the economy in crisis, ownership of collective work by a propertied minority, the bourgeoisie, through wage labor and private property in the means of production is thus evacuated by anti-Semitic, which divide artificellement capitalism bad capitalism "financial" they associate with Jews and Jewish and a good "industrial capitalism." But not only this separation does not exist in reality, not only Jews and Jewish capitalists are only a tiny fraction of the capitalist class and have only a small fraction of the capital, including financial support, not only denies this speech the real existence of the Jewish working class, but the French bourgeoisie exempt from liability.

With the capitalist crisis, so explodes racism, broadcast by the ideological relay the bourgeoisie and the state, whether bourgeois media, intellectual networks reactionary state institutions, political nationalist movements ranging from some left the fascist state. Racism as an ideological undercurrent, such as concrete social relations and oppression, is promoted including by ideologues and politicians boasting of being anti-racist. This is an oppression that structure not only about actions and crush concrete institutional discourse racialized persons belonging to national minorities in the country, but also speech and actions brought by individuals, political organizations and currents that produce the same social relations of oppression.

Today, racism state is structured around a speech and acts primarily targeting black minorities, Arab and Roma. But also, in the case of Islamophobia, Muslim ie people who racist ideology assigns a Muslim identity in the process of racialization of religious identity. These currents are also worn in the population by self- es, currents and political organizations.

Regarding anti-Semitism, the state certainly officially broke with a state anti-Semitism that permeated to the institutional discourse until the 70 or 80 (remember the denunciation of "German-Jewish agitators" but also About the Raymond Barre in the aftermath of the bombing of the Copernic Street in 1980: "This heinous attack intended to strike the Israelites who went to the synagogue and hit innocent French crossing the rue Copernic"), officially condemning antisemitism opportunistically to give an anti-racist varnish. However, the anti-Semitic ideology is deeply rooted in the French national ideology, and is supported by a growing number of individuals, currents and political organizations in favor of the crisis. The consequence is the reformation of an anti-Semitic movement assumed, mass.

As anti-Semitism is a political necessity for the bourgeoisie in times of crisis, but on the other hand it is necessary for the state to preserve the moment appearances "republican" in pretending to fight against anti-Semitism, promotion the state and the bourgeoisie is more perverse: promoting anti-Semitic speech by verbal denunciation with little practical effect other than to provide a sounding board to these movements by publicizing, and sending their posture " rebel " and pseudo- revolutionary without prevent harm.

Internet platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, twitter, etc... also allow, with the support of certain fractions of the bourgeoisie, to give these a very important current echo, especially in youth, while allowing the circumvention of a judicial strategy that has never had real objective break the racist and antisemitic dynamics.

Indeed, the dissolution of openly antisemitic organizations such as the French work, nationalist revolutionaries Youth, the few trials against Dieudonné and Soral have never denied access to a mass audience, continue to spread their anti-Semitic and racist venom. To access the trays state television (which shows the hypocrisy of the State speech as much as that of the pseudo- rebellious posture of anti-Semitic and racist who cry censorship). The promotion of these currents, antisemitic organizations and individuals and their speech is so "without seeming to touch it."

This anti-Semitism is totally part of the history of the French state as the nationalists and fascists (the Dreyfus affair through the book Drumont " La France Juive " and with Vichy and Petain and since a lot of years, the FN and despicable statements JM Le Pen). These " anti system " as like to submit Dieudonné and Soral addition to their obnoxious ideas (anti-Semitism, worship of the Nation, Tradition, Patriarchate) do indeed strengthen the state system and the bourgeoisie who use good old recipe follows: divide and conquer and oppress without jolts, the popular classes.

Manuel Valls, these gesticulations, by publicizing a maximum Dieudonné (which enchants it) plays a dirty double game one hand, it tries to give the State the beautiful role as guarantor of the fight against racism, then he himself Interior Minister, continues to expel as never undocumented, making racist statements about Roma by systematically destroying their makeshift camps, and maintain a permanent climate of suspicion towards Muslim...). The state also leaves plenty of space for the development of fascist groups such as identity, for example in Lyon where they can continue to sow terror in the streets of St. John from a local (The Traboule) storefront. Behind " racist " speech, he has soft hands for fascists while having the hard hand against anti-fascist activists and the workers' revolutionary movement.

On the other it promotes Dieudonné and incrit fully in the communication strategy of the latter and his anti-Semitic allies who can and will give a "revolutionary" and continue to divert popular anger against the bourgeoisie while pointing to the Jewish national minority described as " having a hand on the state and the economy."

Valls and anti-Semites around Dieudonné thus constitute one and the other faux opposing camps, each drawing policy benefits, marginalizing the popular camp, that of the revolt against capitalist exploitation and the real and concrete oppressions of racism and anti-Semitism as the patriarchal system.

The State therefore falsely fight against antisemitism able to continue, such as racism, to serve small music diversion anger sociales.D Moreover, during that time, the bourgeoisie quietly continues its offensive, the French State conducts its dirty imperialist wars, and at the national level, state bourgeoisie and working hand in hand (cf. pact responsibility presented by Holland during his greeting season).

So what tracks to try to resist?

Although this seems insufficient, individual action must be a salutary first reflex. In his work, in his neighborhood, with relations, never pass a remark, a joke a little bit sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist or anti-Semitic. This is not so vain that!

But beyond this personal act, the development and organization of popular struggles against capitalist exploitation and oppression break the racist and antisemitic dynamic, creating the conditions for unity against the popular classes dominant who are responsible.

Throughout the unions must now bind social emancipation and fight against racism and anti-Semitism. Layoffs, wages frozen or reduced, the decline in purchasing power... and so many other things, they are not Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Roma who are responsible, but the state and the bourgeoisie!

Besides the popular struggles to revisibiliser the dominant class and organize social confrontation against it and the State organizes its domination, we must support all initiatives fascist vigilante, including autonomous initiatives that emerge among minorities national, on a racist basis, facing the fascist violence. Because the oppressed have any interest to rely on them to defend themselves and their physical integrity. The " racist " varnish '' s state, as the capitalist crisis deepens, can gradually give way to a state racism assumed, guaranteeing impunity for racist attacks and fascists.

Some, on behalf of the fight against hatred would lead us again on mobilizing "Republican"! What it means defending a Republic which each passing day, makes a little more unemployed (Artists), helps employers to increase profit, organizes state racism to feed the fear of foreigners, National Minorities and divide us a little more ? Republic that breaks social protection, public services.... So as libertarians say frankly, this battle is not ours!

Our desire is to fight against the social and economic organization that oppresses and exploits us by bringing all those and all those who live there, bossent, still struggling to live... We want to decide for ourselves our fate, and go to the social and economic equality by building in the struggle and popular organization, a libertarian communist society. We do not fight for citizens' revolution, but a social revolution. Of course, times are hard and the air nauseating. The race against the racist, anti-Semitic, anti-social ideology is involved. But do not give up either. The trend can be reversed if we reject the resignation. A spark can ignite the whole dull anger. For us to be present to help develop and organize popular revolt, so that it is not diverted into scapegoats as a result of the dominant ideology and action fascist currents supported by increasing fractions the bourgeoisie and the state.

Coordination of Anarchist Groups - Lyon

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