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(en) Brazil, The true face of violence! by Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 11:43:03 +0200

At the last meeting of the Struggle Block, which occurred on 12/02 at the Union of Municipários Porto Alegre (SIMPA) bumped into each other over a cowardly onslaught of repressive state apparatus that ostensibly has sent undercover officers for acts and organizational bodies not only the Block Fights but of all the sectors in struggle in the State. ---- A few months ago the World Cup the Brazilian State, supported in large oligopolies press and mainstream classes promotes a great intensification of political repression against the popular sectors organized. With the accidental death of a cameraman in an act against the tariff increase of public transport in Rio de Janeiro worker has unleashed a major offensive aimed at enacting an anti-terrorism law. In Porto Alegre, espionage against the organized popular sectors begins to target militants against children.

About the recent attempted criminalization of struggles (FARJ)

At the last meeting of the Block Fights, which occurred on 12/02 at the Union of Municipários Porto Alegre (SIMPA) bumped into each other over a cowardly onslaught of repressive state apparatus that ostensibly has sent undercover officers for acts and organizational bodies not only the Block Fights but of all the sectors in struggle in the State.

However, this time this coward spy activity that conspires against the right of assembly and organization showed its true face, making it clear that for the above repression indiscrimida by methods the most perverse and sadistic violence is what matters to them maintaining "status quo". At the meeting in question, by chance, fellow unmasked the activity of an undercover cop who worked for the security company Aquilla, responsible for providing this service to the union. This agent, purposefully infiltrate within the union in order to investigate the changes that occur there had been photographing various people, including the son of a companion of our organization.

The fact was only discovered when our militant was informed by his son that he was being photographed and signs caused by the agent. Upon being approached by colleagues present at the meeting the case immediately came to the fore when it noted the dozens of photos of children and fellow activists present at the meeting, photos that the agent was forced to delete by several companions who approached him.

This cowardly bullying is not an isolated case and not only directs our companion whose son was ostensibly intimidated by cowardly agent in the assembly, but rather part of a process that repressive day to day follows intensifying.

In the days of struggle of 2013, we were attacked by this repressive apparatus thoroughly with acts repressed by thousands of tear gas and moral effect, rubber bullets, pepper spray and batons which killed the various protagonists of June days, maroon, indigenous and educators struggling to pay the floor of teaching beyond the repressive onslaught from 1 October, when numerous companions and organizations that comprise the Block Fights (including our organization) were victims of warrants of search and seizure, where the civilian police learned indiscriminately computers, notebooks and textbooks and photographed "suspects" frames.

Before the onslaught of October 1 Our organization was the target of an illegal invasion by the civil police in June, when it broke the Libertarian Athenaeum, where we focus on, and learned marketing materials, such as paints and solvents seeking to introduce them as explosive device, and learn from our library books from the record of the people associated with presenting these books at a news conference as proof of crime "learned vast anarchist literature" affirmed the delegate Ranolfo Vieira Jr., then head of the Civil Police . Until now we had no knowledge of the warrant for such an onslaught and the few books in our collection were returned to the home of a fellow in a sharp maneuver in order to intimidate us.

From north to south, where the streets blazed just giving a neurotic life that support low with increasingly pronounced instability of basic rights such as education and health, while the government invests galloping fortunes to ensure the canopy and the Olympics this expedient was via common rule by changing the intensity of its manifestation, but never in his willingness to go the ultimate consequences to ensure such "maintenance of order".

What we have seen this coming year is an intensification of these repressive measures. In recent weeks the oligopolies of the mainstream media, especially the Globe organizations, which RBS is affiliated, has unleashed a real psychological warfare, taking advantage of a tragic and stupid accident that unfortunately killed the life and family of a cameraman working for tension in favor of the adoption of the draft anti-terrorism legislation in the Senate, where they have such a "human rights defender" known as Paulo Paim / PT as one of the main agitators of the law, seeking to unleash a traumatic blow to organized popular sectors that do not spin the social pact that today sew along the Dilma government to employers' and trade union bureaucracies and co-opted popular political movements. The approval of this law tends to set precedents for a flurry of arrests, search warrants and seizures and why not, tortures and murders? This campaign now part of Rio de Janeiro, but its consequences are already nationalizing strides and if the popular sectors do not respond to rewind time will be enormous.

This intensification was manifested by these areas during the last meeting of the Block Fights. Until then, all of us, militants of the different sectors, organized or not, we knew we were coming and we reported being harassed and monitored ostensibly with the clip phones and virtual communications and in many cases with agents bell nearby our residences. However, this was the first time we showed the police assault on children, children of militants. Pursue and investigate children of members of the "opposing forces" would be a secret clause of the document "Guarantee Law and Order", approved in December by the "progressive" Defense Minister Celso Amorim? Our children are now subject to arrest, torture and rape, as were many children of thousands of comrades who fought against the regime of state terror that struck the country 50 years ago, driven by a holy sacred alliance between the mainstream media oligopolies (the example of the globe organizations), employers' associations (such as the FIERGS and FIESP, as well as groups and Gerdau ULTRAGAS), the repressive apparatus and oligarchies? After grampearem the steps of our children and intimidate them want the state and the ruling classes also kidnap the children of our companions at the time of his birth, to exchange their respective identities?

Ai is the true face of the state and its ruling classes, the wolf in sheep's clothing who speaks as victim of violence when unleashed this violence indiscriminately, whether shooting in the villages without basic sanitation, health, education, lack of water and light on exploitation of precarious work and no rights, either on brute force to maintain this situation. This is the real situation that seek to cover up with a strong sensationalist appeal hyenas on duty through its monopoly on information.

We emphasize that since the incident we are in touch with the direction of SIMPA that away ready the agent in question and has pledged to deal with the matter on an urgent basis in their respective instances, as in the following solidarity mobilizations Block Fights.

Follow mobilized and not in intimidaremos over this cowardly attack.

Barring criminalization and anti-terrorist law!
Do not be intimidated! Do not disband! Surrounding solidarity of all those who struggle!
They shall not pass!
Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG

February 14, 2014.

Note disclose below the account of writing by our companion whose son was bullied in the assembly situation.

Who are the terrorists who try to harass the Brazilian State today? Protesters poor? The tired black modern slavery? Individuals who go to protests and break glasses? The militants who organize themselves politically and are opposed elites?

But the story I want to do here as a matter of complaint is that my son who is seven years old, in yesterday, February 12, on the occasion of the assembly of Struggle Block in Municipários Union of Porto Alegre, was bullied and photographed several times for p2 (undercover police) who was working security for the union said. My son was showering rain outside of the assembly when I realized that this man was talking strangely to him, approached me and said I was the boy's mother and that he could not talk that way to small. Herein turn to assembly and small calls me and says, "mom the guy there did sign ta care of me and took photos of me" Indignant go after other people to say what was going on, else it also confirms my story of my son, promptly went after the man who was trying to hide quickly within the union and I began to wonder why the photos, it just said it was his job! I asked if he threatens child and record photos of my son was his job ... Herein companions arrived and surrounded the same to see your phone and actually had several photos of the boy, as well as others in the assembly and most other children! My son was scared and very nervous and I also became very indignant at such cowardice by those who want to investigate and intimidate us, we had to leave at home watching up even before the end of the meeting. How to deal with this sort of thing is the question that how mother and campaigner do me since yesterday my son since he was born with me in Peleias I've been involved since my militancy in the Landless Movement until today, but yesterday was the first time someone made such a low blow, using fear of my child to get to me. I remembered the stories of the dictatorship, persecution of the family as a way to intimidate activists remembered the missing children, I remembered how much it hurts us. But also remember that we are not alone, that will not shut up, this fight is just, that terrorists are in power, we will report this person, we will investigate the reasons for these records and their backers.

The crackdown is underway in the country begins to gain stronger contours in recent days. The mainstream media as vulture takes advantage of the remains of RJ videographer to attack increasingly protests and organizations that are part of the new political scenario, from south to north, taking over the streets screaming for improvements in social issues. The stride begins walking a furious attack on the right of expression, developed in conjunction with major media every day producing their "truths" and spread hatred against those who are fighting. Not only is the media, also comes into play measures are laws that criminalize completely and will apply those against and those who are on the streets for ensuring the rights and concrete changes, including the right to manifest! Laws such as: domain Indeed, national security law (already used against activists of social movements in the country), now comes with a heavy hand of the state, yet to be approved, the anti-terrosista law, which predicts penalty of up to 30 years imprisonment.

Certainly, if passed, this law can open prescedentes very serious human and democratic rights.

I'm already being investigated by the Civil Police of the state in the same process indicates that several militant Block Fights. 'm Militant Gaucha Anarchist Federation (FAG) that in recent years has suffered from criminalizing campaigns by the media and governments, just last year we had our headquarters raided by police governor Genro (PT) twice in less than four months, the only hazardous elements found there were books ... This is the old policy to intimidate, criminalize, suppress, persecute and condemn the popular movements and organizations. But intimidate a child? Register photos of my son? How's that for governments that call themselves leftist and democratic?

Observe that if anything happens to me and my son as well as the other comrades of struggle, consider responsibility of governments who do nothing to stop the practice of undercover police within social movements, whether to make actions that culpabilizem us, is to registering arbitrarily ie to intimidate.

There will demobilize us!
Surrounding solidarity those who struggle!

Lorena Castillo Militant Gaucha Anarchist Federation and member of the Bloc struggles in Porto Alegre.

Related Link: http://www.federacaoanarquistagaucha.org/
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