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(en) Turkey, DAF - Meydan #23 - Anarchism in the Ottoman Empire - the Anarchist Resistance to the palace gate: Italian Workers Union (tr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 29 Dec 2014 12:24:21 +0200

Examine anarchism living on this land, develop comments on the subject is not an easy job. Especially when considered in conjunction with the recent social movements in the world, said that increasing the impact of the anarchist social movements. This increased effect is only to show himself as a direct effect of anarchism. Anarchism it into the political arena and discuss the issues and concepts, the impact on the social movements, movements fighting line, the point forming the basis of the method and the struggle shows itself completely changing. These changes, it is possible to observe in the social movements on the region. ---- Besides all these indirect effects, we live on the year we are in the process of acting on anarchism as direct social action. Experience in soil anarchist tradition has become a struggle, self-help nature in terms of the new show began the struggle carries other geographies. On the other hand, advocates of the nature of the locality-specific understanding of the struggle anarchism, reveals how even these experiences could be differentiated in different specific conditions.

Anarchism in this land, perhaps the most important feature you need to carry. Creates itself in its original conditions, which incorporates the tradition of struggle in its geography, more organized, revolutionary and creative power against all new forms and can develop a permanent activities and discourses anarchism.

All the terms of these concerns, hosting a glance, especially when operating in the late Ottoman period, anarchist movements affecting current politics their activities, organizations and anarchists Square Newspaper're starting to scrutinize with this number. In this section, much deeper than addressing the general anarchy in the Ottoman Empire tried to make an entrance. Until now, this new segment we prepared keeping in mind the lack of what is written about the anarchist movement in the late Ottoman period, we also hope to contribute to the literature on space. Still under the same section, Dario Antonelliana's Square Newspaper Italian Workers are publishing the article penned for the relevant corner of Union.

Ottoman Anarchism

Anarchism can make a social impact in these lands, though with a not-so-distant past, anarchism, to the extent that the bond established with the rebellion and tradition in this region struggle "only an intellectual effort" could cease to be.

In this geography, roots reaching to the end of the 19th century anarchism, it was impossible for the period affected by acclaimed anarchist tendencies in the world. "Propaganda by action" in the years to be the most effective of the period, should not be a coincidence begin to take root of anarchism in the Ottoman Empire. Of different ethnic groups in the Ottoman Empire (especially the Armenians), a number that has been input for freedom "propaganda through action" was not only a methodological choice. Anarchism had found a place as a series of ideological organization of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

Aleksandr Atabekyan

This ideological organization, the role of Alexander, one of the names Atabekyan close to Kropotkin is great. Atabekyan in communication until 1891 when many Western anarchists, all Armenian people is an important period in the revolutionary movement. In 1891, the press at a meeting between Russian articles found Kropotkin also lived in London and assume the transport geography. This faith Hamanykh'y of 1895 (commune) prints. Only anarchism and the Armenian Revolutionary Movement in the journal are no related articles. At the same time carry out massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire are among the topics of importance of the magazine.

Atabekyan, and also has an important place in the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. In this federation. Abdulhamid's assassination will input this action will result in the form of a winning political expression of growing in the Ottoman Empire.

Atabekyan'l falling almost coincided with the anarchist type the first work of French KÄbrÄsiza Osman Bey wrote "Socialisme et Anarchia" form. The book was printed in 1895 in Sofia. This book is the first book printed on anarchism. The book was very faint in the history of anarchism, but also in terms of the anarchist movement has a rich history that goes in Bulgaria is very significant.

Within this period of political wealth is particularly noted anarchist initiatives of Armenians and Jews. The activities of these anarchist circles in the Ottoman Empire in the Ottoman working to modernize the modern West closer (both intellectual, and spatial) may have positions. However, a point to be borne in mind, in particular the possibility that this may impact on the environment of the non-Western anarchism. Indeed, this initiative is remarkable that the origin of Sofia and Thessaloniki initiatives.

In 1910, ie within Rifat Beynelmilel Heydar imported sects "Anarchist sects; Proudhon-Baku "to place on the date given, the source of many ideologies in this region Associates released the first issue.

He also published many articles about anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism in associates. Socialist newspaper that is closer to the line, it is observed the effect of Baha Tevfik the publication of this article. Baha Tevfik, until his death in 1914, investment in, made her way into anarchism. Materialism, Nietzsche, individuals and so on. Baha Tevfik his writings on the subject, Abdullah Cevdet, among the important characters such as HÃseyin Hilmi could take its original place. He wrote "Philosophy Ferd" the book has given a clear answer to the argument that liberal.

The Associates for "anarchist circles" in, Atabekyan or operating in Thessaloniki "with the anarchist milieu" Although no data there on the relationship, in the intellectual process that prepares associates, especially not ignore the impact of operating in Thessaloniki. In non-Muslim subjects, anarchism has become a movement involving a radical attitude transformed the radical actions against the Ottoman Empire, anarchism in emerging intellectual circles with modernization was also an idea started to form an intellectual accumulation.

Based on the palace door Anarchists: Italian Workers' Union

The nineteenth century between the 70s and 80s, entered the Ottoman Empire period of decline, the government is weakened, the weakening of sovereignty over Egypt, is a period of intensification of the war in the Balkans and uprisings. In this case, the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, internationalists, and that led to a geography that directs the attention of the revolutionaries.

During the same period, said all these areas internationalists and revolutionaries, Italian migrant workers and the period in which they were expelled organize group of political workers. In 1870 the first anarchist organization in the bustling Italian community that occurred between anarchists living in Alexandria, Egypt. One such organization, in 1877 in Verviers (Belgium) AIT was represented at the congress.

At the same time in Istanbul, the Italian Workers' Union (La Società Italiana di MUTUO Operaia Soccorso) had been active since 1863. This union was established by 14 Italian workers in exile. This association could be affected by radical thinking members only workers.

On 30 April 1876 the Swiss sections belonging to the interests of the "Bulletin of the Jura Federation" an article on the situation in Turkey was dedicated to. "The Turkish government is in trouble ... the war in Bosnia could lead to a revolution in Istanbul," the report titled, six months wages payable to the shipyard workers went to the Navy Department, where he punched the delegate of the minister of labor, then he went to the Grand Vizier, resulting in a bad way dismissed that, finally, they went to the palace of the sultan to negotiate, but written is wrapped around by two units of soldiers from entering the palace.

Boatmen of ThessalonÃki

Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta September 1878 is in Alexandria. Participating in an action carried out in front of the Italian Consulate in November along with other anarchist activists, exiled to Syria directly with the French ships. In 1881, the anarchist congress in London, was represented both the Ottomans and Egypt. Errico Malatesta, not only Egyptian Federation, at the same time and is the delegate of the anarchist organization in Istanbul.

This is even more data to be discovered in the history of this particular section and literally shows that the need to re-evaluate. Especially across the Mediterranean basin and Europe and internationalist anarchism movement, the work focuses on the relationship between anarchism and workers' movement in Turkey in particular we have more need to continue.

Dario Antonelli from Italy Anarchist Federation
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