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(en) Turkey, DAF - Meydan #23 - Of Revolutionary Anarchists: Rojav Revolution and Kobana Resistance (tr) [machine translation

Date Sun, 28 Dec 2014 11:55:38 +0200

Social revolution of the effect is not limited to the impact of the revolution in their struggle against political and economic power in the regions where it occurs. To understand the impact they create in different geographies, this effect is important in terms of view with intellectual and practical changes. Kobani'yi Resistance widely spoken as the good, to start the Rojav Revolution discussed in terms of going to see that this is what the effect is gaining more importance. ---- The state and capitalism in the face of what is happening in Rojava take the stance and attack, this is a case in point is expected. But we also need to return to the domestic debate in our face public opposition. Likewise, where debates are, to understand what the impact of Rojava point needs to be emphasized that an important stopover.

Since the beginning of the process, to understand Rojava of comrades from different geographies, resistance, good attitude towards ownership of; Since a long time, so we are not accustomed to seeing this in an organized manner was important to remember that international solidarity. Thus, we experienced once again that solidarity is our greatest weapon.

In this case consisting of solidarity among anarchists in Kobani'yi resistance good, so much was inevitable between anarchists all over the world to the agenda.

Anarchist organizations and groups in different geographies, rising thoughts on this agenda is to express in different media. Part of this assessment, especially Rojav Revolution and incorrect and incomplete information about the Kobani'yi Resistance whereas, on the other hand are dealt with reductionist perspective.

Different regions of the anarchist organization can develop different perspectives but keep in mind that there may be comments; political criticism of a people's struggle struggling for existence in war conditions, this can not be done independently from the need to remember again. These criticisms, if taking shape with certain generalizations made by a certain bias, thinking about the fairness of this critique ...

First you need to specify the following; Rojav Kobani'yi DireniÅi'yl Revolution and established a relationship of solidarity is not an emotional relationship. Because anarchist organizations, solidarity relations "sympathy" for eating dayandÄrmaz. These relationships, a political perspective as density and strategies carried out in this direction is planned to be developed in parallel. Therefore, solidarity and struggle of ownership is not far from objectivity.

Some of the reviews, the mainstay of the criticism against the PKK, while trying to be associated with the party's past political tradition, "free municipality" in the best applied to fully be the realization of political change and criticism of the Kurdish Freedom Movement as being nationalist essence for the location and perspective at the moment is found Attempting to create a bias. All this while, with incomplete information in a way consciously or unconsciously trying to based on this bias. One of the Kurdish Freedom Movement is not a claim that he is an anarchist movement. Therefore, the evaluation of the practical implementation of the alleged missing or incorrect, it is important to do in this regard. On the other hand, a people's movement "state and critique of capitalism" which is so much care can not be ignored in terms of anarchists. This issue only Bookchinc "free municipality" s not restricted. Movement, the relationship of anarchism and theoretical sense, given as a reference different from Bakunin, Kropotkin many comrades; comment from a wide perspective could improve the problematic state. On the other hand, this idea also poured practice; libertarian, communal and became a non-functioning of the center. This information, rather than citations from articles or books that share the same struggle against the political organization is based on a knowledge of each other observations.

The cessation of the situation occurring in Rojava what Assad, what were caused by the alleged agreement with global powers. Rojava in two and a half years before the actual big transformation, the Middle East, the political mobilization of the two opposite poles (the junta sequelae are-conservative Democrats) took place in a conjuncture where forced to choose one's government. Rojav to, in the Middle East geography "of spring" at a time when returned to winter, it spreads all over the people of these two poles is to create their own solutions.

Life restructured in Rojava structure decentralized of the social mechanism tried to create is devletsizlig made the insistent emphasis on the production-consumption-distribution relations in as far a way from capitalism to organize occurs, the self-organization to act as guarantor in maintaining social functioning, three cantons in the commune of the individual with the decision-making process the importance of the functioning of the commune consists of shapes; one can not deny that in our age. Especially a person subject ANARCHIST to bet that this operation, how can deny that it is a promising experience in order to replicate similar examples in different regions?

Let us again for comrades who insist on understanding. The current operation is not an attempt to claim that this is an anarchist operation. However, anarchistic character in Rojava functioning, social revolution will be happy anarchists who fought for. This happiness, our political goals away from romanticism, our strategy in such a system is to understand the relation that live in such an age.

Stateless society practices, social revolution, one can not argue that it is negative for the anarchist struggle. Similar practices taking place in different geographies, develop in their original conditions. This is the original fight to reduce the importance of saying that is not compatible with anarchist principles, based on the theoretical arrogance and to demonstrate the practice of a lack of understanding of anarchism. Anarchists get rid of this way of thinking that leads to failing in different regions of the static position of the movement, anarchism is a way of thinking that reduces the intellectual effort.

More reason to be skeptical when searched, the reasons can be created. However, this cause to question the reality of the relationship, it is important at every point. Kurdish Freedom Movement is wrong to try to define as a nationalist movement. These and similar definitions, act by ignoring the transformation; is tantamount to claiming that continue the old political structures. With no data regarding how the operation, a perspective which is critical articles about the movement only source of information is extremely problematic. Because a significant portion of this criticism is voiced by statist mentality and extensions. Healthy criticism is made by observation and experienced of political practice. Every criticism away from geography and practicality, it contains within itself the danger of orientalism.

Is not functioning and the movement in Rojava anarchistic already mentioned. In particular, the freedom struggle of Mesopotamia in the centuries formed the Kurdish people struggling away from the historicity of this is discussed is another shortcoming. On behalf of ideological correctness away from reality, the ongoing struggle of a people who for centuries worthless; to fulfill their responsibilities not only revolutionary, well that should see whom fall into the same wall.

Class shallow way to detect the perspective of social struggles to make sense to work with a purely economic struggle is put between the hierarchy and struggle of the oppressed. Indirgeyip only oppressed workers, ignores the rest of understanding power relations, which contradicts the history of the anarchist movement. Anarchism's revolutionary history; oppressed economically, is full of political and social struggle. The movement different centuries to ignore the impact of Europe from the Far East to the liberation struggle of Asian people, this effect is supplying class struggle in South America to add to the assessment of the practical, the anarchist movement means to ignore the holistic structure.

Through the process we are going through is nature litmus paper. Understand the emotions involved in the struggle of the oppressed existence, theoretically suitable for the mission of the fall mercilessly criticize the experience of going to a stateless society perspectives of, directly or indirectly, where it is obvious that equivalent fall.

Psychics are not; After a month or we do not know what will happen in Rojava after one year. Close to the revolutionary struggle in giving social geography, which not only gave us hope, nourish our struggle in the region in the fight against this social transformation at the same time we give, we do not go on more negative or a positive way. But we have a revolutionary anarchists. We can not just sit on the sidelines comment that follow; take place in the social struggle anarchist revolution we fight for.

Hooray Rojav Revolution!

Hooray Kobani'yi Resistance!

Long live the Revolutionary Anarchism!
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