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(en) Anarchist Opinion. Against a new genocide in Gaza ... With the struggle and resistance always !! by Uruguayan Anarchist Federation - FAU (ca, pt) [machine translation

Date Sat, 23 Aug 2014 11:20:07 +0300

History repeats itself. Here again as bloody horror and one with more of the same. We have already given our opinion and remarks, quite similar to that of today, in very similar opportunities. The underlying theme remains the same. ---- Daily production of criminal horror of the Israeli state ---- Our deep repudiation of the genocide in Gaza ---- For the everyday abuses and outrages the suffering Palestinian people these bloodbaths sum periodically. ---- The images and produce daily news chills, pain, hurt the sensitivity decualquier well worn. Children and mothers buried in rubble. Families enterassepultadas you with house and everything in neighborhoods demolished by fire in bulk. Palestinians bombed relentlessly.

They are brutal scenes and it hurts. Wow that hurts. Again and again by sea, air and land Israeli deadly weapons dump their loads on Gazans. Blood and death runs continuously. Families can not cope in mourn their dead. The panic, the helplessness of an entire defenseless population is terrible. Esel unleashed pandemonium in pride, racism and contempt for the lives of the people in Gaza quevive. It is Palestinian and Arab and life does not matter. They are "collateral" effects .To the beast are not people, are things that should be drawn from this earth where it should be the chosen race. A superb killer covers high technology that puts distance greater dangers. Largan a hellish, sophisticated, military power against a defenseless population.

The deliberate, planned vengeance knows no bounds and statements, speeches accompanying crimenmasivo are almost unbelievable for the absurd, liar, childish and bestial. Losnuevos "Aryans" and despise the intelligence of the people of the world. But this is wrong ugly.

Hundreds of children killed, maimed another quantity or seriously injured. From July 8 to August hoy2 have killed more than 1,700 Palestinians under the bombs of which were civilians over 75%. The wounded are more than 8,900. Testimonies describe many hours of Israeli bombardments "massive and indiscriminate, it is difficult to survive," "Children make up 30 percent of civilian casualties," said the UN agency for children UNICEF: "Between 08 July and August 2, 2014, were at least 296 Palestinian children killed as a result of air strikes and shelling by Israel air, naval and ground forces.
More than 1,670 Palestinians in the enclave of Gaza have been killed since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge last month, aimed at stopping militant rocket launching.
Most of the dead were civilians, and more than 8,900 injured.
Israel has lost hundreds of soldiers, while two civilians and a Thai worker have also died.

Some areas of the district Shiyaiya, where some 100,000 people live are destroyed by Israeli bombing. To the south, some farming towns like Zanna and Juza cemeteries are dozens of families, seniors, children, women, trapped in the rubble of their homes or their farms. Some survivors say with deep anguish, "I have killed everything."

In the northern town BeitHanÃn, the ravages almost equal to those of Shiyaiya. In some apples no stone is left unturned. The meager public and private infrastructure of Gaza were ruined by bombing. They burned shops, collapsed power lines and destroyed the water supply and transport routes. According to UN estimates, Israel has destroyed more than 3,700 homes. 4,200 other damage. The bombs hit at least 133colegios and 22 health centers. In the most devastated places. Po both sides rotten under the ruins, bodies decompose and murderer fire continues.

There is no security in any place, that's the message bestial, and death isa permanent invited every family home and various institutions. To say this is Dante would decirnada.

Parents with the bodies of their dead or mutilated children walk the streets of Gaza. Their faces are a mask of pain and no tears can produce. Schools, hospitals, UN shelters, mosques, ambulances flying through the air with every human being who is there.

And the killings continue to increase day by day. Also hate and resistance that suffering and outraged population.

Supports imperial friend, his true face

USA announced Wednesday that Israel has been restocked with ammunition that occurred shortly after an Israeli slaughter against a UN school in Gaza and a market.

"America is determined to ensure Israel's security and it is crucial to American national interests to help Israel develop and maintain a strong self-defense capability and reactive," said John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman said in a statement.
"This arms sales is consistent with these goals," he estimated.
Part of ammunition come from a store that has the American Army in Israel for use by the Israeli army in emergencies and that have a value of about 1,000 million dollars (746 million euros).
Meanwhile, the Senate approved $ 225 million to resupply Israel with missile Iron Dome system.

So the terrorist state of Israel, the partner of USA, which also has lacomplicidad of many other states and international organizations articulated its purpose remains dominant elpoder displacement or extermination of Palestinians. All this without really any hint of the aforementioned Western and Christian "humanism" that its systemic asomeen universe full of cruelty that seems limitless.

The double standards are the order of the day. There are several policy statements to cover any action images and opinions expressed accordingly with not equally "moderate" pass. Vague and hypocritical human rights and international rights references, terms, except as to put some of that ideology that requires the system to function and reproduce.

What is truly followed closely by these forces is the political cost, the overall effect on various points, that this situation is causing brutal world. Effect has enesos level populations puzzles geopolitical power has structured. As the Jewish state has found unexpected resistance and duration of genocide may bring unintended consequences. Among other things until Hamas can emerge stronger in this instance.

The Jewish state belongs to advanced capitalism, is part of the imperialist structure deturno has his delirious ambitions and weapons you want, including the atomic bomb, to pursue their expansive projects and insensitive use of Arabic as it considers enemy. It is known, such a mechanism does not have to be sensitive. SudinÃmica has nothing to do with those values ââor feelings. It is the capitalist system with its true face as often camouflaged, are the handful of rich and powerful, with various mechanisms and institutions move their power to make the entire social fabric. They belong to the configuration of this stage of the system where cruelty has no limits to it invades countries, murders people, throws misery crowds. Where it is less and less with more and more is less. Yes, in this context the Isreali power structure is one of the advanced.

The Nazi syndrome in the terrorist state of Israel. The nazisionismo.

No little has been said about the Stockholm Syndrome, that which refers to a hijacked somehow terminaidentificÃndose her abductor. The Jewish population suffered the inerrant to the Nazis was the Holocaust, concentration camps, crematoriums loshornos. Repudiate all that deeply. But today this Estadoque is presented as representative of those victims who deserved the solidarity of the world does the same practices dequienes remembered as victimizers.

Even enhanced as refers to cruel. It has mÃsinstrumentos death, killing almost done with impunity, has lukewarm support or cynical criticism of powerful "democratic" states. Even with several Arab complicity muchosEstados. Yes, the current Jewish state improved his Nazi teacher has, they say, "freedom of speech" inside. Never mind that this so-called "freedom" to be manipulated, that fundamental meansof communication belong to the rich and powerful. No matter quetoda one molded mesh ideological views and manufactured racial hatred for predisponera his people against the "dreaded terrorist enemy." But unlike his teacher does not need concentration camps boys, take a city and its people and transform it into a concentration camp in the ghetto; noprecisan have their crematoria and phosphorous bombs to burn and massacre their "enemies." They look the same "final solution", that it is not if a Palestinian or Arab enemigoni to show possible.

The political background, since the occupation of the Palestinian territories, which has been fundamentally Vice Knesset proposes: -ExpulsiÃn population of gaza to Sinai; done via an attack with greater force and against all and without consideration. -Implement Siege to prevent any entry and exit. -Attacking human shields. 'Once conquered the population that has not yet gone will be ejected. -Gaza Will become part of the Israeli state and will be repopulated by Jews.

La, her powerful, twinned in a common sentiment and interest and practice in historical context esteotro a very similar strategy to that of the Nazis have suespecificidad. Israeli ruling class It is more consistent cruelly as it pertains to this stage of capitalism desarrollodel and singular behavior of imperialism. A imperialism sibien its hard core has not changed itself has been coated with tÃcnicoscientÃficos enormous progress and has thrown overboard, as far as it is possible, everything quemejora living conditions of the poor of the world. Those conditions nofueron given away but fought and conquered every inch and stained sangreobrera both popular and social terrain.

The logic of Jack the Ripper and the Holocaust Industry
The ideological and proud to cover terrorist outrages.

The State of Israel, its government and all his accomplices, invent speeches quepretenden be "common sense" to convince unsuspecting, complacent ytambiÃn for those who have not followed or know the history of atrocities committed against them and invasionespor territories today fire and shrapnel phosphorus retained. International and national media to disseminate these ideological discourses with repetition and biased information to form an opinion contrary to what happens or what happens naturally becomes:

That the genocidal aggressor and defender becomes legitimate violence against the enemy

That is a war against terrorism and not bombing civilians.

'I suffered more than anyone and have the right to anything.

I am the good and the bad of them.

I have a just and sublime cause that justifies everything.

That which criticizes the current policy is anti-Semitic is terrorism.

Just about this anti-Semitism today they can not cast the first stone. The Palestinian people who have been driving, fighting and killing is the Semitic people of the territory. So the Jewish state has had an anti-Semitic practice since 1948 that destroyed 500 villages and expelled all its inhabitants.

No less a figure than reiterate some students of this issue: "Zionists have provided up to 64 laws against native (Semitic) Palestine, missing his land to nearly 5 million Palestinians, not recognizing as citizens who bear the colonialism, not allowing the return to their land of those who were expelled. "

It is mentioned above that uses the catalog to the Jewish state and its allies or those who feel the need to say something but mean as little as possible and legitimize a little step slaughter.

Crean exclusion where these discourses left as just a set of legitimate aim palabrasque are indisputable. They are the words and concepts that are comunespor repetition and a "standing" meticulously crafted. This intentanimpedir any analysis that produces a distinct know what happens. With esalÃgica Jack also could have articulated a discourse of "common sense" to susprÃcticas. Jack may not want his mother and her parents ugly stick together. Loque imply that if I was given crematoria cremarpueblos I have right to dismember human beings. The same might say Armenians, Gypsies, our indigenous people and others who have suffered holocausts. Not good logic and estimates that no rigorously vezanalizada share.

Moreover we are not facing those human beings who both suffered and who deserved and still deserve greater solidarity and human consideration. No, we are not facing those people who suffered in those infamous ghettos, we have a power structure that makes industry suffering deserves another and deeper consideration. This structure of power, international influence, with its famous lobbies to the head, which among other things financed election campaigns of both parties in the United States itself heirs of a suffering that have no experience designate themselves. Have not had a broken nail and if immense power and wealth and unscrupulous maneuver on that past and based on his own a license to kill feel you can provide them with more and more power and wealth. They are those who have transformed the Holocaust in an industry. Of course we are not referring here to the Jewish people itself, much less to that minority who have taken to the streets to protest against the murderous policies of their government and therefore were repressed. We refer to the existing power structure with the head privileged classes are those who have been riding with fine architecture and enormous means that industry gradually to achieve the Holocaust from her infamous abuses and benefits bastards.

Despite ideological alosmontajes information to lasmentiras half-truths or not ultimately confuse people.

The economic and political power possessed by the state of Israel, both within and elsewhere, more ideological terrorism that is explicit or implicit in his speeches, is played by trying to prevent opposition or rejection of your polÃticabelicista, butcher, colonialist and imperial. They use anti-Semitism and other historical moment tantorepugna to accuse anyone with that sentiment to reject what they are doing. It is already a well-worn appeal but still giving some results, especially at government agencies in much of the world. Supports hypocrisy, cynicism and double standards.

It is a demagogic use also tries to intimidate. In these popular repudiation born background best nohay feelings Semitism but human sensitivity and desire for justice. Do not run with elponcho of this demagogic, opportunistic anti-Semitism, and deep human feeling of so many people and much of that has already won muchospueblos Street repudiating barbarism.

There is talk of truce and peace by usurpers. A truce and peace daughter of political calculations and trying to keep untouched oppression. What real peace can be achieved with this belligerent attitude, invasive, criminal, ruthless occupying by force of arms the territories of its neighbors and that controls and maintains in misery every day of the year the daily life of people. That tries to expel the Palestinians from their native lands, murders galore and organized everything so that the essentials of life to the people who are there and want to place missing.

No doubt, whatever the short-term result, it appears that in one way or another, popular resistance and struggle will continue in the tiempo.Su day will come for this brave and suffering people.

Today we are all Palestinians.

Against all forms of oppression.

With the self-determination

With the struggle and resistance forever!

Uruguayan Anarchist Federation - August 3, 2014
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