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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Marco Sazzetti (ex-UTCL): "We had entered the winter years" (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 14:16:28 +0300

AL editions have published all Right! , a collection of articles on the right turn of the 1980s. Published in 1985 in the columns of monthly libertarian communist Fight! , these texts are a useful homecoming evils present. Meeting with their author, Marco Sazzetti, who responded to Alternative libertarian issues. ---- In 1985, Marco Candore ("Sazzetti") is a teacher and activist of the Union of Libertarian Communists (UTCL) since 1979. After participating in the AL foundation in 1991, it is now a member of the editorial board of Chimera review schizoanalyses founded by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, and runs a blog, Silence speaks. ---- What made you decide in 1985 to address you on the rightward political life? ---- Marco: The early 1980s were marked by a milestone. Several elements have laid the foundations. Firstly, the second half of the 70s was marked by the neoliberal offensive against the neo-conservative revolution (Reagan, Thatcher & co), and at the international level. In France, we will attend various ideological and media operations, whose primary importance is undoubtedly the "new philosophers" in 1977 with BHL Glucksmann, and some other ex-sixty-huitards "repented". Human rights and "democracy" become the alpha and omega of political thought on moral grounds, devoting capitalism and parliamentary democracy as insurmountable.

While the scope of May 68 was partially out of breath and that the trade union landscape remains dominated by appliances Mitterrand came to power in 1981, with denials and rallies that follow. The "Le Pen phenomenon" to 1982-1983, is part of this background. All conjugated creates this rightward. "The imaginary cowboy" culture "winner", then take a considerable place, individualising social relations. Faced with the advance of the great reactionary movement, we had to react.

Yes, because the left in power...


Well it was not that at all! However, the socialist project of 1980-1981 happen today for a leftist firebrand. But left the government will not only waive: mired in the management of capitalism, it will literally gut and join the Thatcherite There is no alternative.

The paradox is that we then still marked by 68, which is not so far away. In 81, the hypothesis of a "spillover by struggles" did not seem entirely far-fetched. This is not what happened. We had entered the "winter years" spoken Félix Guattari. The first half of the 1980s was a disaster. Some words - class struggle, the proletariat... - became incongruous and "Newspeak" neoliberal hammered minds. Of course, there have been anti-racist mobilization of 1983-1984, there were strikes of 1986-1987 have loosened the grip (and the creation of SUD PTT is connected)... But then in these years movements vitality of 60-70 years has stalled. And one of the reasons that perpetuate this "bath fascist" in which we are still, it is the denial of voting rights to immigrants es.

Can also make a link between the invention of the "immigration problem" and the breakthrough of the FN?

Marco: The emergence of Le Pen is for me totally related to the return of the repressed of the colonial period, including the war in Algeria. On issues of immigration, racism, colonialism, revolutionary militants were in the minority. In 1954, there are two currents undertake alongside Algerian independence: the Trotskyists and libertarian communists. In front, the ruling Socialists repress and Mitterrand their interior minister!

In the 70s, the struggles of immigrant workers were mainly supported by the extreme left and Christians left currents. PS, PC, this colonial past was not revisited. Colonialism is a real plague his great strength is the ability to hope proletarian white, male, "many among us," there was, beneath it, the Black, the Arab, the colonized. We'll see in 1980 a bulldozer driven by a PCF mayor destroying a hotbed of immigrant...

It certainly currently electoral reasons which led the government to allow left to say and do Le Pen, but not only is it more complex and profound: the PCF was the first to speak of "tolerance"! Mauroy, Socialist Prime Minister condemn strikes immigrants OS Talbot treating them as "Iranian clerics." At the same time the media gave the floor to the Pen before each election on its own land and issues.

What do you think of the current period?

Marco: It is paradoxical, highly contradictory. You can not minimize the fascist radicalism expressed today in the "PROTESTS for all", the "French Spring" and other "day of rage"... but could hardly believe that gay marriage is as a letter to mail, and especially that "rightward", these regressive tendencies are not found, sooner or later... in the street. It was bound to be some resistance reactionaries.

To paraphrase Daniel Guérin, but also and especially the state of decay of critical thinking and strategic weakness of the social movement that leverage it. However, if "the merits of the air is brown", "real society" is it so "droitisée"? It is not so simple. What is certain is that the institutional discourse and political action them, are widely: the FN has managed to polarize the political debate on his own ground. The resistors are still there, but fragmented. The issue, to me it seems, is to take this course, go beyond resistance. Out years of winter, go on the offensive.

Interview by Theo Rival (AL Orleans)

Marco Sazzetti, Right all! The turn of the 1980s , Alternative libertarian editions, 2013 8 euros.

In columns Fight! , it is under the name of Lola Cosmetic Marco Sazzetti pushed his rants.

But who are you, Lola Cosmetic?

"I am tempted to answer: "Nobody. I'm nobody " , citing Pessoa in The Book of intranquilité. A nickname as they say. For a particular pen. A female pseudonym for a becoming-woman perhaps. To humor, to offset the seriousness of the case activist: the revolution, it should be joyful. And besides, it is, when the event is there, even in the greatest difficulties, there is the joy of the assault from the sky. To the barricades, hearts and souls, then! "

Lola (Marco) Cosmetic
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