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(en) Spain, CNT -Valladolid expresses outright rejection of the impending attack on Syria (ca, pt) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:46:52 +0300

Again using the excuse of humanitarian interventionism recurring Western powers with the United States to head out to destroy a country , this time Syria , reducing their infrastructure to ashes just as we have seen recently in Libya or Iraq. ---- The result of all this will not be none other than the aggravation to new heights of suffering of the civilian population, who ultimately suffer the destruction of the electrical infrastructure, drinking water, roads and communications as we have seen in previous interventions. Once again the media trained like parrots repeat the lies of the military press indicating that the attack was " surgical area " military targets ---- Civilians again (this time in Syria) will not have access to electricity, its operating theaters may not operate, their hospitals will struggle to get medicine with roads and bridges destroyed, and that without racial difficulties intensified once the fighting rebels AL- QAEDA backed look .

The same applies to food. The civilians inevitably die of starvation and without medical attention and will not have access to drinking water . This does not include the usual "collateral damage" , the civilian casualties that will produce the intervention itself in itself and that the military labeled a "mistakes" . There is also a high risk that the Western powers bomb chemical weapons depots to attack military installations which would cause an unprecedented catastrophe similar to a large-scale chemical attack .
This and no other is the truth of the result of military intervention as much as the biased media and the military with their press liars intend to convince us otherwise . It is important to remember that in previous months when we would hear news about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria ( Aleppo area ) and the Obama administration began releasing its threats of military intervention with this pretext dissenting voices raised some important that have been overlooked by the mainstream media .
One example was former prosecutor Carla del Ponte International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and current member of the Commission of Inquiry on Syria UN in an interview in May on a Swiss radio stated that : " [ ... ] as we have found so far, are the opponents of the regime who have used sarin gas " " [1 ] .
If the United States has evidence of use of chemical weapons in Syria should be presented to the Commission of Inquiry of the UN or the Security Council and not try to justify a war based on a report offour pages ! that can not be described in any other way than as a child in the best case . And more than one intervention reminiscent of Colin Powell to the UN to justify the 2003 Iraq war with that despicable power point presentation of the " doodles " mobile truck Iraqi chemical weapons proved false after the war. Do not fall into the same dirty game !
In short this is the same script liar in Bosnia , Kosovo and Iraq with attacks on civilians by the side that benefits from military intervention to justify the alleged possession ( in the case of Iraq ) or use of chemical weapons ( such as Syria ) .
And this ... For what reason ? What are the real reasons lie behind the intervention and do not have our media ?
Behind the intervention actually just hide economic and geopolitical interests linked to a plan of destabilization and reconfiguration of a Middle East that is serving American interests .
To carry out the Western powers support terrorist groups and mercenaries , Islamic fundamentalists, many of them affiliated with AL- QAEDA such as Al- Nusra Front . So in many cases we see Libyan or Saudi foreign fighters in Syria committing atrocities , atrocities that include kidnappings , beheadings and executions by disembowelments made ââ public even to strike terror or killing civilians just trying to blame the regime or scare people .
So the rebels are funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to pay mercenaries and fundamentalists and drug gorge themselves for combat, while guns are supplied from Israel and Turkey. Thus Saudi Arabia and Israel is out of the way a state opposite to its interests in the region. In the case of Israel are left without support from Syria to Hizbullah in Lebanon and annoying in the case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar destroy economic and religious enemy , because the Syrian government is Alawite Shia minority and facilitate the next step which is the attack on Iran , its main commercial competitor , cultural , political and religious .
Meanwhile the United States more favorably being closer to cut energy resources it needs China's economy to grow and that now is in Iran .
On the way to destroy a country , but there was nothing democratic , however if it was a secular country and an example of peaceful coexistence between different religions and ethnic groups: Christians , Sunnis , Shiites and even Jews coexisted without clashes in Syria.
For all this from CNT -Valladolid say :
! NO WAR !

AND NOT Neoliberalism , Colonialism and Fundamentalism RELIGION AGAINST SYRIA OR COUNTRIES


If you want to know more about it you can find plenty of information at the following links :
[1] http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2013/05/06/internacional/1367823655.html
[2 ] Love and Rage No. 66 : Syria. Neoliberalism, Colonialism and fundamentalism against an uncomfortable state : http://revistaamoryrabia.blogspot.com.es/
[3 ] Bulletin WEAPONS AGAINST WAR : What is really happening in Syria ? : http://www.ciaramc.org/
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