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(en) Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG - Texts read in a public Action 17/10 (pt)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 19 Oct 2013 14:19:51 +0300

"The texts of FAG that were read in a public Action 17/10 and are published on our website with the solidarity texts of the organizations of the CAB and our sister organization Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU)." It's not dead who fights!" ---- BEFORE AND AFTER JUNE ---- * Situation analysis deals upon the public on FAG 17/10/2013. --- At the beginning of the year 2013 began to gain a new configuration for this country, a new boundary record of fighting popular protests initially small, but clearly won right away the sympathy of a large majority of the workers and oppressed in general this friendliness that characterizes the people's discontent with their living conditions, by their most basic rights such as health, education and transportation denied by top (government, employers, media corporative).

Initially the struggles were the reduction of the passages, with popular pressure increased on the streets and the organization based in the various work of dialogue with the people, occupation of terminals, and trancaÃos marches culminated in a winning spot, but collective, which was reduced the absurd increase in bus fare in this town (which follows passage with a value absurdity is good stress). Contrary to accuse certain propagandists who seek to escape the popular action to customize and channeling electoral victory, this was not an achievement of staff, but thousands of people who came screaming by the force of the streets "if the passage increase Porto Alegre will stop "and Porto Alegre immersed in a flurry not witnessed more than a decade, literally stopped! There was the forceful mobilization of the masses that block Fights for Public Transport was able to shake the lawsuit against the increase would have moldy rotten drawers in the judiciary.

Adherence to the marches began to be present in the streets, since we were no longer "half a dozen" of militants, many more people were with us, after all this has always been the goal that put us right from the start, that movement is filled with people with wanted to fight, young people, many young gentlemen and ladies and children, workers, unemployed, began to win the municipal palace in the concentrations of the acts that helped build.

The staff already stretched, it was not only require reduced passages, another transport model began to be debated, the free pass an agenda that is already in the ancient city is now also one of the demands. Neither these struggles began to appear from nowhere. Over the past 10 years in numerous cities youth and low-mobilized and fought against gouging the public transportation, going out on a few occasions victorious. Likewise, indigenous and workers of the PAC, came the signaling path of a relentless struggle against the top.

Amidst this embryonic process where numerous companions, the most distinguished provenances political / ideological, where we are fortunate to include us, contributed with their efforts, mostly silent, behold, we had an act marked by repression by the defenders of State. Soon the city felt the power that has people outraged when this is the account that is being attacked and solidarity warms those who fall arrested for fighting. In the historic April 1, marched through the streets of this city a column of thousands of people, a march which reached number greater than ten thousand, thousands marching with their yearnings screaming posters and banners, thousands who may never before have if added to any manifestation whatever it was, however have not had the right dimension than would arise in the country overall.

Soon to presenciarmos demonstrations in several cities that gradually began to impose a new force in the game of Brazilian politics, now with the low rising his fist at the ready, freaking powerful. Goiania, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and many other cities witnessed a sea of ââpeople taking to the streets and not coincidentally suffering the cowardly police repression by the state promptly sought to meet the demands of employers and media corporative and try for the end struggles that showed one suffocated popular uprising contained between the low. However, the repression with donkey on water gave! As in Porto Alegre, was from the police repression that the movement turned massive, channeled the outrage against the cowardice of a state increasingly police and moved on, which led from above to revise their tactics. If, at first tactic was to urge the repression and stigmatization of fights, given the failure of such historical tactics, the top, mainly through their instruments of ideological struggle, corporative media, began to seek to co-opt the struggles, introducing guidelines artificial and increasingly devoid of content, conspiring against the left in acts and trying to turn them into "civic parades." We can say that in Porto Alegre was not easy to get hold of the right manifestations because we were organized to address the attempt to co-opt it and managed to secure the stamp classist and combative that aim from the beginning.

When they were no longer "a handful" of militants, but a strong movement and a catalyst for popular demands, being able to get around the offensive at the top of frustrating our struggles, we then become even more convicted by the media of coup duty, reinforced if attempts to distortion and factoids cowardly planted in newsrooms in order to trigger a psychological war against the popular uprising that began to assert itself from north to south. Our marches were attacked several times, we were harassed and persecuted, tear gas began to be constant brand, as well as rubber bullets, the tear gas, the tortures that BM committed the streets, police stations and police vans, prisons and arbritÃrias random people who were literally hunting the streets.

The months of June and July marked a before and after in this country, with the arrival on the scene of a new generation of fighters, demonstrating conviction and strength to move on, though facing repression. Not enough media in the service of the capitalist, right angriest this country with fascist traits, found in the state and federal governments, the command of PT is shown an executioner of militant ideologies, specifically anarchist. Tarsus was the government / PT, the fury of pleasing the mainstream press had its police raid the headquarters of our organization twice in less than 04 months, the first in June, say in passing illegally and learning " broad anarchist literature "according to the head of the Civil Police Ranolfo Vieira Jr., now affiliated with the mayor Fortunatti PDT. Until today not return all materials and attempted intimidation, go to the house of one of our members and deliver three of several books stolen.

The governor's speech Genro going to publish after this episode is vile, puts the anarchist ideology as equivalent to fascism, believes that the actions of revolt and indignation that will hit the streets is the responsibility of our ideals that incite protest, as we should be held responsible for what governments and elites planted for years and years, such as hunger, poverty, social injustice, the precariousness of labor relations and public services, the massacre of the poor black youth, the State criminal, imprisonment, torture and disappearance for the poor.

Then passed the great mobilizations, criminalization becomes stronger. It was our understanding that they had processes that were running loose against militants, there was already drawn an action of condemnation of political militancy. It was not long and begin to arrest us, as was the case of / the teacher / the, fellow fighters who were arrested in a sting of "flagrant" after an act of Block Fights. In less than a week, such a delegate Garden, known for turning a blind eye to the activities of neo-Nazi groups in the city, concluded the farce indicting them for plundering, aggression and crime by environmental depredation of heritage buildings. The ongoing conspiracy was wide open when their names and photos were released enthusiastically by RBS and its hyenas.

Not far from this episode on October 1 political spaces related social libertarian as Black Mill, and as stated above for the second time our space Athenaeum Libertarian, also other militants involved in the fight, as the compas of Utopia and Struggle, and militants PSOL and PSTU had their homes raided and robbed by police were also employed civil government Tarsus / PT. Once we had access to the survey who rode civilian police, then we can be sure of persecution political ideological already strides, an investigation worthy of mockery, without concrete evidence, where research elements are the colors of flags and their formats. In this desperate attempt to find leaders, heads of the prize by the government and its repressive apparatus promote a real witch hunt in the city. Boasts that negotiates with the parties, not knowing the actions of PC. But we know and accuse it as yet another maneuver to cause a rift in the movement.

Do not get carried away by blackmail from above! Do not be intimidated, not demobilize: surround solidarity all fighters!

In mainstream media, be it provincial or national scapegoat who today seek a frothy hatred in framing laws against organized crime and national security, clear traces of civil-military dictatorship, has been named: anarchists, masked thugs! A smokescreen to stifle righteous uprising of a people who have dared to put a stop to their miserable condition and the viewer corrupt political game that decides the default from below. The crackdown has claimed a growing force. Isolate and direct persecution of the most militant sectors, though these are little or no organic blackmail reformist / electioneering in order to isolate the most radicalized sectors, presenting themselves as responsible and not promoters of "turmoil" has proved to be a shrewd trick of the enemy. It creates a vicious cycle where no lack vacillating and even scammers to cede to blackmail the enemy every grip that suffer, reiterating increasingly their innocence, their responsibility and of course, taking the bait the enemy to condemn those who still sometimes subject to numerous strategic and tactical mistakes are often doing their first experience of political confrontation with the above. Represent, above all, a new generation willing to fight for out of the game given by the above: elections, parties recorded in TSE getting their proper dues of the bourgeois state (the party fund) and contributions from many areas of the employer.

The development of repression in these levels, with the approval of an alleged party of the left, "progressive" is not news to anyone familiar with the policies of the same class conciliation. The social pact invariably walks toward conservatism and reaction. Demobilization and co-opts important sectors of struggle and organization from below, sometimes up to destroy them by the high degree of cooptation and bureaucratization. Leaves a legacy of a void by organizing from below, capable of playing a schedule left, while consistently collaborates with the above and your organizational tools. Electing scapegoats and unleash a fierce crackdown struggles to flee the control policy of the social pact is a milestone that reformism that is able to achieve even minimal reforms. However, assume unhesitatingly your post history be the prelude to fascism.

Follow stating that what is put in the current scenario is not a controversy between "x Marxists anarchists" as many seek to imply a positive signal to the blackmail of the above. What is the current historical moment is the defending fighters against repression and criminalization. Do not choose the ideological and historical aspects of low-to whom be supportive, this orientation that goes against a pernicious sectarianism and tragic that seeks only to defend "their".

We are an organization that has 18 years of history and struggle, always being together and being part of the oppressed, organizing low, bringing in all modesty our grain of sand in the construction of popular power.

And on this ground we played live and act, we want to reaffirm our commitment to continue fighting because our ideas can not be killed or chained! Because the dream for freedom and social justice is not a dream you dream alone! Because prisons do not intimidate! Because only fuels our pursuit of following pugnacious ganas! Why not hold their peace in the face of any injustice! Because the canopy is not going to have to depend on us! Because we will continue talking about freedom, socialism and anarchism at all costs! Because the struggle of indigenous and maroon is also our fight! Because education workers are our companions! Because all the fighting we have in outstretched hands and shoulders solidarity!

Because they are our enemies and fight against them until the long awaited social revolution! Because fighters Rio de Janeiro today face a police state further developed, as in any other corner of this country are not alone!

Why yes we are companions and fellow Anarchists!!!


Closing remarks of the act

Health compas! Despite being the act of an anarchist political organization, with his speech, their own lines and militant culture, we believe that this is a special situation that touches everyone and all who fight not to belittle, to break sectarianism and toast class solidarity, above the partisan differences. Them feel part of this Act all social fighters pursued with all our respect and take a place among our brotherhood and libertarian socialist.

Against privilege and injustice, slavery and brutality ARE Anarchists, have synthesized the maximum of our old Bakunin.

But who are the anarchist militants? Asked the special report of Zero Time of day June 29, more than a week after it is operated 1st raid the local Libertarian Athenaeum.

Now, we are workers of different professions and sectors, skilled, precarious or unemployed, fathers, mothers, sons of the people, students. We are also young people who make a choice to take the class and against all political domination, economic and cultural side of the oppressed. Those who helped and came to the start from the bottom and form the block that took the lead in historical mass struggles April and June in Porto Alegre and spilled across the country. Those who do not agree there, that were already winding up for years in the guidelines that defend the right city for the poor. And by the way gentlemen, we have no preference for the color of the clothes, we dress as giving as we can. The stereotype and caricature, despite the insistence, no glue marks on our backs.

That pearl of page 11, June 29, Mr. Zero Hour. Humberto Trezzi called a headline to tell who the anarchists did a paragraph raffling buzzwords findings overlooked by facebook, wikipedia or google search and soon became the place of craft in the chronic police. Matter was awarded the factoid from an interview with anonymous activist, an ode to stupidity to envy the worst and most scabrous See newsrooms.

The discourse on criminal anarchism is not a surprise. The scarecrow is historically recurring in the media, the authorities and their repressive forces, all the employers. Do not lose sight that the production of the discourse of criminalization always wanted to plant fear, creating the figure of the offense to pair with the order and the end produce consensus for social control of the ruling classes.

During the first workers' struggles in the country who organized the work of anarchists, early century. Century, was used to define these ideas as an "exotic plant" puzzled over it with a friendly and peaceful people. The social issue that was raised by the emerging labor movement was converted into BO police. The ideology of socialism and freedom embodied by the principles of class struggle, the tactics and goals of a militant labor movement was itself an offense against property, the destabilization of the capitalist order dependent and authoritarian that formed here. And how many organizations and journals were empastelados revolutionary trade union press, how many companions deported or removed by the repressive apparatus tell this story "disappeared" by the infamies of power.

Capitalism, the State and the entire ideological framework articulated system have always been hard executioners of anarchism, like all their radical opponents. In Brazil could not be different. During the 1st republic were faced the conjunctures of strong judicial and repressive organizations destroyed, media outlets, popular activities. By the laws of repression against anarchism, 1907, 1913 and 1921 had the painful exile, imprisonment and settlement of militants who lives is priceless in our cause. The colony ClevelÃndia in the far north of the country during the '20s, figure terribly as the concentration camp of unwanted, the "criminal classes" that did die in limbo countless comrades, anarchists irreducible.

No word on that Mr.. Trezzi. Is that frankly did not want to talk about anarchism, nor would that freedom of the press if they wanted to, wanted to speak to police, call the fusillade conservative and arranged scarecrows to frighten the protests, the taste of the RBS group policy.

For speech institutions social struggle that comes from always walks down the trailer interests not know. Victim of alien ideologies that are not current with the normative production of the dominant way of life. But this is an old trick of the battle of ideas used to confound, discredit and settle with the opposition in the streets for control of public judgment. The social order was never, never be a neutral institution in our society it is among other things the privilege of speech can and can not, of right and wrong and the powers of the ruling classes.

It is not the first nor will be the last time we see each judged by the press monopoly, harassed by police and criminalized by the government and the judiciary. Already Malatesta warned: the best way to get a freedom is to take it for himself, facing the necessary risks. And here we are making this public act.

Needless to say that right more mad and also for pragmatic governismo of former leftist socialism Whole historically been overcome. When a lot is used as a fragrance policy that sinks and blends into the bourgeois world as it is and as it should be. But there are those who want to challenge another way, "in the name of history" opening controversy as competitors in politics, as enemies of the left, not as adversaries.

We repeat a statement made by our organization in its opinion letter around April, "we have no intention of representing what is called a common place of the anarchist movement. Nationally integrated the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB). Keep the respect and due differences with other formations libertarian. We take the word in its own right as a political organization, which has its agreements and specific definitions, it is recognized among the oppressed by the left, inside the class struggle, anti-capitalist and anti-bureaucratic. "

As current libertarian socialism, in Brazil and the world, anarchism is a decisive factor for the formation of equity combative and class of our labor movement. Here, workers were anarchists who, in the opposite direction of collaborating social democracy Marxist, put on the agenda of the first trade union struggles and the political independence of the class against employers, the government and bureaucracy. To any unsuspecting or player in bad faith strengthened that anarchism does not lend itself to cartoons. In fact, for those who speak of the social history of the labor movement, socialism, there is no blurring of the contributions of current libertarian.

Anarchism is like never mentioned in the recent history of the country, especially by the press discourse and judicial bodies and law enforcement agencies to "judge" the legitimacy of the struggle of the masses in the streets. Mass mobilizations that are shaking the Brazil gave way to a flurry of demands in life that throbbed neurotic, poor and middle sectors of grueling and popular. Much of the younger generation and combative form that fights this historical juncture has grown over the last 10 years of PT governments and embodies the conflicted expression and saturated its capitalist model of economic growth. The Brazil "large modern" pulled by big capital, in partnership with state funds and tail stuck with the old oligarchies is done at the expense of a deterioration of the brutal environment of public goods and services and living conditions of the working people and youth.

In recent months much of which is represented by spontaneous, horizontal and outside the purview of leftist organizations, trade unions, the student movement is attributed to libertarian positions. No doubt we think there is a good deal for popularizing these images, which induce different and varied attitudes that do not correspond with our ideological formation. What is arguably the scene is a lively sense of rejection of bureaucratic practices and traditional politics, the conciliators shift leading conservation and reproduction of the same oppressive structures of society. Emergency is gaining a new political culture that does not recognize the parties of bourgeois democracy or union bureaucracy, which does not rely on middlemen reformists and bet on mechanisms of grassroots democracy and direct action tactics of masses.

This context has renewed interest in anarchism and makes a challenge the anarchist militants to give new impetus to that is gestating without disarming politically and morally. A certain anti-organizer horizontalism walking on fashion not consistent with our federalism. Is not able to produce social forces of exchange and a draft break to make way again. In praise of chaos and individualism that derives the anti-political, at worst, makes the bed to throw the enemy.

Resolutely defend the right to self-defense fighting public masses, criteria and measures to protect the crackdown. We have our differences with tactics that do not strengthen the mechanisms of direct democracy of the popular movement and forgo the debate online collective actions. This position is articulated with a design "insurrectionists" ending isolation of the people, which does not allow media to work with the time and place where it operates, delivery policy decisions for reformism and "makes her".

We favor the construction of popular power, the strategic struggle of the oppressed classes against the domination system, with direct action at all levels. Whether it is right that an action method does not mark a militant revolutionary intention when missing the program, there is less certainly the most revolutionary programs can reveal an incorrigible reformist when it wants to reach their goals by the rules of the game of the enemy.

Our anarchist conception has always been a tireless organizer, always tried to create and develop their own organization in the world of work and poverty, with union resistance, mechanisms of solidarity, uniting together with federalism. For all purposes, the organizational work takes along a sensitivity libertarian and guidelines to not play in the field of the oppressed of the world structures of privilege, the bureaucratic centralism and inequality.

Never been among our purposes to work propaganda anti-party, anti-union, etc.. We have companions / those that are organized in trade union struggles and not play politics with the renounce our own ways. We have always tried to defend the base and left criteria that strengthen, uniting, not disaggregate the energy that must be accumulated to win a fight that does not end just there. The "aparelhismo" plays against the unity of the fighting, kill the plurality of the popular field. Partisan tactics to fight social, not anti-party nor apolitical.

Only the struggle can be a game believable friends and enemies. And this struggle takes place for parties and leftist groupings that do not are raised as negotiators of capitulation, as intermediaries bureaucratic. Everyone and every place has to build a movement and militant mass that cuts right step, governments shift and the ruling classes who want to civilize a protest toward conservative reactionary purposes.

Is governismo, class collaboration and party bureaucracies and union playing water mill on the right. Saturation of the social pact engineered by PT governments gave refreshment to the most reactionary forces of the Brazilian society and reshape get to win the monopoly power of the press a sector of the protests in the June days. The demobilization and bureaucratism in the ranks of the working class, the fragmentation of world poverty and the coalition of ruling parties in the common representation of bourgeois politics is that it gives passage to the right give rise to their plans.

It is high time to dispel the ghost of a collaborationist policy that does not break the dominant structures of the reactionary power of media monopolies, the financial system and the transnational corporations that control the wealth created by the workers, with the ideology of Brazil and large emerging that accelerates the car hits the bourgeois and unwanted.

Our anarchism in action wants to be a factor for joining what is scattered, disorganized organize walking, to find mechanisms for popular participation toward a strategy of popular power that bears a program of solutions for the exploited and oppressed. Do go forward social protests.

Anarchism does not forget Mussolini as already suggested the governor Genro, but also does not leave the gallery lost its institutional amnesia story, your code militant and his relentless struggle against fascism and totalitarian regimes. With us the unforgettable companion Camillo Herneri, anarchist and antifascist Italian prime who fought to death against Mussolini in Italy and also against Spanish fascism. Alive in the memory of all the rebel column epic Battle of working PraÃa da SÃ in SÃo Paulo 34 which paid a flock of chickens green integralism Plinio Salgado.

Always with the fighting!

No fighter without social solidarity!

For Socialism and Freedom.

It's not dead who fights!

Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG



The comrades and companions Gaucha Anarchist Federation

The advancement of popular struggles in Brazil has shown us the true face of said progressive governments that emerge across our Latin America. It is no surprise to us truculent repression and attempts to criminalize our organizations by the State, always lackey of the elite of the world, regardless of the discourse of parties who govern. We must be prepared for this battle and only uniting our forces able to walk. We Socialism Libertarian Anarchist Organization (OASL) are together you, brothers fight and great inspiring, this battle against Capital. We look to the strength that comes from the South to continue to head up fighting a powerful enemy. And here we send this greeting to remind them they are not alone in this act, who are all men and women of St. Paul well! You now represent the voice of a crowd of anarchists, who so fearlessly shouts in chorus with each of you, NOT DEAD WHO TÃ peleia!

SÃo Paulo, 10/17/2013

Anarchist Organisation Libertarian Socialism - OASL




The Black Flag Anarchist Collective strengthens their solidarity with the sister organization and repudiates the state repression against demonstrations and the criminalization of protests in recent weeks.

For the state and capital, is notorious know that the popular force rising and resumption of social vector by the anarchist organizations have made clear irritation by the above because it is political perspectives breaking the system. Mainly Gaucha Anarchist Federation, since the episode of the first invasion of their headquarters by the government toucan Yeda Crusius in 2009, is braving a political persecutions, repression and slander. There is no justification for such criminalization, except when we understand that motivation is only just the struggle between classes, those sectors of the state and capitalists against organized movements.

The municipal, state and federal minimum seek to create the conditions of a state of emergency, sponsored by the old elites and multinational, with the goal of leaving no popular movement fighting foot. The new General Law Cup clearly demonstrates one of the most brutal aspects of this new political arrangement reactionary. The arrests and raids of homes and offices show that regardless of party acronyms, called the class hatred and social lutadorxs AXS, raise a strategic policy for amortization of the libertarian camp, historically persecuted.

We are in a key moment for the resumption of construction of true popular power dxs low, the most oppressed and exploited, and we can not allow this preparation to consolidate extermination. Recent public notes of left parties statist reinforce gain our strength comes from realizing the level of recent years, incorporating abandoned spaces before the parliamentary militancy. We, comrades of struggle, we are side by side with the organization Gaucho and all others that add up in the streets. It is important to know that the more the government tries to stop the legitimate demands of the various categories in the fight, dxs professorxs on strike, dxs indigenous dxs Maroons, dxs landless and homeless, the more violent will be the instrumentalisation of popular organizations in direct action to denounce the repression.

Fighting is not a crime!

By the end of the criminalization of popular movements!

Not back one iota! War against the naturalization of violence against xs poor and social movements.

Viva Gaucha Anarchist Federation! Viva the popular movement organized!

Santa Catarina, 17/10/2013




The Anarchist Collective Zumbi dos Palmares comes through this show solidarity with fellow gauchos who are suffering harshly from the invasions and persecutions of the military police and government Tarsus (PT), culminating in the invasion of spaces Mill Black, Utopia and Struggle and the Athenaeum Libertarian Battle of the Meadow, social and political space of our sister organization Gaucha Anarchist Federation (FAG), have invaded in June.

Since June anarchist demonstrations and other political and social movements organized around Brazil has been the target of several bombings and military fascist media, trying at all costs to criminalize our actions. Although distant, we add strength to fight fellow Gauchos assured that persecutory attitudes only reaffirm that we still live in a country where politicians still use dictatorial devices such as persecution, confiscation of materials, invasion of private and public spaces. Democracy is a sham.

We will not allow such practices are maintained and perpetuated. Accusations are made, we remain steadfast in the struggle to repudiate the actions of the state and its excesses.

Surrounding solidarity those who struggle!

Protest is not a crime!

Alagoas, 17/10/2013

MEMBERSHIP of the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation FAU

Sallud colleagues from the FAG.

We want to bring to this event a few words from the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation. Will almost two decades of work and struggle constantly coming and going, building fraternal fellowship working style. We motivations, desires, hopes, and aspirations. Drawing experiences and proposals come as pairs, supporting each other as brothers and also of this America.

We then present in this act to be done to plant analysis and firm positions on what is happening there. Facts do not come today, nor are the products of a specific source. These are stages of accumulation, ebb and flow of forces that are mounting up to the concealment of the mass of the bourgeoisie and the manipulation that seeks to do with them.

But they could not hide these mass social protest and fight the popular revolt that unfolded around the country before and during the Confederations Cup. They could not hide or even deny the world cup champion Brazil.

These struggles were not an invention of the moment and yes were ignored for years. Movements are not born in the last days: the struggle for public transport, local struggles with claims in neighborhoods and small towns, the struggle of the trade unions, students, indigenous peoples, peasants. A widespread popular lift. On the street, withstanding closely with the partner. Against the Beast repressor have no doubt in exhausting their ammunition against something unstoppable growing increasingly more.

In this context it paves the Ateneo local Verzea Batalha where does the FAG. Charged the same as Yeda Crusius attacked when he fought against impunity for the murder of Elton Brum. Attacked and raided, seized, maligned, in the same historical constant above that have been used against the underdog, especially when those below are organized and move.

The first police raid this year was June 27th with staff of special police and military. They took propaganda materials and books FAG wanting to criminalize the possession of these materials. All this was to ridicule the whole pueblada that moved every day across the state and in all states.

Four months before that fact becomes October 1st to be searched by the local police Ateneo houses with more than 60 militants comrades movements Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul are also protests throughout Brazil with have been and have grown up all the time before this.

It seeks to criminalize FAG again, and anarchism in general today undisputed ranks Brazil struggles and emerged as a proposal: Fight to Create, Creating Resist. Why are organizations that are empowered, they feel their demands. Many new movements in relation to historical also make their accompaniment. They are the voices that have been evolving from "Outside Collor" are those who do not resist impunity "do Carajas Dorado Slaughter", or "da Candelaria Chiacinha" nor "CarandirÃ". Because even with the protest and struggle that is impossible to hide are joining movements and solidarity is a constant.

Mark these events and many more that do not reach the paper to cite that Anarchism at this stage continues its steady and is consistently ranked as one alternative of resistance and creativity, practice space for the prevailing antagonistic ideas from spaces system power. Anarchism is today, at this stage a term that corresponds to its historical flow in the stories of the struggle for socialism with freedom, libertarian socialism. No short routes, no shortcuts that allow our ideology coupled whole system spaces. Anything else we go!

Because you control this society we resist and solidarity. An aggressive resistance against consumerism and violence of all devices and the powerful tools above. We are creating and we will continue to create active resistance from below, in favor of building more and more popular power, regardless of class and direct democracy.

So march, so we are on the same path of our sister Gaucha Anarchist Federation Anarchist Coordination and Brazilian, and all popular flow, below, to fight and build their aspirations, achievements and new hopes for Brazil and an America without poverty , with impunity, without hunger, and domination of any kind.

So we walk.

So wake new dawns.

With all our memories, yesterday, today and forever.

Top Anarchism.

FAG Top!.

Above the fighting!!.

Uruguayan Anarchist Federation
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