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(en) Mexico, Chiapas, Subcommandante Marcos: Anarchists welcome (pt)

Date Sat, 16 Nov 2013 09:21:48 +0200

In his latest communiquà Subcommandante Marcos takes a little time to respond to the anti-anarchist campaign launched by the Mexican media and part of the left. Marcos makes clear that those registered to the Escuelita who have asked the Zapatistas to not accept anarchists, and moreover âexpected an apology and a purging of the registryâ, are not welcome to the school. The Zapatistas invite Mexican anarchists to send them texts which will respond to the accusations against them, and which will be published on the EZLN website. ---- via: dorset chiapas solidarity ---- SPECIAL CASES: the Anarchists ---- Given the anti-anarchist campaign launched by those of âgood conscienceâ and the well-behaved left united in a holy crusade with the old right to accuse the anarchists, young and old, of challenging the system (as if anarchism had another option), including the dismantling of their shows (this thing about turning the lights off, was that so we wouldnât see the anarchists?), and the repetition ad nauseum of epithets such as âanarcho-hardliners,â âanarcho-provocateur,â âanarcho-thugs,â âanarcho-etceteraâ (somewhere I read the epithet âanarcho-anarchist,â isnât that sublime?), the Zapatista men and women cannot ignore the climate of hysteria that so firmly demands respect for windowpanes (which donât reveal but rather hide what happens just behind the counter: slave-like work conditions, a total lack of hygiene, poor quality, low nutritional value, money laundering, tax evasion, and capital flight).

Because now, apparently, the robbery poorly disguised as âstructural reform,â the assault on the teachers union, the national patrimony âoutletâ sale, the theft imposed by the government on the governed through taxation, and the fiscal asphyxiation â which only favors the large monopolies â is the anarchistsâ fault.

This includes blame for the fact that now âdecent peopleâ donât go out into the street to protest anymore (âhey but what about the marches, sit-ins, roadblocks, graffiti, flyersââ âYes, but those are teachers-bus drivers-vendors-students, that is, country bumpkins, and Iâm talking people really-truly-from-the Federal District.â âAh, the mythical middle class, so courted and yet so despised and cheated by the entire political spectrum and all of the mediaââ), the fact that the institutional left also evicts the protest rallies, the fact that the âonly opposition to the regimeâ has been overshadowed by the nameless again and again, the fact that the arbitrary imposition is now called âdialogue and negotiation,â the fact that the murder of migrants, women, youth, workers, children â all of this is the anarchistsâ fault.

For those who fight as and claim the âA,â a flag without a nation or frontiers, and who are part of the SIXTHâbut who really are in the struggle, not just as a fashion or a fadâwe have, in addition to an embrace of solidarity, a special request.

Anarchist Compas: We Zapatista men and women arenât going to blame you for our shortcomings (or lack of imagination), nor are we going to hold you responsible for our mistakes, much less persecute you for being who you are. Actually, I should tell you that various invitees to the August course cancelled because, they said, they couldnât share the classroom with âyoung people who are anarchist, ragged, punk, pierced, and tattoo-covered,â and that they (those who are not young, nor anarchist, nor ragged, nor punk, nor pierced, nor tattoo-covered) expected an apology and a purging of the registry. They continue to wait in vain.

What we would like to request is that when you register, you submit a text, maximum one-page in length, where you respond to the criticism and accusations that they have leveled against you in the for-profit media. That text will be published in a special section of our website (enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx) and in a magazine-fanzine-or-whatever-itâs-called soon to appear in the globally global world, written and run by indigenous Zapatistas. It will be an honor for us to have your word together with ours in our first issue.


Yes, even a page with a single word taking up the whole space counts: something like âLIARS!!â Or something longer, such as âWe would explain to you what Anarchism is if we thought you would understand;â or, âAnarchism is incomprehensible to those with little brains;â or, âReal change first appears in the police blotter;â or, âI shit on the thought police;â or the following citation from the book âGolpe y contragolpeâ by Miguel AmorÃs: âEveryone should know that the Black Bloc is not an organization but a tactic of street struggle similar to âStreet Fighting [Kale Baroka] that a constellation of libertarian, âautonomousâ or alternative groups have been using since the struggles for the squats (âokupationsâ) in the 1980s in various German cities,â and add something like, âif you are going to criticize something, first do your research. Well-written ignorance is like well-pronounced idiocy: equally useless.â

In any case, Iâm sure that you wonât be lacking in ideas.
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