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(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #23 November 2013 - Editorial and Summary (fr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 09 Nov 2013 17:08:45 +0200

Editorial and Summary ---- Friday, November 8, 2013, by admi2 ---- editorial - Ras-fronts , page 3, 4 ---- immigration ---- pages 5, 6, 7, Lampedusa migrants, political carnage ---- pages 8, 9, 10 against racism and xenophobia state, equal rights ---- repression ---- page 11, police and judicial harassment in Reims ... page 11 ... and in Russia, freedom for Pussy Riot! ---- big brother , page 12, 13 ---- health ---- pages 14, 15 Psychiatry: Simple grooming on treatment without consent ---- Nuclear ---- pages 16, 17, 18, Nuclear Decommissioning ---- land ---- pages 19, 20, Morvan, the fight against the project Schweighofer ---- pages 21, 22, Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the assault? ---- between ourselves ---- pages 23, 24 local newspapers against Information ---- International ---- pages 25, 26 Guyana, the business of sport for the land

pages 27, 28 United States , strike fast food

pages 29, 30, 31, China, working in China and factories chinoiseaux EU door

Economy in Brief , page 32



And here we are again: the last line before the municipal elections, as expected, in the process of reducing the political debate in a play where good confronts evil. This is at least as well as the left-socialist environmentalist intends to campaign, and will be joined by some of the extreme left and fascist official qu'approchera to measure the fateful day of the second round.

And so it is that the National Front will work again as a machine used right and left for electoral purposes and prÃbendaires without reducing one iota or a real and growing racism or fascism in imaginary part.

When it became politically incorrect right

For decades, anti-fascism worked using a recipe forged by pieces of history from the Popular Front for May 68 through the resistance. It was enough to nominate, appoint, to inveigh to contain the enemy. It was enough to use words and pictures based on the national saga of resistance to fascism and the Nazi invaders, referring such person or any particular policy values ââmostly frowned upon and be dressed like that little strength. It was important not to analyze what we wanted to fight but to develop preventive, using historic photographs and shortcuts, a cordon sanitaire around the enemy blaming and threatening anyone who might be tempted by evil, or just wanting to question what actually denounced the enemy. Cruel mistakes have been made. Left in 1958 and after, screaming: "Fascism will not pass" against de Gaulle, thus avoiding understand that the return to power of the great man, even by a look latent state, not was not much a dictatorial impulse, but first meant a new impetus to what was then called the "thirty glorious years" and that the Fourth Republic stuck in old patterns and colonial wars was not able to assist. In 1968 and after, the extreme left yelled "CRS-SS" as if the Republic was not able by itself to type and hard to kill without becoming a Nazi.

The emotional charge of these quotes was so strong point the enemy was sometimes even led to justify not be the one they said. The effect was to return this to a past matrix, avoiding trying to understand that the most extreme forms of authoritarian management of the state could take the most diverse clothes while sometimes, if not more unbearable the model. Doing so dilutes the past avoiding this. But gradually since the 1980s, the old words (fascist extreme right ...) lost their deterrent. New words (Islamophobic, homophobic, sexist ...) have not acquired the French company the same historical resonance and, what is more, they are not even known a good part of the population, especially those who turns to the FN. And, anyway, invective does not work vis-Ã-vis those who think they are not those which are designated because they believe that the FN it either is not so ... and that in any case it is not the most important. In short, politically incorrect at the time the will is as much in the eyes of some of the population turns to the FN because she thinks that the party can get out of the shit, or at least that it's worth it to try it, after that the right and the left, or just to piss representatives thereof, which appear more like a coupe establishment of any social reality.

The question is social, not moral

It is because of this that they suffer from pensions, wages, hours of work, unemployment, health, housing, welfare, desertification of their space, etc.., These people turn to the FN and less for ideological reasons. But it's eco-socialos obviously say anything, they are just the instrument of implementation of these planned attacks by the bosses against the small and medium wage, workers, small farmers and the unemployed. We are a far cry moral issues. A recent ongoing conflict can give us some information on the mechanisms that are taking place: one that stirs the slaughterhouses Gad, Brittany (889 job losses) because it is a model of what is being played everywhere. On October 22, the employees from the Lampaul-Guimiliau, in FinistÃre, promised to close wanted to block that of Josselin, Morbihan, which must be preserved as part of the restructuring plan Gad SAS. The anger of these employees were all greater than 15 million of their compensation (related to participation) were removed and transferred to restart the site Josselin.

When they arrived at the slaughterhouse, 100 and 150 of the 650 employees that has preserved site in white work clothes, pushed forcibly colleagues Lampaul-Guimiliau and then they sat on the highway for protest against his colleagues "who are losing their jobs but by their approach will make us lose ours." This is indeed a militia employer who does not say his name and worked until CRS ready to take over.

Until the beginning of this century, when talking about militias or syndicates (eg in Simca, Citroen and Peugeot) error could not risk classify its members as close to the FN or SAC, and workers who were beaten up were rather left. However, in the case of Gad, we would see the employer's militia and the "elite workers" who wants to continue to work, and is very majoritairerement the CFDT union, to accommodate Holland regretting perhaps Sarkozy. As for the other Lampaul rightly "disgusted" and mostly unionized FO, it would not be surprising that some of them are turning to the FN. Yes, times have changed!

Given this, what can the invective, moral arguments, recalls the foundations of the Republic? Nothing, except perhaps reinforce a growing conviction that those who use such arguments are not living lecturing anything that licensees are subject, and the establishment that sits on the strange skylights and is concerned about the rise FN is also cut social realities as the Sun King was his good people.

We can both fight fascism and work towards the defeat of the working class

It has been said and repeated a thousand times, eradication of fascism through a clear denunciation of capitalism and only popular struggles, especially against anti-social policies (left and right) that promote its outbreak can reduce authoritarian temptation. And cling to the fiction of a protectionist and / or Keynesian capitalism is of no help. This does not reveal clearly that victory (temporary?) Falsely so-called "liberalism" is actually a mutation of capitalism, which is performed on a major and lasting defeat of the labor movement, even in its version the more reformist. It is unclear how social struggles could restart if nothing is said about the links between the successive defeats of wage labor, not carried on fighting (in the interim, CSD, flexibility, etc..). Many dropouts and losses which have gradually builds a sense of powerlessness and fatalism in the working class, and led to the rise of a tinted anger of racism, xenophobia and individualism.

Do not forget that the "defense of national interests" has historically been advanced by the labor movement, including the PCF and the CGT. You never quite remember what were the bulldozers Vitry December 24, 1980. That day, 300 Malians leave their homes of Saint-Maur to be housed in a building under renovation in Vitry. The section of the PCF of the city responds by doing a commando equipped with a backhoe and, with the support of the leadership of the Party, emploit to collapse the entrance to the home to prevent new occupants to return. This is a true founder of the slow and inexorable rise of popularizing the left racist themes FN event.

A month and a half later, Robert Hue, the Communist mayor of Montigny-les-Cormeilles organizing a campaign of extreme violence against immigrants accused without proof to engage in drug trafficking. More recently, policy Voynet Montreuil, expulsion in winter workers in Bagnolet in 2010 by a municipality left policy Valls are only episodes among others to trivialize rejection of the immigrant. The national populism and "nationalist movements" which thrives on the extreme right does not fall from the sky or the will of the bourgeoisie: they are also the product of the class struggle as it took place, the majority of unionism and become hegemonic in the 1920s and was consolidated after the war.

Multiple abuses by small Nazi groups must obviously be fought politically and physically in all the cities where they take place. But, logically, if the fight against fascism must go through a critique of capitalism and the struggle against the offensive called "liberal", it is unclear how one could conclude alliances "fascist" with forces defending capitalism and implement the anti-social policies. Withdrawals last minute, "in his nose" to block the road to the FN on behalf of a Republican front are likely to feed even more evil is supposed to be fought.

CJ Poitou
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