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(en) France, Alternating Current #217, February 2012, the summary and the editorial (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 10 Mar 2012 08:11:15 +0200

COMPLETE CONTENTS --- EDITORIAL - PAGE 3 http://oclibertaire.free.fr/spip.php?article1128 -- NUCLEAR -- PAGE 4 - Elections, the trap (Roger Belbéoch) -- PLANNING -- PAGE 7 - Fight against major projects unnecessary, wasteful and destructive ---- PAGE 19 - Notre-Dame- des-Landes Airport gray-green ---- PAGE 10 - Green algae: There's good nitrates! ---- ECONOMY ---- PAGE 11 - Areva in turmoil --- PAGE 13 - Veolia: when crisis strike cases -- SOCIAL ---- PAGE 15 - Occupy job center ---- PAGE 16 - Continuing education and its derivatives ---- BIG BROTHER - PAGE 18 ---- PUNISHMENT ---- PAGE 20 - Some "modern" to imprison ---- PAGE 23 - Basque Country: the amnesty of political prisoners-eras: an axis of struggle essential ---- INTERNATIONAL ---- PAGE 24 - Hungary: The good student OECD pointed ---- PAGE 30 - Spain: The outrage of the ballot box in the trap ---- READ THIS - PAGE 32

Editorial: http://oclibertaire.free.fr/spip.php?article1128

A soup for the grimace campaign

Shipyards in St. Nazaire, candidates for president succeed to catch the voices and acquire the patina of popular defender of workers' interests. Marine Le Pen even neglects Nantes - too sore and informed - to keep his departmental meeting in Saint-Nazaire, the town of steelworkers, and emphasize its image of a candidate of the people. The image of each candidate becomes more essential, in this electoral competition issues so fuzzy basic features of programs (austerity and balance) are similar, accelerated economic front skid.

The debt crisis of the state has communicated to all European countries with austerity measures in the key (and recession), to calm hedge funds, banks and their shareholders who gobergent. This crisis is needed in the French election campaign.

Whichever candidate is elected in May, it will position itself as a loyal manager of the State (not to mention his family, obviously). Clearly impose its finance law, with possible social measures of junk that will not stand in the first jolt economic, national or European. How could it be otherwise? Even as a multinational Veolia decided to sell its branch Transport, the world is patiently building sector, to reduce its debt by 15 billion become unacceptable to shareholders and creditors (see article in this number). The French State will apply not soften some of the revenue Greek and Spanish, Holland Will George Papandreou he French?

If he had not lost in a room of Sofitel New York, Strauss-Kahn could move from the direction of the IMF under Socialist president of France! In retrospect, it's scary ...
The International Monetary Fund is mainly responsible for breaking the brakes States to open their markets to global capitalism and its laws. The doctrine of the IMF: the rule of the market, invisible hand infallible especially for the poor. In 2009, Romania has received a loan of 13 billion euro IMF, with a series of unprecedented austerity measures (such as reducing salaries by 25%, the VAT increase, the progress of the retirement age, health law ...).
Fifteen days of clashes in Bucharest in January appear to show that the Romanian-es are tired and the popular movement that began in Greece refusal diffuse inexorably into the former Soviet bloc countries. Same in Portugal, which liquidated social rights in exchange for a loan of 78 billion from the IMF and the EU, which has seen a massive general strike in late November. This social frustration can also grow to feed xenophobia and rejection of other peoples, seen as responsible (see article on developments in Hungary).

If we can predict the political future of the Chairman, the current power is more surprising. For example, why a heavier tax (VAT "social"), inevitably unpopular and moreover inapplicable before the elections, due to time ... How can he expect Sarkozy seduced by father Rigor while the opulence and richness of some es-spreads with ostentation and Rolls-Royce is experiencing a 31% increase in sales in 2011.
perception of reform pensions, imposed in force in autumn 2010 but finally accepted as inevitable and reasonable by a majority, it would guide policy in reverse hair? As an ambitious Sarkozy is not especially tempted by suicide policy ... So he bets on a discourse of "truth" to make up lost time, a discourse that can only please the markets.
Pending the outcome of this bluff, the policy of repression of social movements do not mollie. The relentless police and judiciary on those who resist or refuse to be trampled-es even intensifies. Burrs and murders multiply as to prevent by fear and repression all rebellion ... The initiative for a day of action initiated by the Committee Poitevin anti crackdown on March 17 is all the more necessary.

Nantes on 29/01/12


Struggles against the big expensive projects, wasteful and destructive
Across Europe, major projects are unnecessary and costly imposed on citizens.
It was during a workshop on these projects during the Social Forum
World in February 2011 in Dakar, the Italian movement NoTav took the initiative
(Fighting against a proposed TGV Lyon-Turin for 20 years) to organize the first
against the major European forum unnecessary work: a delegation of ACIPA
(Against the proposed airport Nantes-Notre Dame-des-Landes) was invited to
intervene. A meeting in August 2011 has brought together associations opposed to
major infrastructure projects in France, Italy, Ireland (Mayo), and Spain
Germany (Stuttgart). more: http://oclibertaire.free.fr/spip.php?article1132

A few "modern" techniques to imprison ...
Just as we punish sin confession by intent, the court is
sanctioned in advance since the law Estrosi of 2010 that created the offense of
participation in a "gang violence". Behind these words, they are increasingly
political circles that are targeted by the authorities. And membership in these
environments (or even the mere attendance of certain persons), along with the
refusal DNA collection and the charge of having organized-e "in meeting" the
trifecta of the judiciary to confine disturbing the established order.
more: http://oclibertaire.free.fr/spip.php?article1133

[Hungary] The good student OECD pointed
Former star pupil of the IMF, Hungary became the new in a while
plague of Europe, despite a scrupulous respect for liberal precepts: rigor
budget, privatization, foreign debt repayment ... more:

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