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(en) Germany, Anarchie.de - HERE'S WHERE TO PLEASE THE EMANCIPATION? (de) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 09:56:33 +0300

A polemic against anti-German and of mischief, Arabic forms of state capitalism And for something completely different - all shortened, or what? ---- Are German Anti-splitter inside? Of course! But that should not be concerned here primarily. We oppose anti-German ideology from patterns in each case. However, we do not justify this because of its appearance or its very sectarian "Zionism". - First, anti-German tendencies to hit the side of capital, to support its hegemony in the form of the leading countries like the U.S., UK and the EU. Furthermore, they support wars of aggression, as played against Libya. The oppression in many countries is perceived as more serious than those of the western powers of global capital. The bombing is justified ideologically. -- We are certainly not pacifists, but such logic is not only cynical but also highly perverse.

Second, to even a middle-class idealism lies at the bottom and not materialistic attitude. Although one goal as a "communism" names, is in no way settled down to the real class antagonisms. No one rejects other analyzes and views mostly as "abbreviated critique of capitalism," which already includes basic principles of anti-Semitism. It's that easy - from their perspective.

Of course, one can rightfully ask how useful it is to explain capitalism by making it personalized. Capitalism is a relationship of possession and dispossession, and we are free from ownership, but also free from feudal serfdom, forced to sell our labor power to live. A life long. One can say that we have been in a fundamentally material interest to cancel this relationship. To destroy the capitalist system, it needs a clear class standpoint. Although capitalism has developed steadily, it is still about the contradiction between labor and capital. Or, more classic: It's still the proletariat against the bourgeoisie.
According to such a vulgar text in a checkerboard pattern should it be shortened. No, it's not. We hold, contrary to the Anti-Germans, botch that their theory does not include any class standpoint and may have nothing to do with it with materialism, that their practice is only good for our opponents, they are therefore in contrast to left-wing positions. At the very most are anti-German bourgeois ideology model, pseudo-intellectual and liberal crap. Who collects the capitalist exploitation only in theory, is at best middle class. It is true that even small citizens over to the side of the revolution and socialism, anti-German but wish it did not appear. Primarily by attacking the Left, we are always good deals with ourselves.


Basically it is a positive attempt to answer anti-Semitic tendencies within their own movement and to show fight. The form in which it manifests itself in anti-German borders on lunacy. One, however, short critique of capitalism is not automatically anti-Semitic, it is simply reduced, and thus little or no usable.

Now let's pronounced hostility to their workers. We often have the impression that they want to racism, sexism, largely attributed to the working class. The German dumb male workers with the newspaper Bild in a trouser pocket. It exists naturally, and the hauf, but racism, antisemitism and sexism pervade all sectors of society, regardless of affiliation with a layer of clear and must be combated. To claim otherwise is shortened pretty, but demonstrated the bourgeois origins of such argumentation.
There are already expressions of anti-fallen Germans, the Nazi Party, known as workers' party. Not only is the character of the Nazi bent, who had a clear middle-class origins. The support from the big industry is left entirely under the carpet. Of course, there was no widespread and generally not even close to sufficient opposition from the working class against the NS. It includes not only the compliant course of trade unions and the outrageous "Social Fascism" thesis of the Communist Party were to blame. Also, it is true that Germany had to be freed from the outside. However, there is no reason the political and economic structure of partying away thus Allies.
Another feature is its fixation on the state of Israel. Thus they are seasoned Antiimps in nothing. The State of Israel was created for one reason: the world, especially European pogrom-like anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, ultimately, the one in the history of mankind, probably unique industrial mass destruction of human life. Comparisons to be drawn so that in each case not only illegal, but, whether intentionally or unintentionally, trivializing and relativizing.

A criticism of the State of Israel is not in itself anti-Semitic. The decisive factor is the shape. We reject all of the constructs that intend to receive the exploitation of man by man upright. That are already using it as part of the State of Israel has come to evictions is indisputable. Today it is in Israel for a capitalist state with a reactionary right-wing government, a militarized society and a racist attitude in many parts of the state towards Palestinian human origin, and military oppression and colonization of Palestinian land originally. We think it is not anti-Semitic to call it.
However, as the poem caused a stir by Grass, a phenomenon could be observed. Whether the United States enters a war of aggression against Iraq and the EU has a selfsame in Libya from the fence. Once fall arguments against Israel are based on many citizens of the Federal lamps. Knee-jerk reaction against this state is now drooling, as if he alone assumes the greatest threat to the world. Once again, we would like to distinguish from a legitimate anti-capitalist critique of materialist basis, but nevertheless show that we are latent anti-Semitism, for example, the "Jewish financial capital", may still not abet.

Imperialism, the highest level of political consciousness?

Classical antiimperlialistische currents attract more and the clear border. Here, the imperialist ambitions of the Western world, that of capitalism, where the oppressed "peoples" in the Third World. For decades, hopes are placed in all sorts of national liberation movements in Vietnam, Algeria, Nicaragua, Iran and Palestine, of course. That all of these exemptions were never in our interest and at best, a state-capitalism is not went out, in retrospect most humbly taken note of.
Today it's more about maintaining state-capitalist formations, as currently Syria and Libya recently. Nonetheless, a military intervention and support of the neo-liberal opposition clearly rejected. The local suppression and very clear existence of the creation of added value, played and still plays a subordinate role, some because they were so fundamentally anti-imperialist state structures or are.
Where, again, the question of whether state ownership and free health and education facilities to the local conditions would be preferred by the capitalized life? Would we be better raised in the FRG and the GDR? Dear on hoarding of Wackersdorf or on the bed in Bautzen? Antiimps require that we always have to fully beat on one page. It draws a bipolar world view that is similar to those of the Anti-Germans in many parts - with the exception that anti-German arguments can not be counted on the left. But even here the class point of view in favor of global political argument is being neglected, abandoned even by some.
Many leftists are now trying to circumvent the term imperialism. Anyone who tries to investigate the nature of capitalism will soon realize that an aligned accumulation on economic fundamental nature and in principle must be expansive. And yes, capitalism is, in its present form much more imperialistic. But it should, in our view, serve to not tens of terms for one and the same mud system.

A world to win

We are by our position in this class of society, on the basis of our existence as wage earners and with everything we think and feel against capitalism, for the repeal of a relationship that makes us exploited. Every day. We do not want more social exploitation, no state property, which makes us gifts. Although in parts of the world where some countries were such social concessions, we will give them a long time so not to be preferred. As long as the value in commodity exchange based on the fact that our work force creates more value than our labor is worth. Whether the property is in the hands of a capitalist corporation or of a State, plays the primary wage earners for us no matter!

It is clear to us that communism or anarchy will not fall from the sky. That is why we try so that the current system to bring down. This works much better if we use our everyday aspects of life back on the practical agenda, instead of writing to make world politics. The capital may be much more harm if we attack it here in the Western capitals - where we work (have to) live where we (have to). It is about the reappropriation of social space, step by step, zone by zone. We should always look beyond the obvious, we feel connected with all other wage earners, oppressed and prisoners, whether in open debate or not. And never accept military intervention by the capitalist states.

Long live international solidarity

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