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(en) Greece, Athens, It is in the streets, not in the corridors of Parliament that will decide our fate - Press release of the libertarian union (ESE) (de, fr, gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 17:40:53 +0300

"Euro or drachma?", "Syriza or memorandum?", "Austerity or bankruptcy?" ... These are some of the dilemmas that exist these days in public debate and media. Parties in favor of the memorandum are the choice for "the difficult path to save the country by staying in Europe, with some hard but necessary", while Syriza "unite the people against the memorandum of bankruptcy." Both parties ignore something fundamental: at this stage, there is no attack against the country in general, but against employees, pensioners and the unemployed, that is to say, against the world of work. ---- All measures taken during the economic crisis reduced the value of our work force, directly (lowering the minimum wage and unemployment benefits) and indirect (reduced public spending, privatization of public goods and services, settlement agreements collective, etc..).

Aadoptées measures are proposals that the employers' organization has Greek on the table before the crisis, to boost competitiveness. The bosses are doing well since they will have access to a cheaper labor, more disciplined workers and frightened by the threat of unemployment. It is not surprising that much of the debt is famous in Greek banks and Greek companies. Under the pretext of the crisis, we the workers we have to pay the bankruptcy of banks and mortgage bubbles.

For workers, any dilemma in order to "save the country" is a false dilemma. The question is not how the country out of crisis, but how workers can cope with the version of the crisis management chosen by the bosses. Whether in euros or drachmas, operation is the same. What should concern us is how to build from scratch a new labor movement who may oppose the attack that we experience as workers. It is impossible that all the Greeks can overcome the crisis. We do not have the same interests as Greek businessmen, who increase their profits by taking advantage of the measures and restrictions. We, on the contrary, we have the same interests as undocumented migrant workers, the parties supporting memorandum, joining those of the extreme right (Golden Dawn, etc..), Designate as the great problem of Greek society .

The Greek state, regardless of the ruling party, conscientiously follows a specific policy by which all who are forced to migrate to Greece are called illegal. The problem is not that the state wants to close borders and double-locked. He is unable to do and needs of immigrants in the country considered illegal, so that employers can have a cheap labor market and obedient. Racism can devalue the wages of this part of the working class, which begins with a devaluation of immigrants and of course extends to Greek workers. At the same time, the status of illegal enables local mafia to control them more easily. It's a vicious circle in which one side is an illegal situation created artificially to degrade the value of the labor force of immigrants and push the mafia, while the other racism and xenophobia increase , contributing in turn to greater deterioration of the migrants and the Greeks.

The Golden Dawn organization is not an anti-system political force. All former members of his staff (Kousoumvris, Androutsopoulos, etc..) Have dropped by accusing the leader of Mixololiakos cooperate with police and receive money party PASOK and Nea Dimokratia. In the Athenian neighborhood of Agios Panteleimonas, where the party occupies the land, he sold the protection, in connivance with the police, in bars and shops where obviously immigrants work in degrading conditions. Its real purpose is not to "deport illegal immigrants" but they continue to be a cheap labor force and obedient to a regime of terror. Golden Dawn demand in its election manifesto that immigrants pay Social Security twice as much as the Greeks, which is not bad for employers. The labor movement requires that workers do not pay Social Security contributions and contribute only what the bosses and the state.

Golden Dawn is the "good guys" of the system and, as such, they are not committed to restoring the light for those who have none because they could not pay, or remove the barrier of tolls for putting people, not to promote civil disobedience in transport, or to encourage people to refuse to pay the new tax on income or participate in demonstrations against companies that lay off workers. They are available to the system and seek to confuse, obscuring who the real enemy. They tell us that it is immigrants and remain very quiet and bosses, ruling parties, the memorandum and the police, who knew so well help voting measures, protecting parliament against popular anger. It is no coincidence that the police are voting en masse for Golden Dawn and if riot forces and the Nazis in charge all the events (we have seen more than once).

The political system now denounces Golden Dawn as "extremist element" because of the fights shown on television the Nazi Kasidiaris while covering them when they attack every day in transport and squares, clubbing and stabbing immigrants and anyone with a pace or a haircut that does not return them. Over the last six months the anti-racist organizations have registered 500 cases of racist violence and 30 immigrants are reported missing. The political system has fully integrated the racist neo-Nazis. Today journalists and politicians denounce Golden Dawn as they did before with the LAOS Boridis, Adonis and Giorgiadis Plevris, scum they present to us now as "democratic forces". The historical role of the extreme right has always been to do the dirty work of the employing class, despite its rhetoric "anticapitalist"

As workers, we must face as well as tie in to the fascists fascists with shaved heads. Form new unions that are not controlled by political parties and that would integrate the immigrant workers, claiming for them equal rights and duties. If we do not, the mafia (who, lest we forget, have very good relations with the police and the far right) will grow and the "social cannibalism" is extended. It is necessary that we were in every neighborhood advocacy groups, public meetings, to protect people at once against attacks by neo-Nazis armed with knives like the mafia antisocial violence, a violence that neither Golden Dawn nor the police want to stop. Only an organized social movement from below and bringing together Greek and immigrants can break the Mafia, whether Greek, foreign or mixed.

The elections, which decide to participate or not, can not solve any real problems for workers. Instead, they create the false illusion that all united, workers and bosses, we can find a solution to "save the country" (that is to say capitalist profitability). If the real balance of forces does not change in society between the employers and the workplace, regardless of the government that emerges, politics will continue to operate for the benefit of patrons. As workers we have better things to do than worry elections: creating autonomous combative unions, organizing strikes on the workplace, strengthen neighborhood assemblies, form committees antifascist, create social structures of solidarity and working class autonomy.

Receive the new government as it deserves: by strikes and demonstrations!

http://athens.ese-gr.org info@ese-gr.org

[NDT] Golden Dawn is a far-right party that has grown following the participation in the government's far-right party LAOS, which lost many votes in the elections of May 2012.
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