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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire February - U.S. M1 with them capital, libertarians in Uncle Sam (fr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:22:17 +0200

First of May Anarchist Alliance - or easier said M1 - was created on the occasion of May 1, 2010 the United States. Originally made up of peer groups together around projects militants, M1 is also a member of Anarkismo. Background motion analysis Occupy, it presents its positions. ---- "Arise / This system requires the overthrow / You should get pissed / Reverse system / Arise! "Sang the MC Boots Riley of The Coup militant group calling for a general strike and closure of ports 12 December 2011. Occupy the movement has led to escalating resistance to the forms of strikes, blockades of port and direct actions. If the mass protests in U.S. cities do not reflect all the practice and ideas of the movement, although they express a real potential for growth and evolution of the critical class and state.

Anti-capitalism, anti authoritarian, innovative and experimental collective actions are part of the new movements. Since their very beginning, revolutionary anarchists, radical far-left, anti-capitalist and anarchist trade unionists - such as the IWW - were involved in the GA committees and active resistance.

In the libertarian webzine The Utopian, we stated: "We believe it is crucial for all anarchists to participate in this movement and work to build it. We believe it is also essential to promote explicitly libertarian methods of struggle and our anti-authoritarian social project. We encourage all groups, formal or informal, to recognize the need for a minimum of coordination, and that in critical moments, the concentration of our forces is necessary. Otherwise, weakness and disorganization will we will miss events, unable to respond to attacks against the independence movement ... "[ 1 ].

We wanted to found M1 by four principles. The commitment revolutionary orientation "class struggle", a non-doctrinaire anarchism, an organizational approach and non-sectarian "plural".

Four principles

We find these principles in our manifesto [ 2 ] which describes the commonalities and differences we have with other revolutionary organizations of anarchist tradition. In North America, is the emphasis on strategy sets us apart from other movements, especially as we act from a solid base of activism, arguing that the theoretical and tactical unity will result from the practice rather than make an abstract program less affected by the field. Without just create informal networks, we favor the establishment of a federation based on libertarian enlargement of existing struggles and reflection on social issues. The words "nonsectarian" and "plural" means a type approach platformist with the double intervention in the social struggles and trade union work.

Whether union (IWW), anti-fascist and anti-racist, or direct action (such Solidarity Steel City [ 3 ]), the role of libertarian organizations is to help build popular movements, to preserve their quality of direct democracy and participatory, to bring out the challenge system.

Open spaces

The global wave of protest opens a concrete space for all libertarian organizations directly involved in the movements and anti-austerity Occupy: MAS (Miami), WSA (Workers' Solidarity Alliance, anarcho-syndicalist), Common Struggle / Lucha Común (ex Nefac ), anarcho-communist Union (Quebec) ... We do not believe that the present protest arises as a counterweight to the massive system. However, the feeling that there are political and social opportunities outside the generalized system of domination, is growing.

Items that could foreshadow the development of a radical alternative are là.Toutefois, there are many risks and challenges before us. Anarchism and radical left are still a minority and lack resources, infrastructure and manpower. And while our movements and their base grow and expand, the fight to come will be even more demanding.

Risk of recovery

Initially, the popular phenomenon Occupy was a medley of tensions, political factions, traveled to antisocial elements undermining the political and organizational cohesion, at least locally.

Yet the concept remains popular, dynamic, and is meant to last. But it is also making it attractive to Occupy certain factions of the ruling class (notably the Democratic Party). For example, the powerful International Union Service Employees (SEIU) is working to cover their tracks: it takes advantage of the great day of action against austerity and solidarity with Occupy (November 17, 2011) to coordinate simultaneously actions in several cities. The SEIU is one of the largest unions Americans, combining top-down organization, corporatist approach and strategy clearly electioneering on the right [ 4 ].

In Detroit, they planned to close and occupy a bridge as part of their campaign Good Jobs Now. They pass the event to an action "Occupy Detroit" without any consultation between the two movements and then they had clearly prohibited Occupy organizers to approach their own procession. Same in Chicago and elsewhere. From there to think that these union bureaucracies seek to derail the strategy of "99%" ...

That is to pretend to be a militant reformism, "the base" through occupations, rural resettlement, blocking roads and bridges, some arrests ... focuses on attracting all the news that began to politicize and wish get involved. For many, at the tactical level, these actions are difficult to discern what are anarchists and extreme left. The difference is that these unions want to recover, contain, and ultimately channel the movement that one way or another it benefits the candidate Obama and his Democrats. We want to encourage the emergence of forms of political independent, creative, to undermine the very legitimacy of the system.

1st of May Anarchist Alliance (Cuervo translation)

To learn more about our sister organization to the EU: http://www. m1aa.org

[ 1 ] The Utopian October 2011, http://www.utopianmag.com/

[ 2 ] "Our Anarchism" http://m1aa.org/

[ 3 ] Steel City Solidarity is an offshoot of a local Canadian Public CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), having a mission working with precarious, especially those that are not supported by trade unions "traditional" http://www.steelcitysolidarity.com

[ 4 ] he SEIU was one of the biggest financial contributors to the Obama campaign ($ 28M), while claiming heirs of Martin Luther King ... (NdT)
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