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(en) motmakt.no*: Two months after 22 July: An attack on Norway? [machine translation]

Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 09:33:35 +0300

It's been two months since the horrific massacre at Utøya 22 July. The spontaneous, emotional reactions in the weeks that followed went slowly into the campaign, and we are now back in a situation that can be described as normal. -- The incident appears more and more like an incredible memory. During these months, the left side were surprisingly defensive. In fear of being accused of wanting to use the event politically in the campaign, or the lack of a deeper analysis, they have held back and left a lot of leeway to players on the right side that perhaps in this situation should have stayed back. ---- More than racism ---- Those on the left side that has expressed itself in the months after the attack has mainly focused on the harassment that took place of people with non-Western origin in the hours after the bomb attack, and how this strange fear of existence before 22 July has been instrumental to the crime.

A particularly important point has been the difference in the view of the perpetrator: A Christian terrorist is seen as false and without roots in society. A Muslim terrorist is seen as representative of Islam.

These are important points. But in addition we should also try to clarify what this was an attack on, and how we should relate to it. "Democracy" in its entirety as we know it here in the West, do not differ so clearly from Breivik's views that many might wish, either in theory or practice. The media have been debates Islam hostile to such an extent that many actors do not differ significantly from Breivik's theories. At the same time engaged in a united Europe, the Schengen Agreement of 1990, a man hostile border policy that has led to thousands of deaths just since the introduction of the agreement. These deaths are especially somewhere in the Mediterranean and on the border between Greece and Turkey.

An attack on Norway?

From the speech of Stoltenberg on 22 July and to date, produced crimes as an attack on Norway as a nation. It has been constructed an "us" against "him" and we have gathered the nation around the flag and the social democratic symbols, in addition to more non-political rituals. Leaders from countries around the world and key institutions has sent condolences to the Norwegian people, right up to the Social Democrats in Sweden. But you get the impression that the terrorist was an enemy of Norway when you read his manifesto?
On the contrary, he understands himself as a defender of Christian Europe, and seems little concerned with Norway in particular, except that he happens to be born and raised here. Therefore, one might also ask: Was there something about crime that indicated that it had to take place in Norway? Or, to put it very simply: If a Swedish social democrat less affected by this than a Norwegian daily racist who largely share Breivik's worldview?

This can be a difficult question to ask, and it can last is difficult to find unambiguous answers to them. That our nationalism is characterized by anti-Nazism through the occupation during the 2 World War II, and the Social Democratic hegemony in the postwar period is characterized by more liberating values, makes it no easier. Yet it feels safe to affirm that more than this was an attack on Norway as a nation and this nation's values, it was an attack on the labor movement, on the left side, on all anti-racists, anti-fascists and other people with the liberating values. In Norway, in Europe and everywhere else in the world. This attack adds to a long tradition of right-wing atrocities, from Nazi Germany's occupation, over bomb attacks against mosques, 1 May train and the Blitz house, the murder of Benjamin Hermansen, to name a few examples from Norway. Right-wing violence occurring throughout the world, often in the form of murder and terror. This should be a starting point for a deeper understanding of this event.

The way forward

Although the reactions in the weeks immediately after the disaster lacked such important perspectives that many on the left might have helped, it is never too late. In the time that follows it is important that we get on the track again, and contributes to an understanding of this event. We must not be afraid to come with perspectives that are different than the public seems to stand for, on the contrary it is precisely what we are here. We must dare to draw different conclusions than the leaders and princes pulls, and combine these with a different practice.
The question we should ask ourselves going forward is how we in the long run will respond to this disaster, what kind of society we want to work for the future. Do we want a society where we live in fear of each other, and allows politicians, media and other people do population groups to blame for more deep-seated social problems? Or will we have a society where we share in our experiences, talk about and solve our problems together and take control of our lives into our own hands? 22. July, put this question a lot more on the tip, and it is something we should take the consequences.

Related Link: http://www.motmakt.no


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Counter-power is a libertarian socialist and revolutionary organization.

We look at today's society - capitalism - as an economic fåtallsstyre. A small elite composed of capital owners, politicians and officers control the society, while the rest of the population must accept the check for their daily life and work. The result is environmental degradation, war, exploitation, and alienation.

We believe that real people's power, in the form of democratic control of the economy and equal participation rights for all in matters that affect their lives, is the only real alternative to capitalism.

People power can not be conjured up by political parties by wrest state power. We are working instead of empowering people in their daily lives through practical solidarity, participatory, direct democracy and direct action that creates specific changes.
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