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(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggles the AAtW are involved with continues

Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 20:25:45 +0200

We are not alone. We join the popular Palestinian comities for the struggle against suppression, house demolitions, creeping transfer, the separation robbing fence, settler colonialism, settler's harassments of neighbors and encroachment on villages lands, and occupation. Among Israelis too we are not alone. Some radicals struggle for long for the rights of Bedouins within the 1948 borders. Others involve for long with the southern Hebron mountain dwellers against transfer and settlers' harassments. There are others, less radicals who organize educational tours of Israelis in the Palestinian regions of struggle. Many of them join from time to time the anarchists against the wall initiative in our joint struggles with the Palestinian villagers at week ends (usually). It seems the uprising in the various countries of the Arab region influence the struggle in Palestine too.

Beit Ommar

"The entire town of beit umar was closed off to car traffic today. the army put up road blocks in all entrances around it including farming roads.
The committee there is going to have a demonstration on Saturday and they are asking that we make an extra effort to come."
Saturday â 26-3-11 Israel Puterman video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8VTfZBYkec

Beit Ommar Residents Protest as Road Closures Enter Third Day
26 MARCH 2011

On Saturday, March 26, 2011, international and Israeli activists joined with Beit Ommar villagers to protest the road closures of the area, now in their third day. Around fifty participants and twenty journalists gathered near the village cemetery, where Israeli Defense Forces had closed off the road with large blocks of cement. The strongest members of the group began pushing one of the blocks, attempting to roll it aside to allow the passage of cars. Israeli military forces arrived and looked on until the group began to lever the block with a long steel pole. At this point, a soldier approached and confiscated the pole. An Israeli activist was arrested, but was released after an hour.

Demonstrators moved beyond the blocks to continue as a peaceful march down to the road. However, they were halted by soldiers, who produced paperwork declaring everything beyond the village limits a closed military zone. When it became clear that the IDF would not allow demonstrators to continue outside the village limits, the protest moved to another road near the main gate and military watchtower.

This road was also blocked by cement barriers. As the protest attempted to move past, soldiers once again intervened, citing the papers calling everything outside of the road blocks a closed military zone. Israeli activists argued with the soldiers for twenty minutes before the protest moved one last time to the main gate of Beit Ommar.

This time, the military barred the path yet again. As arguments between IDF and Israeli activists began again, the soldiers opened the gate. They did not allow anyone to pass however, and they locked it once more within five minutes. Demonstrators stood in front of the army for another half hour, waving flags, speaking with media, and asking for an end to the closure of Beit Ommar, before peacefully dispersing.


Over 20 Israelis and around 30 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demo in Bil'in. The procession was led by Bargouthi and Fatah flags. When they reached the area of the fence, protesters split into two groups. One group marched to a gap in the northern part of the fence, and after a bit of pushing and shoving escalated to stoned and gas. The other group went to the main gate, attempted to cross it, and was answered with skunk water and gas. A larger than usual number of protesters stood their ground at the gate throughout the demonstration. At the end of the demonstration one protester was shot in his leg.

Israel Puterman video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKOZXzOVB7w
Pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=24377&id=115169235224525&fbid=120829874658461

South Hebron mountains

About 50 activists succeeded to defy the Israeli state forces and arrived to the South Hebron mountains region. State force expressed their displeasure by arresting 16 activists. Two of the arrestees agreed a "deal": bail and refraining from visiting the region for two weeks. The other 14 refused, and spend the night in jail. When brought to court the judge he decided that disobeying the restricted military region order do not justify restricting from visiting the region. 11 were released on bail to appear in court on demand. The other three accused for assault, threats, and spiting... released as well.

Illegal Arrests by Israeli Army in South Hebron Hills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvn_QJS6itg


This Tuesday, March 22, at 18:00
Demo in Lod at the Abu-Id Family Protest Tent


About 30 Palestinian, Israeli and international sounds of drumming Samba marched toward the exit of the village, where they waited five army soldiers and military vehicles and police. The soldiers prevented the demonstrators to march and blocked the demonstrators marking specific threats. Demonstrator addressed an officer responded to the threat "if you did not fly away you get a ball." After several unsuccessful attempts to cross the wall of soldiers, the demonstrators sat down in protest on the ground. Speeches in Arabic and English rose, set against the occupation and calls for unity at all - Palestinian struggle. Two soldiers through their guns with grenades, so protestors began to march to the northern exit, which also reached the soldiers soon. After this exchange, and that the army had finished filming demonstrators as "new" Nablus, ended the demonstration broke up into the village to the sound of a brief volley of stones that accompanied the buzzing military vehicles.

Nabi Saleh

Today's demonstration was the first following the violent abduction of Basem from the village and the military court's decision to detain Nagy in the Occupation prison until the end of his "trial". It also marked the return of units of the Border Police (a unit infamous for its brutality) to the village after a one week absence.

After the prayers, the villagers joined by a large number of internationals and Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) assembled in Martyrs' Square. The marchers then proceeded down the main road towards the entrance to the village chanting slogans against the Occupation and related themes. However, instead of continuing down the road, the march veered to the left and down the large open, green area leading down to the highway and the lands stolen by the illegal "settlement" across from the village. The Occupation was taken totally by surprise. Eventually, large numbers of soldiers and Border Police attacked the marchers firing gas projectiles directly at them. Marchers at the villages of Bilin have in the past been killed, maimed or crippled by such projectiles. The marchers put up a brave, completely non violent resistance until the sheer volume of gas forced them to disperse. An attempt to arrest an international was stopped by the courageous intervention of a number of anarchists and other internationals.

The Occupation the proceeded (as it has done every week) to invade the village sending large numbers of Border Police and soldiers in full combat gear both on foot and in jeeps into the village which it declared a "closed military zone". Young Ouday who was simply present in the Square was singled out for arrest for no discernible reason. An international who attempted to foil Ouday's arrest was also arrested. A large number of anarchists and internationals who protested this arbitrary and unnecessary action were themselves arrested, pepper gassed and beaten. Bilal who takes extensive video coverage each week on behalf of B'tselem was arrested and his video confiscated. Bilal a middle aged father of four young children was initially accused of "stone throwing" which along with "incitement" are the standard "charges" leveled against any activist villager. Obviously, the Occupation feels increasingly uncomfortable with the videoing of its illegal actions in the village and is taking steps to try and intimidate photographers. In spite of this, excellent video coverage is available both on FB (like "Tamimi Press") and Youtube ("Tamimi66").

Bilal but not Ouday was released shortly before the Occupation finally left the village at 6 p.m. Again in a final act of gratuitous violence, it fired a barrage of tear gas projectiles at a number of homes. The activists from AATW were eventually released close to midnight but only after being forced to sign an undertaking not to return to the village for 15 days.

In spite of it all, the resistance continues and will continue until the land and water are restored to their rightful owners. Activists are asked to make every effort to join in next week's march! It is critically important to demonstrate to the Occupation that the arrests of Nagy & Basem will not result in the protest ending. Follow this link to see the type of disinformation that is being placed in the mainstream media about the village in an attempt to delegitimize its protests: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4047503,00.html.

Special arrangements should be made to get to the village as the Occupation now sets up roadblocks early in the morning and has begun patrolling the woody areas around the village to try and apprehend activists. Three such activists were detained on their way to the village until their release some 3 hours later. Contact Ayala at 052-4707885.

25 3 2011 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poTQMW7vD_g


The Friday demo in Ni'lin left the center of the village after noon prayers. approximately 30 protesters followed the regular route to the wall demanding its dismantling and the return of the village's stolen land. Around 20 minutes after getting to the gate, the soldiers crossed it and the usual exchanges of stones and teargas ensued between the soldiers and the village youth. No injuries were recorded.

Dvid Reeb video of Friday 25.3.2011 protest at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeY9-19NDGg

"Dear All, sorry for the late notice. There will be a protest tomorrow at Noon in Ni'lin to mark Land Day. people are expected to come from all over the west Bank, and following the protest there will be a festival. The village asked us to join. If you can come, call S.".

Occupied Jerusalem - Al Kuds

Clashes in Silwan --- After prayers on Friday, March 25, hundreds of Shabab (young men) took to the streets to clash with the Israeli military stationed around settler's houses in the Palestinian village of Silwan. The military, as usual, used rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to punish the whole neighborhood for their activism.

Picture: Asaf Sharon, an activists in Sheikh Jarah Solidarity group was being arrested for filming the soldiers, After he was taken to the police car, soldiers beat him and sprayed him with gas pepper. He was later taken to the hospital.

Picture: Settlers are siting comfortably in their settlement, filming the clashes that are happening close by. The movies are later given to police and secret service who uses them to identify and arrest those suspected of participating in the clashes.

Pictures at: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/03/28/18675765.php

Sheikh Jarrah

This Friday, March 25, at 3:00 PM in Sheikh Jarrah
Together we will stand, Jews and Arabs,
against discrimination and against terror in the streets.

While we were converging for the demonstration at the garden on the main road of the neighborhood we heard about the arrest and torture of Asaf Sharon in the Silwan activity. We than started a long march - few hundreds strong towards the police station where Asaf was taken afer medical treatment in the hospital emergency ward. Strangely, the only police presence was a few officers at the entrance to the police station. We made there our point for more than a hour till dispersed.

Demonstration, Mar 25, 2011 Amir Bitan pictures http://www.facebook.com

See http://awalls.org
See Previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
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