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(en) Happenings of the 5th Congress of the Libertarian Students Front in Chile, “Elliny Elliot Sepulveda”

Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 09:02:42 +0200

Memories and Reflections --- It was less than a year ago that we, comrades from the north and south, came together in the outskirts of Concepcion to bring about the 5th congress of our organization. 2011 is a year when students and the general people alike must confront the new onslaught of the Neoliberal model, we would like to share our reflections and memories that came about as fruit of discussion and collective, accumulated experience with the popular front. --- Why Ellini Eliot? --- In March of 2010, a ruthless disease tragically and abrublty snatched our comrade Ellini Eliot Sepulveda from us. Ellini fought with us in the city of Arica and all that had the privelige of sharing time in organization at her side deeply felt the loss of such an inexhaustible fighter. As a simple homage, from the FeL (Libertarian Students Front) we decided to remember this comrade naming our 5th congress in her name, maintaining the conviction that every fight that we start our comrade will be there with us in our minds and hearts.

Diversifying the alternatives of construction

Seeing that throughout the years, numerous comrades of the FeL, as individuals, have participated in organizations that go further than the clearly student protest, in this congress the FeL assumes the necessity of developing works in other sectors of the popular front. Our intention is to keep both feet firm in out places of study, betting that said works convert into concrete articulations between the student body and the rest of the popular movement, trying to permeate with a practical libertarianism and revolutionary potentialities and diverse interests of our own militancy and of the students in general.

The Project of Public Education

We believe it is necessary that the student and popular movement situate themselves within a project with greater reaching aims than the protests that year after year occur with in the education sphere. Our wager is to generate through the passion of the fight, in all the educationally linked sectors, a Project of Public Education that is consists as an expression of Popular Power from within the educational environment. Said project would take place through a series of orientations over an extended period of time bringing the protests and partial fights under a greater common strategy, understanding that the fight for a solidarity education with the interests of the majority reflects the fight for a new societal model.

In trying to contribute to the educational debate in every assembly and space of reflection, we consider the following to be some of the goals of that the project should assume:

*Understand Education as Civil Right, therefore, free, free access, without permitting profit in any of its forms, with 100% state financing with the understanding that the resources the state accumulates correspond to an usurption of collectively genrated wealth.

*Autonomy for the model of education, with interjections of the State, the market or the Church.

*Democracy, pariticipatory and horizontal, in the which all the educational sectors define equally the goals tha the project assumes.

*A socialized education, belonging to the popular front, whose north is to satisfy the real needs of the majority.

The aforementioned implies reassessing the target of our protests en the educational sphere that must confront the educational reforms that are being pushed forward by the privileged minority ouf this country who are trying to deepen the model of market education, in line with the current goals of social development, economic and politics within chile.

Strengthening in Unity from below the Student Movement

From our perspective, it is evident that the CONFECH and other traditional places of organizations of the student movement we find predominantly bureaucratic and clientele ideologies where a big part of the relevant decisions are settled in agreement with the interests of the political parties that surround the directories. The above, added to the absence of an organization that includes secondary schools, technical colleges, traditional and private universities, shows us the need to construct in the mean time an social organization with a national character where, under the logic of federation, horizontal organization and that stimulates democracy from the base. Let's converge all expressions of the organized student movement, in a way that we can collectively give form to the passion of the struggle, the Project of Public Education. From there, and in all places that we find ourselves, let us continue the wager to democratize existing organizations or creating new referendums that permit us to advance in strengthening the student movement that empowers itself.

Building Horizontal and Federalist Organizations

To create an organization under libertarian logic within a group where a level of affinity exists, or in a place of study or work doesn't take much work. However, to assume the same logic and tactics within an organization that intends to work on a national scale and work in a cohesive and coherent manner, creates a complex and difficult challenge. For traditional left organizations, maintaining coherency within their programs and the tactics used for implementation is easy. Under democratic centralism, it is enough to create hierarchical structures where the “base” militants have little or no say in the political definitions that the centralist organization assumes, giving the majority of the militants the mere execution of the programs being defined from above.

En the FeL, for our part, we have assume the challenge of building an organization from Arica to Osorno, under the daily logic where the goal of federalism, direct and horizontal democracy. In this congress, we have advanced in defining new, organic structures that permit us to deepen the political cohesion on the national level, ensuring at the same time, that decisions are realized from the bottom up, permitting all of the militancy to participate as equals in the definition of objectives, strategies and work of the organization.

With new imbalances, putting our shoulder into the fight of the popular front

One of the most relevant achievements of our 5th congress has been the heated debate and collective reflection within the mutual support and libertarian fraternity given to the dozens of militants that daily try to raise fighting references throughout the entire country, we have renewed the commitments to the enormous necessities and challenges of the popular front in search of building a reference that tries to provide, in a humble and sincere form, the construction of an alternative society based in popular auto-government and the self distribution of social wealth: libertarian communism.

Translated from original: http://ainfos.ca/ainfos21816.html
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