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(en) France, Alternative Libertair journal #2011 - Editorial: Sarko girl + Religions: The extreme left secular or atheist? (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 21:48:39 +0300

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Editorial: Sarko girl

There are times where the teeth are taken long fangs into the carpet ... that's what happened to the new rector of the Academy of Orleans-Tours. Only driven to lead the public education service of the Centre Region, it took it spreads in the local press remarks worthy of the most uninhibited Sarkozyism.

What would one not to exist.

GuÃant plagiarizing, the rector explained that school results are much better "if we remove children from the statistics of immigration." Worse, she could not help regretting that "the intelligence of young people from immigrant" is used to "get into mischief." Ah, the rogues! It will be understood, "the young immigrant background" is definitely a "problem" for the Rector ...

But the young swarthy rest assured, he is not alone! For the said Rector, Prof. lax, "too politicized" (and necessarily left) is a cancer eating away the vitality of the academy. Magnant sexist concepts with the agility of mind worthy of the big heads, the rector did not hesitate to declare that it was the teachers' too mothering "with the pupils and they needed to express the" father nature " education, encouraging them to distribute "kicked in the butt."

And to be complete, it was still clear that "not one president left," she was there to "save jobs". Let us hope that students, parents, employees and their unions will make him a welcome!

Alternative libertarian, July 2, 2011


Religions: The extreme left secular or atheist?

The extreme left would it be more convincing if she refrained from criticizing some systems of oppression like - random - religions? She would get bogged down in its insurmountable contradictions.
It was believed the debate set: = revolutionary atheist. But reasoning on the basis of evidence provided some surprises. Identity fueled the controversy in France by the extreme right that the report revealed religions was not taken in the same way by the various revolutionary currents. In some organizations like the NPA, there is growing recognition that it is unnecessary or even annoying to promote atheism and it would be better to stick to a strict principle of secularism.

Answers to some ideas in fashion.

1) A revolutionary organization must be a reflection of society. There are believers and believers in society, so they must admit.

Be revolutionary is to fight against all oppressions of class, sexist, racist, and furthermore technocratic religion. It is difficult to imagine an organization offering to "their place" to believers and believers, even as the fight against the religious institution and more broadly against the religious illusion is a cornerstone of its fight. Doing so would be to mislead the members and members by giving up the fight without saying anti-religious, or to take this fight while welcoming believers and believers would be door-to-fake.

Ideally, a revolutionary organization can count among its ranks of believers and believers as long as faith remains a private matter, and is not emphasized in the activities or in the debates. And therefore the anti-religious dimension of revolutionary struggle is not questioned.

2) fractions of the proletariat are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and this does not prevent them from being revolted by the social situation ... Do not push them into the arms of the right by attacking their culture.

We must not confuse everything. We distinguish between churches and their reactionary doctrine of the mass of the faithful. These are found in the struggle not as believers, but as oppressed, and it is this plan that we address them and to them. The struggles raise the level of political consciousness. While some religions are a protest against the injustice, the revolt ends where the preservation of social order in which they are one of the pillars.

To challenge it, it's not attacking a culture is to exercise a right to criticize beneficial because it addresses the root problems. The ratio of revolutionary believers and believers are necessarily contradictory. It is open from the moment one is on the sole ground of class solidarity. It is critical from the time when religion goes out of bounds for private claim to occupy the public space.

3) If a revolutionary organization of believers can count among its ranks, it would be discriminatory not to allow, for example, represent the organization.

All revolutionary organizations, atheists, have relied at some point a few believers and believers. This does not prevent activists will each have the same rights when it is consistent, in broad terms with the basic principles, values ââand the political project of the organization.

Which is inconsistent is to put the same plan in his political, religious identity and a revolutionary militancy. Take the example of AL. It would not be possible to argue while opposing "personal conviction" to abortion rights. The case is not as incongruous as it seems. In Brazil, the Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (PSOL), which found the Trotskyists of the Fourth International, is open to Catholic anti-abortion, as was its presidential candidate in 2006, Heloisa Helena.

Similarly, display of insignia marking his faith is obviously contrary to the values ââand the revolutionary struggle. This is a point of disagreement with the NPA, which believes that a member or may appear so from the moment he is in agreement with the party program ... program that, logically, is prohibited from reporting of religious systems. The case of the candidate Ilham MoussaÃd however, showed that there was a gap between theory and practice, much of the NPA did not stand to be represented by a person wearing a symbol of subjugation of women.

4) Religions in themselves are neither good nor bad. These are the political regimes that are exploiting to dominate the population. In addition there are emancipatory religious currents, such as Liberation Theology.

The instrumentalization of religion by the states is a constant, but it is far from being one-sided. If states use religious institutions to divide and channel the masses, they are also lobbying in the states. There are countless claims of censorship in movies, literature, song, theater, artistic creations, the pressure to prevent legislation on same-sex parents, or even to require that, in the school curriculum, the "creationism "(the creation of man and beast by a god) is taught on par with the Darwinian evolution of species!

The Liberation Theology in Latin America, is perhaps the religious movement that has gone furthest in anti-capitalism. In Brazil, the libertarian communists side by side in the struggles of activists and militants influenced by this current. Provided there is debate about the social project, the vision of the world and the alliances made by this current. The Liberation Theology is a theology, that is to say, a "discourse about God," which adheres to the principle of a higher authority to human beings, who must lead his life. This explains that its members accept the principle of authority and allegiance to a reformist state socialism rather (Lula) and authoritarian (Cuba) as libertarian.

5) Basically, what is annoying is that the anti-religious propaganda is archaic and intolerant.

If there is a value that does not really stick with religions is tolerance. Inquisition, wars, persecution, homophobia, misogyny, prohibited, dogmatism, sectarianism ... the list is endless. Consider that it is "intolerant" of criticism of religions therefore chuckle. As for the archaic, it characterizes quite religious systems, which are rooted in fear of deadly face the mysteries of nature. Religions provide an answer probably comforting but is fantasy. There is nothing archaic to criticize it!

Laurent Esquerre (AL Paris Nord-Est)
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