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(en) Puerto Rico, EL unltumo - Buletin of the anarchist collective Libertarian Action (Accion Libertaria) (ca)

Date Sun, 16 Jan 2011 23:44:52 +0200

Reflections on the fight and the future for an anarchist Puerto Rico. ---- ‘We reject all legislation, all authority, all attempts for privileges, of titles and power, all official and legal influence, even when it has been established through universal suffrage. We reject them because we are convinced that such things can only be beneficial for a dominating minority of exploiters at the cost of the enslaved majority.” ---- “To escape their miserable state, the people have three paths: two are imaginary and one real. The first two are the bar and the church; the third is Social Revolution.” Mikhail A. Bakunin. ---- Puerto Rico, this small Antilles Island, is having serious problems just like the rest of the world. We have a fascist, corrupt, neo-liberal and statist governor who wants us to become another pathetic state in the United States of America; furthermore, his party controls the House of Representatives, the Senate and even the Judiciary, using them for his own monetary interests.

With this power that has been monopolized, since he took power of the Colonial State of Puerto Rico, and for himself the lands and natural resources, as well as the rights that the people have fought long and hard to obtain for a better way of life. Among these things, the Governor Fortuno started his term in office firing 30 thousand public employees and then, he followed this by taking the land from the poor, and the latent attempt to construct a gas line that benefits no one, seeing that it is unnecessary, and will lead to the destruction of the most fertile lands of the country and a great danger for all Puerto Rican citizens. On top of that, the educational disqualification of the Law School of Puerto Rico (Colegio de Abogados de P.R.); which is an attempt to destroy the University of Puerto Rico, which is the only public university in the country, and one, if not the only one, space of open debate and thought that is left.

The student and communities, with their respective coordinators; seeing that the unions (especially the leaders who have only passed the buck) Have left us the final option of taking up the work of preparing the fight, but we are still few and they are selling our small island piece by piece, sometimes it seems that what we do is not enough, but this is my point: the moment is here when we must prepare ourselves to use the last resource that we have in this fight of oppressed masses, oppressed by capitalist governments. Seeing that all of our victories gained by strikes, marches, dialogues and negotiations have failed, we will have to use this last recourse that is left for all human beings who feel corralled and yearn to transform their destiny: Stop! These words are problematic for the partisan fight of this colonial country and, in these moments that I think them before writing them, they are subversive and illegal. Then what are they?


These words, even more than words, they are the manifestations of human behavior throughout human history. If you look to the past revolutions you will find them present, for good or bad, one must know for which side they are used and for what interest. Why believe this country is different? Why believe that such manifestations are bad? We must see how the poor can rise up in a world where they are being oppressed by those who have and you will see that if it is not for these methods, they cannot transform their destiny and society.

I add a personal note. My name is not important. I am just on more person among many who have had to search for a mouthful through diverse way, some legal and others no, but personally I am not embarrassed for I feel no respect for the law. I do not think it is unjust, that if I need something that I should not be able to obtain it due to my lack of money, even more so, if it is a necessity that I am forced to need. I am explaining this because I believe that it is imperative for this movement and the world to reevaluate and redefine what is just and what is unjust, what is constructive, what is natural and unnatural, and what is destructive; in reality by who and for whom is the law made, in short I would like to ask, why obey the law?

From birth to death, we are controlled by notions that are not necessarily certain, but as we are taught from childhood, and in daily life it is assumed to be normal obey these notions, many cannot see further than these ideas repeated, obeyed, absorbed and observed as if they were an irrefutable and necessary reality, as if it was the only way, the only. You know what? They are bull shit. It’s always been a lie, an abnormality. Neither god nor the virgin are going to save you from the reality of the world. The state, which sets the laws, does not function.

We will not win this fight legally, the enemy is the same who controls the laws. If we wish to win this fight we need to arm ourselves, not only with courage, but with weapons. Why should this be a scandal? Does the government not use the police to suppress those who oppose and denounce it, using weapons against the citizens they have sworn to protect, and in the end we are the ones paying their salaries through obligatory taxes that they have discounted from you check before it even reaches your hands? Don’t let violence syrpise you, this country is become more and more violent. What should surprise you is how this same violence, can open the way for our objective, it presents us with a new way to obtain the social transformation that we need, so that we, the poor, have a world of equality, fraternity and freedom.

I say we have waited too long, that we must use this world and island crisis to open the eyes of the blind, to incite the question of whether this state is what we want or not. This can be achieved through different ways, and one is that which is being promoted by the legal politics that Grece has spoen of in the forum for the first time, and the other is direct action that brinigs a social revolution.

Enough with this fear! Let us eradicate conformism! Who is the majority the people or the politicos with their police? The answer is obvious, and I tell you that few things are impossible.

It is indespensible for the fight in the present Puerto Rico to augment our numbers and move towards militancy and also to begin the preparations of bringing about an armed fight. We must obtain the one thing the enemy has that can beat us, weapons!

Why can they and not you? Why live without self-determination? I must say that I am sick of being a slave. That is all… And you?

The blog of La Accion Libertaria can be accessed to view the original of this and previous posts; and also to know more about the collective:

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