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(en) Mexico, Five years after the assassination of 65 miners

Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 11:28:45 +0200

Pasta de Conchos --- The bodies of the assassinated miners calls us to fight against Capital! --- Five years after the massacre in Pasta de Conchos, from the OPAR we demand the punishment of those guilty, as much for that of Minera Mexico as for the state and federal government. The insulting impunity appreciated even after five years of the mine explosion, and the fact that there are still having “accidents” in the mining zone of Coahuila, this clearly tells us that for the governments and the bosses, we as workers are nothing but disposable pieces, replaceable at a low cost. --- In light of this contempt for life that has been manifested by the capitalists and the state, our only option continues to be the revolutionary fight, through the simultaneous construction of the organization of the masses and that of protest: and the militant construction of the revolutionary anarchist organization. --- For this reason, we present the documents distributed by the OPAR and the ACL (organization that proceeded and the OPAR) that have to do with the massacre of Pasta de Conchos in 2006 and 2009.

65 miners die in Cohauila for negligence of management

Revenge for those fallen through unity and the working class fight!

The mine “Pasta de Conchos”, in San Juan Sabinas, Coahuila has been in the past few days the scene of the most tragic happenings of the which the working class has been a victim in Mexico in the last few years. In the morning of Sunday the 19th of February, concentrations of gas caused an explosion in the mine, killing 65 miners that were trapped by the resultant debris. The workers had been warned days before that the concentrations of gas had been found but the were obligated to work by their bosses. Of all the victims, 40 were subcontractors meaning they only had a temporary contract alleviating the company of the obligation to pay social security, or to be liable for their safety. The miners did not die by accident, they were killed by the greed and robbery of the Grupo Industrial Minera Mexico. The working class cannot help but feel repudiation for this and all the other attacks by the bosses against our class. In occasions such as these, it is obvious that there is not, nor can there be any unity between workers and bosses. Each one represents realities and interests that are opposites, we find ourselves in the middle of a great battle, of the fight between two classes, and this fight must inevitably be won by the working class meaning the proletariat and the poor and marginal. While the bourgeois keep living by exploiting the worker; while the keep paying us a miserable salary; while there continues to be workplace accidents, such as this one that cost the lives of our brothers the miners; the reasons will be abundant to organize and fight. Our syndicates are our tools. Let's use them! Let's expel the bureaucrats and make a front against the bosses, where there are no unions, Let's create them! Now is the time, we cannot lose not even one more minute, nor another life.

For the solidarity of the exploited of the world!

There has not been an accident, but an assassination by the management!

Libertarian Communist Alliance (Alianza Comunista Libertaria)

Mexico. February 2006

Three years since Pasta de Conchos

Punishment for the management, government and murderous leaders of the 65 miners!

The blood of the 65 murdered miners in Pasta de Conchos, Coahuila three years ago, keeps running and demanding a justice that cannot be given in the courts of the bosses. In Pasta de Conchos, the interest of profits for the Grupo Minera Mexico obligated the workers to go underground without secure working conditions, without the appropriate equipment and in total worker exploitation. The government knew and knows, this is how the majority of the working centers continue to function where we millions of workers labor and the government does nothing to affect the bosses. The bureaucrats of the mining union knew what was happening, and the cowardly quieted the situation, equally in our centers of work the bureaucratic leaders serve the bosses.

The unity and the fight of the workers must continue from within the centers of work to avoid the continuation of these homicidal bosses. The shadow of the 65 fallen miners in Pasta de Conchos reminds us daily that there is no justice for the workers. The bosses and government are our enemies. We are in a confrontation, in a class war which we, the workers, must win. Their violence we see daily as they exploit us for hunger wages, through the inflation of products and services, the growing number of unemployed, against what they call “workplace accidents” and what we know to be murder of our colleagues from day to day. For the bull shit leaders of the unions, we must expel them, reconstructing our unions with the true tools of class war, such as a bottom up organization, democrats and assemblies that defend our true interests.

We cannot remain silent while this situation continues. Now is the time to organize and fight with our weapons, meaning strikes, sabotaging production, road blocks, etc. The Impunity in Pasta de Conchos is the clearest example that we cannot trust the bosses or governments, and only through the fight of the people can the people be saved. In this fight only one can be victorious, it will be us, the workers.

We will not forget our dead! We will not forgive their murders! Revenge them!

Fight, Win, Power to the workers!

The Popular Organization of Anarchist Revolutionaries (OPAR) is a group of political class workers and combatants, that fight to build from the base of popular power an organization that is capabalbe of fighting the state and capital, to give way to the Social Revolution. The OPAR strikes with its guide and method of action as those of Principle Bukunism, and fight from a International Proletariat perspective. The OPAR is first and foremost a fighting detachment and opens its rank to all who are willing to join the fight for socialism and freedom.


Popular Organization of Anarchist Revolutionaries



Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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