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(en) France, Alternating Current* #215 - Libya - A certain future: oil under the sand on the beach sharks [machine translation]

Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 12:49:49 +0200

After the mass destruction of all infrastructure of Libya, the total destruction of cities and the establishment of bloody chaos everywhere, it's time for the Libyans to count the dead, wounded, to clean the country piles of debris from bombed buildings and also the corpses rotting in the sun, thinking about what to do weapons, prisoners and wounded which fulfill hospitals without equipment and know how to exercise freedom found after 40 years of submission. ---- Ares ten months of war, massacres and intervention of the most powerful army in the world, the curtain fell on the Libyan revolt. ---- NATO has made ââ his last speech, his last bomb dropped at 8:30 in the morning of 20 October in Sirte on a convoy of thirty cars fleeing the city completely reduced to ashes. The "monster" is hit but not dead, insurgents are responsible for the execution of Gadhafi, his son, the defense minister and all the wounded, and then displays it in a van through their bodies the city.

For four days in a cold room on a foam mattress, the body of Gaddafi is exposed, then buried in an undisclosed location deep in the desert: the end of the game, everyone is relieved, no legal hassles, no wasted time or unnecessary anxiety on the relationship between the tyrant and embarrassing the saviors of the Libyan people. On October 23 the winners of the National Transitional Council (CNT) have their victory in Benghazi by the official statement for the Liberation of Libya, the discourse of Mustapha Abdul Jalil will remain in the annals of history by its mediocrity and lack vision of political and social
discourse catastrophic for the country's image and that of the revolt of the people who paid for expensive, with nearly 30 000 deaths. In this speech, he declared that Libya is a Muslim country, that Sharia is the source of legislation and that consequently all laws contrary to Shari'a are canceled. He finds no better example than the law on polygamy law was not repealed completely contrary to what the press says. This law was only restricted polygamy, by a series of constraints, one of them is the necessary agreement of the woman when the husband decides to marry another wife. The next day, Mr. Abdel Jalil tries to reassure stating that Libya is a country "moderate."


As for the hypocrisy of the media and the outrage displayed on all the circumstances of the performance of Ka-Dhafer and his son, be aware that these executions are common throughout the ten months of war. The first executions took place in early March 2011, considered the African mercenaries in the pay of Gaddafi. Recently an armed group from Zintan off at a hospital in Tripoli to complete an injured left for dead, the armed group responsible for defense of the hospital stops, a fight takes place in the corridors of the hospital for hours with the result: three dead and several wounded. Several cases have been reported by journalists and organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, bodies found shot dead with a bullet to the head, hands tied, in Bab Al Azizia, Tripoli, Misrata, Beni Walid, without Sirte forget ... Many atrocities are looting houses, cars fire up ser-terror survivors and going to open the graves of the family of Gaddafi in Sirte, leaving the remains of his mother and burn - information revealed by Algerian newspaper Ennahar nothing. A report of the United Nations reported 7,000 prisoners, mostly Africans suspected of being mercenaries, among them women and children and are held either in prisons or in various lo-cal as schools , the en-TrÃpot, without trial or lawyers in deplorable living conditions. After his capture on November 19 in the south, following a termination, Saif Al Islam is reduced to Zintan by air where he arrived in a group-surg wanted to lynch him, but he was protected so that only not repeat the same thing as his father. He had three fingers severed, following NATO air strikes, in his own words Rap-ties by a reporter present in the plane that brought him back to Zintan, this is unlikely as it was bleeding in the plane and remembers that in one of the last speeches he threatened the in-emerges from his index. The Libyans account ren-dent that the revolution is over, with the latter danger has passed for the fear of Saif Al Islam Libyans was based: it still had a capacity for harm, he has money and the faithful, especially in the South but in other cities also, for the supporters of the old regime did not fade in the sun. But there is still one last danger posed by the weapons in circulation throughout the country and this is just beginning, person today is ready to drop his weapon, especially in Tripoli where peace is maintained by the balance of terror. The members of the CNT-SES are 31 to 56 members appointed or pa-rachutÃs or winning for themselves, no one knows how these newcomers arrived there, they do not know them. After de-Mahmoud Jibril's mission challenged, the CNT was elected by 21 votes to Mr. Abel Rahim Elkib Prime Minister to form a government, charged with eight months of pre-pare the elections to elect a Constituent Assembly did 200 members who in turn will form a govern-ment and draft a constitution. M. A. Elkib, academician trained in the United States and businessman, is struggling to form a provisional government. After the implementa-tion of Gaddafi, the contradictions, the ri-valitÃs and political ambitions of the leaders of the CNT-surfacing of my disturbing manner despite the co-lossales tasks that lie ahead. WITHOUT A WAR SOLDIERS

After NATO halted its intervention on October 31 at 23:59, is considering another form of intervention to help the Libyans to build a "democratic state" with institutions, army, police and justice inde-pendent. More than a hundred experts of all kinds fill the large hotels in Tripoli and Benghazi to help the CNT to get out of this mess, experts in the banking and financial sectors in oil prices, experts on the laws international experts of American-cans to search for weapons, in par-ticular anti-aircraft missiles that have disappeared of deposits, etc.. The comparable oil companies and businesses of all kinds have continued to be al-l-back to preserve their position and wealth from the Libyan soil. The repre-sentatives of French companies, Eng-lish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and American, all are now negotiate contracts in all do-weeks: oil, construction, education, health, technology, weaponry, civil aviation, ports, etc.. The NATO operation called "Unified Protector" Libya is a test, a full scale rehearsal to test some weapons and evidence of effectiveness, but also testing a new strategy, that of a soldier war without using the popu-lations as local army or as occupying army, useful test for other operations to come to Syria for instance - also feedback from Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to the military, there is the aspect commercial or the operation served as a showcase to show off the latest finds technological armaments and rapid destruction, a sort of Paris Air Show in situ! This is the Delegate General for Armaments, Laurent Collet-Billon said that himself, September 6 at the Summer University of Defence in Rennes: "In business terms, there is no best demonstration of this type of event "(Le Monde, 10/27/11). After the whirlwind tour, Libya on 15 September, the President of the French Republic, a governmental delegation led by Pierre Lelouch tale ac-companied and 80 representatives of French companies moved to sign contracts.

The market is open

Although oil facilities were spared during the war, both by forces loyal to Gaddafi by the rebels, the production and the export of oil was stopped-rant of this period not only because of the war, but also because of international sanctions against the regime of Gaddafi. Currently activities are functioning at 40% of their pre-war level. The only damage was caused by NATO strikes on Messler, an oil field located to the east. The most optimistic say that by June 2012, production will return to its level before the events of 1.6 million barrels / day. ENI (Italy), TOTAL (France) and Repsol (Spain) have begun to send their technicians (only in the offshore sites that are safer), but about 2000 technicians who left the country, twenty-seu parliaments have returned. The full recovery of production depends on future events and the ability of CNT to restore calm and stability necessary for the functioning of capitalism. Libya with more than 46 billion ba-IDHL is the largest oil reserves in Africa, it is always been coveted by major companies-American and European American. But under Gaddafi there has always been a kind of frustration due under contracts that proved beneficial to some companies and the international embargo lifted only in 2006. Libyan oil is still available and the companies hope that politicians will help them obtain contracts more interest-ing. Sarkozy, Cameron and H. Clinton went on site and for that reason alone. Mr. Scaroni, Executive Director-ENI, met the head of the CNT in April, he arrived in a helicopter just taken off from a warship Italian. He clearly said: "Libya is a country where we want to be and stay, and want to increase our production. ". ENI currently pump 208,000 barrels of oil giants jour.Les Diri-NATO post their entire his-isfaction about the success of the operation to protect the Libyan popula-tion, stating that the goal is achieved without losses - the Libyans do not competent in these statistics. How would he Gaddafi Libyans killed in Benghazi without the intervention of NATO? Many, say going to war, he would have shaved Benghazi but you can not make history after the fact and the facts are there: 30 000 dead real and not hypothetical, for an operation of protection we can show skeptic about the success of the company ... Ap-parent this is not essential, the intervention of the NATO-comes even taboo in many and varied discussions that cross the Jamahiriya society today. It's never a good time to reflect on important issues, the urgency was to get rid of Qaddafi, after his execution, the urgency is the unity and recon-ciliation of the country and the establishment of institutions. Obviously the term nation building, the building of a state with its equipment, its institutions and officials which is the first project implemented since Octo-ber 20, with all that goes with it - in other words, power struggles, rivalries between people, ideological trends, alliances and compromises, ... The second site that is clear for a state worthy of the name is the creation of a national army, responsible for ger protected the country against enemies real or imagined, but also to monitor the borders to prevent the passage immigrants from across Africa to drink the oil from Libya and eat their bread. The Libyan army, after the monarchy after 1951, gave the Libyan Colonel Gaddafi who managed to ser-reversal regime in 1969. In countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, the army is the first force to re-pressure and their main function is to maintain the regime, repre-sea populations. Libya much of the oil money was used massive amounts of weapons. The CNT and the new army

From the beginning of the insurgency, February 15, the CNT formed a new army with General Younis at its head, who was assassinated a few months later. Currently the army is still in training and conflict ap-seem to control it. At a meeting at Beida, the birthplace of General assassinated, 150 army officers in the region have appointed Mr. Khalifa Hafter as Chief of Staff, also a former Force Gaddafi. A former colonel in the Libyan army, captured by the Chadians during the war in the 80s and then evacuated by the Americans saw the United States until March 2011, the date on which-he joined the rebels, it is not surprising it is suspected by the insurgents to be the man in the CIA or American (another one!). The integration of different armed groups in the ar-firmed remains a national problem whose solution will depend on the personality of the person to be appointed chief of the army. What is the point of an army? Massacres the population, make a coup, like starting wars in Chad, control a people's revolution as in Egypt, squandering the wealth of the country with arms dealers? If Libya does not need an army above that NATO is there to save the people in case of danger ... Armed groups are wary of the army of the CNT and testify, it is com-SÃe mainly former officers of Gaddafi. Naker Abdallah, head of the armed groups ("Revolutionaries") in Tripoli told Reuters Wednesday, November 16 that "if the new government does not suit us, we are ready to overthrow him by force." The next Thursday, November 17, he met representatives of revolutionary Benghazi and in a joint state-ment they ask Mr. Alkib not to ignore their demands are firstly to be present in government and bodies Diri-giant the new Libyan army, and also their refusal to the appointment of Mr. Hafter, as chief of staff, deferring the appointment after the formation of a provisional government, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, military governor of Tripoli, held a military parade im-pressive in the city and also request that people who took up arms are represented in government. M Alkib him, running in every direction to try to form a government by continuing to say that it will consist of "technocrats", a buzzword around at the moment. This government has something to do, the first task of reconciliation of the Libyans, including in regions that have supported Qaddafi as Sirte and Walid Ben and have paid dearly for their Fide-ity, and disarmament groups di- verse and varied inventory of unimaginable quantities of arms depot over the country, accessible to all, and also working to ensure the its-lar officials, measures to revive oil production, in short, IT act of building a country-by shooting that with a zero handicap of size that is not the legitimacy of the CNT, their political amateurism and their support-mission of experts from NATO and the UN not to mention influence, publicly challenged, Qatar, which is present in all the political ac-tual. Finally, Wednesday 23 Novem-ber after months of negotiations and contacts, M Elkib announced the composition of the first government after the Libyan Qadhafi era, consisting of 24 half-ters, including two women. This com-position gave rise to the satisfaction of the armed groups of insurgents as they have obtained the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior. However in some Berbers feel betrayed and show their hostility to the govern-ment and announced the freezing of their collaboration with the CNT until further notice.


The ten months of war have cost the Libyan company in addition to the 30,000 dead and thousands wounded and disabled, $ 3 billion in debt to near-NATO, according to estimates from various sources: 1 billion advanced by the United States, 500 million by Britain, France by 400 million and 1 billion by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait, not to mention investments in Libya, which fell $ 4 billion in 2010 to 500,000,000 in 2011 dollars, we must also add the total loss of oil revenues pen-ing the war.

Despite this, life is gradually re-people-ence back to work, children go to school, shops reopen, the associa-tions are formed, newspapers, ra-dios are emerging and political parties are beginning to appear, and also / and the internal contradictions in a society begin to emerge. There are demonstrations of any kind to claim the LSC reforms of the university, hospital, etc.. Families of injured organized together to demand proper care and sending serious cases abroad. The wounded from the hospital in Benghazi demonstrate outside the headquarters of the CNT with their hospital beds to denounce abuse and lack of medical drugs. The Berbers appear in Tripoli calling for the entrenchment of the Berber and Tuareg in southern Libya are demanding the right to obtain Libyan nationality, which they are re-fuse for 40 years. Women create associations and November 13 was held a conference on 3 days at the initiative of the group "Voice of Libyan women," they organize conferences, round tables to discuss issues concerning problems that women face during this period. Thousands of in-surges that joined the army of CNT re-claim their wages in arrears six months, radical Islamists show their support for the statement of Mr. Abdeljalil on Shariah ...

In summary, the Libyan society comes alive after 42 years of social pressure and re-discovered the possibility of sor-shooting in the streets to demand their rights. On the other hand, large landowners, that Gaddafi had confiscated their rented accommodation, are beginning to demand the return of their properties. In some cases, they use armed men to help remove families that Gaddafi had given these houses as part of the operation, "the house belongs to one who lives." As the state is Tota-tion collapsed, there is always positive in the absence of state power and thus virtually all services are currently free: phone, internet, water, electricity ... when it works!

All these efforts to replace a madman with crazy, but we can console themselves by saying that the event took place, that nothing will ever be, that Libyan society is running, and a revolution remains to be done ... Saud Salem,
Toulouse, November 23, 2011
* Monthly of Anarchist-Communist Libertar OCL
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