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(en) France, La'Mond Liberteir, The Winter Special issue #43 - Israel outraged By P. Sommermeyer (fr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 07:52:21 +0200

Israel against Gaza, Israel and the wall, Israel and the occupied territories, Israel against Fatah, Israel and the indignant, looking for intruders! This is what we all said when one morning, or rather one evening the tents have sprung up in the middle of Tel Aviv, on the main boulevard of the capital. But what does it then that we did not see? The surprise was complete for both the Israeli leadership for the anti-Zionists, supporters of the Palestinian cause, that certainly the Israeli population itself. In seeking to understand the origins of the phenomenon I was reduced to something very trivial, a history of breakfast. The cheese and the tent in June 2011. A debate is raging in the country. The price of this cheese, the "cottage cheese" specific Israeli breakfast has just undergone a price increase unreasonable.

A boycott was launched on Facebook by a user and collect 100,000 signatures. This will be one of the largest national daily. In a country subject to permanent injunctions military-style, anything goes. July 2011. A young woman of 25 years set up his tent in a square in Tel Aviv, at the same time it opens a page on Facebook and invite everyone, or those with housing problems to join. The next day, 15 fifty tents are installed on Rothschild Boulevard. The 16 students' union joins the occupants. The 17 is the turn of Hashomer Hatsair (The Young Guard), a Zionist youth movement from left to proclaim his support. 23, a demonstration in support of bringing tens of Thousands of people across the city. The next day a thousand people march on parliament in Jerusalem, forcing the Prime Minister said he will make every effort to resolve the housing problem. 28 held the first "walking strollers" attended by thousands of parents who are protesting against the high cost of raising children. During the month of August the movement will spread throughout the country. Protesters will occupy empty buildings and launch a movement of squat. There will even be a manifestation of a hundred right-wing activists who denounce the "anarchist dimension of leftist protest against the housing situation."

At the beginning of September the project to organize a "march of a million" originates. Half a million demonstrators will travel Israel September 3 with more than three hundred thousand in Tel Aviv. Three days after city officials are sent to clean up the boulevard tents. They are greeted by shouts accusing them of being "Nazi officer in uniform." This will lead to violent clashes. On the 27th of that month Netanyahu agrees to submit a plan for solving the problem. The tents will completely disappear on 3 October. This will not prevent tens of thousands of protesters to occupy the streets at the end of that month. In early August the Prime Minister had appointed an expert, Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, to form a commission and present solutions. What was for him a way to bury the problem temporarily. For he had at hand other ideas to trim away the public. The "shocked" them, for their part had formed another committee. The reasons for the anger Israel is the richest country in the Middle East, except for oil producing countries. In these calculations are made ââgenerally on the basis of residents 'official'.

Why do people of this country are so unhappy? For at least three reasons, one of which did not occur during these events. According to the Israeli social security 123 500 people passed under the poverty line in 2009. This amounts to 1,774,800 the number of people below the poverty line of a total of 7,624,600. This includes almost a quarter of the population. Yet only 6-7% of the population is unemployed, which clearly means that the working poor are the majority of this social stratum that has more than enough to live decently according to authorities. Secondly, and this must seem unfair to many, this strikes mostly Jewish Israelis. The other scourge of this country is corruption. In this ultra democratic country, where every party can dream of one day becoming the backbone of a coalition, then it is still missing one or two seats for a majority, money is king.

The newspaper Haaretz Israel is left at 30th among the most corrupt countries in the world out of 178 countries considered. Unlike many other countries such as Qatar, Haiti and Gambia, the situation in Israel is not improving. One example among others: Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister from 2006 to 2009, was charged with fraud, embezzlement, forgery and tax evasion. He is accused of receiving a bribe of 3.5 million schekels to facilitate a hotel project called Holyland ...

I can not resist good measure, recalling a former head of state, Moshe Katsav, charged with rape and sexual harassment was sentenced to seven years in prison. Meanwhile the number of millionaires grew by 20.6%! The solutions to this social crisis So two commissions have addressed this problem. It is difficult to see the differences. The diagnosis is shared, the exorbitant cost of housing and living standards fall are the reasons for the revolt. The chairman of the commission official, economist Manuel Trajtenberg, goes on to say "This is serious and requires serious social change in Israel" and calls for sharing the fruits of growth ...

The youngest member of this commission, Shahar Cohen, himself, accuses the leaders of the movement to seek ever more without realizing it that deep in the pockets of the population that the state and its leader will find something satisfy them. He said too few people pay the tax there may be flexibility. The commission is headed by the alternative deputy governor of the Bank of Israel and a teacher Ben-Gurion University, Yossif Yonah . The latter said: "We believe that our leaders have forgotten that the economy must serve the nation. A banana republic is in the process is to develop before our eyes bewildered. "Some of the current political leaders have found the solution to the issue of housing. Just build more in the colonies in Palestinian territory. This proposal makes sense, especially since all these commissions and other experts are careful not to mention the Israeli number one economic problem, the war. The indignation and War The prerequisite to gather so many people was not to the war against the Arabs a point of discussion and therefore block.

It was obvious that from the time when the debate on the budget commits the issue of "defense" arose. remember some numbers. From 1950 to 1966 Israel spent 9% of its GDP on the military. This increased to 24% in the eighties and returned to 9% after the signing of peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. In 2008 the defense budget amounted to $ 16 billion. Today, according to figures from the U.S. government, the Israeli military budget is 16% of the total budget and grow by nearly three billion dollars a year by 2018. Over forty percent of this amount goes to salaries and pensions of civil and military personnel of the Ministry of Defence. In this context the small cuts that Netanyahu says he wants to appear with incredible boldness ...

The religious reaction is difficult to see the relationship that may exist between the free speech that emerged during this movement and the echo of that more and more extreme claims of the religious ultra-Orthodox. Note, however, building pressure in many areas of life that seemed so far out of this problem. Women have begun the fight to be able to sit where they want inside the bus, in doing so they oppose the campaign waged by the ultra orthodox Jews MÃaSahrim. These men, want to force women to get behind so as not to be them polluted. The army, she must deal with these young cadets who leave the ranks, when during an official ceremony of female soldiers began to sing. Unclean, they say!

The pressure for a "real" Judaism is becoming stronger. The end of the movement? There are only a few tents on Rothschild Boulevard. The latest manifestation of anger held October 30 and was attended by just over 20,000 people in Tel Aviv. The danger is over for now. Netanyahu has the ultimate weapon against any social movement: national unity against the danger outside.

There were at first Palestinian laborers in New York for them to provide a place and the Iranian nuclear threat. In a very interesting article in the monthly QED October Warchawski Michel spoke of the possibility of a provocation on the Lebanese front. The Israeli leadership has found better organizing the hype of a possible bombing of Iranian nuclear power plant by Israeli warplanes. It is clear in this case the benefits on the home front that pull the power on both sides. The Stalinists of old have spoken of "objective complicity". This is the case. A government offensive against Israeli peace has just been launched. They are accused of being foreign agents. The authority seeks to silence them through a new law against the financing of associations. It is clear that only the meeting between the social movement of indignation and groups who are fighting against the occupation of Palestine could lead to a positive future.
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