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(en) France, La'Mond Liberteir, The Winter Special issue #43 - The merchants of lies, by Mr. Silberstein (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 25 Dec 2011 17:20:27 +0200

When I am rich, I'll pay a fur coat dog: a chronic lacunar world backwards ---- The election in which Barnum exhibit themselves of UMP, the PS and the Dutch FN peaked in ganacherie and intellectual poverty 1 . UMP tries to hide his incompetence and his pathetic defense of economic liberalism by aping the FN , thanks to the Minister GuÃant, his confidant Arno Klarsfeld 2 and its outrageous quartet, the Right People, this bunch of rednecks smelling the F-rance - while the FN operates a tragic kidnapping ideological collecting the consent of those facing the liberal daily more scornful and destructive, turning yet to another boot that crushes them already. Complices terrorist white collar, the stock exchanges and trading rooms, the Standard Poor's, Moody's and Fitch Ratings 3 , the medium (within the meaning of the word mafia) international banking, the UMP (Union of transgressors masters) and its leader have undertaken with the assistance of the diligent servants and uneducated mass media, to organize a large-scale propaganda:

1) economic measures most hostile to those who are already victims of chronic and cumulative multiple successive crises that beset the people for forty years, since the first oil shock, inaugural moment of the neoliberal offensive,

2) the nuclear power industry by systematically ridiculing alternative energy projects. "The return to the candle," is what Sarkozy predicted if the socialist plan of a partial disposal of nuclear power - far from being radical - is adopted. For this government The UMP and its activists and 170 000 million voters, the poor are lazy and fraudsters, patients profiteers seeking to rob Social Security, thus undermining the foundations of the "French social model." These assertions the die, would they be somewhat watered down in official speeches of the leaders of this country, however, are the backbone of the dominant ideology. A minister, the evanescent Wauquiez (currently in charge of Higher Education and research, after Secretary of State for Employment), who in 2010 lamented the "excesses of the assistantship, [...] cancer in French society", has just published a book "finely" entitled The Struggle the middle classes. The irony of history is indeed a rich man's sport ... This odious metaphor of social cancer is the decal an absurd situation where a doctor faced with a cancer, it seems, with a certain condescension "Help yourself and heaven will help you" or, in a less spiritual and more in tune with the thinking of the MEDEF, "Move your ass, lazy, and your cancer will cure itself, because when you want it can. "Liberalism is characterized by many economists as an intellectual fraud, where the work Diafoirus who not only practice the mass bloodletting, but inoculate smallpox and plagues of economic bloodless peoples.

Bestiary hatred

Proud of the heap manure on which the Gallic rooster bawled, poultry quacks government ("public accounts deficit! Rigor, rigor, that's not breaking the thermometer [the rating agencies] that solves problems 4 " ), the media parrots ramble (ditto), the piglets of beautiful areas hold forth (ibid.). Zealots of The Triple A mobilize their generals to lead a war against the working and middle classes, telling them that this is for their good, right thing - finally! - make an effort, after so many years that we played the cicadas in the fable of La Fontaine, while the industrious ant of the UMP and the MEDEF - the saviors of France odiously frustrated by the strikers and followers of the sect of the Labour Code - put us on guard against vain our ongoing mismanagement, against our tendency to take advantage of minimum social handsomely against our tendency to want to reduce our suspect of working time - while global trend is to the zeal and docility - while helping to prevent us follow the lead of the triumphal march of free Chinese company, which itself does not experience these ridiculous social modesty of another time, alliance with the sublime wilderness of liberalism and a substantial balances of authoritarianism mao.

Lead in the head for the mindless and potatoes in water for the whole family from the 10th of the month, this is what this latest crisis will be used: to make us admit that the world is an arena where no bloody Spartacus will not extricate ourselves. With this in mind, an increasing proportion of the poor and those who fear their poverty combine, in one ugly body, that of hatred and resentment, jealousy and betrayal, they are the new poor whites afraid of the Other - Arab, Muslim, Roma, African, etc.. - that haunts them, depriving them of the protection of the State and stealing their jobs. And so the dogs eat dogs 5 .
Meanwhile, the exploiters are inventing new conditions of exploitation of others, disclaim responsibility in the social and ecological disasters. They sent troops to break economic and fatten-pipe at the rear. Meanwhile, the rich enjoy. From their wealth. For their power to harm as many people. From the ease with which people are at their thank you. From the speed with which they can indoctrinate and make racist puppets for the diversion of legitimate anger, those who would make their shaky hegemony and power. They still enjoy their insensitivity to the common rules, which in our sacro holy "democracy parley," are intended to be applied to everyone equally. We know this fable, we are not fooled and it is not these lines be surprised beyond measure. It is - on a bitterly ironic way - to suggest that the outrage "at the Hessel" as set out in an ethical breviary is a prerequisite altogether obvious and not an end in itself 6 . It is also, with grief and anger, to rebel against the coup's mental FN, against its attraction. to ask the crucial question of the fatal tendency of too many slaves to refer to their own condemnation those who are weaker, more fragile, more vulnerable than themselves, instead of seizing historical moments like the ones we live to unite all the forces of all the poor, the only way to fight against the amplification of a class war hatched by the wolves that we throw down the cliff, aided by the herd instinct of lemmings too many people.

The slogan "Work, Family, Country" is constitutive of the ideology of FN, it is the vital principle, always present, according to the fluctuation of speech associated with its history and election issues. I bet that this is unfortunately not only the confusion and destitution which explain the tropism of a portion of the working class to an organization so special - which would be a gamble anthropological totally exaggerated and harmful - but, above all, a tacit acceptance, perhaps indistinct, with this slogan reassuring in that it is precisely the promise of order and predictability. L intangible, that is what aspire Frontists belief as their constituents erratic. A job offered by a paternalistic boss, tough but fair (Labour), the white Christian heterosexual (Family), in a nation with a leader's heir Charles Martel (Fatherland), is the reactionary triptych which cling tacitly liquidators of their own destiny.

What history shows the current sequence with a new acuity is, firstly, the tremendous power of propaganda bourgeois capable of handling a substantial part of the dominated class by making accomplice and executioner of his own punishment, and on the other hand, the inertia of despair it deal with these handling operations. The reason and spirit of and solidarity are violated. Why the temptation of racism, never removed, not the emergence of class consciousness properly assumed, as it would lead - at last - a truly revolutionary momentum, namely the full brotherhood of the dominated, and gathered together in preparation for the rout of those who choke? Question perhaps naÃve - although essential - and probably less naive than exhausting the antiphon that capitalism is the cause of these errors fatal.

"Fuck the people! "

During the 2000s, the boss of a company's breast implants Var (Poly Implant Prosthesis, PIP), finding the time to adequately bring its boursicotage and concerned about his future comfort of the annuitant, decided to manufacture breast implants with silicone gel in place of the industrial medical product approved necessarily more expensive. Approximately 40 000 women received implants PIP, some for aesthetic reasons, others after a mastectomy resulting from cancer breast (20% of cases of implantation). One of these patients has died from cancer caused by adulterated silicone. cancer, saved by a surgical procedure necessitating an extremely painful surgery of the breast, the bad luck continues, and its trajectory that meets the sleazy crook. The irony of life is a high-risk sport. (What does Wauquiez, with its "cancer of the French company"?)
This episode quickly passed to the trap of the media, after the affair of the Mediator, has a history. In March 2010, the company had been in bankruptcy for fraud, 120 people were dispossessed of their work. The plant personnel had threatened to the blow if the government did not intervene to protect them from the worst. The plant did not jump, employees are on the floor, a woman died of her second cancer, thousands more live in anxiety ...

When I grow up ...

So when I grow up, I will be boss of a multinational pharmaceutical company, as the disease is a safe bet, and there is plenty of money to be made, in addition to giving himself the airs of savior of humanity. Maybe I'll have the Legion of Honor, along with the small son of Johnny Hallyday and an arms dealer, the results of "export", as they say in Salmon pages of Le Figaro, have been fabulous - think of the trade balance is a civic duty. Or am I the owner of a transnational group of agricultural seeds (they will at that time all transgenic) because I liked what my predecessors have achieved in November 2011: Members of the right granted them that farmers pay a tax to the seed industry on the seeds to be replanted for future harvests, while the far farmers freely replanting with seeds they select themselves (the so-called farm-saved seed), maintaining a semblance of the kind of biodiversity. This tax has a nice name "mandatory voluntary contribution." A nice oxymoron technocratic. The reason for this tax? "Revitalizing Agricultural Research in France," according to Senator UMP carrying the bill. In other words, with good seed money funds of multinational agrobizness (Bayer, Limagrain, Monsanto, Pioneer, Vilmorin, Syngenta, etc..), which have the ultimate goal of widespread use of sterile hybrids and GMO agriculture, radical way to transform a once and for all agriculture in a system nÃoservage. FNSEA approves - this is known to be UMPÃiser to the core. It must be said that the president of the FNSEA, Xavier Beulin, leads the group SofiprotÃol, French as a seed shareholder Limagrain. The Minister of Agriculture should send a dump of Agricultural Merit medals. If they are made ââin China, this will make ridiculous the price of a quintal of trinkets. Think about the balance of foreign trade is a civic duty. That said, I just read that the workers of a electronics factory in China have recently gone on strike to fight ... against the relocation of their plant, which would go to Vietnam, where wages are a perspective employer, still quite decent. The police state China should put order.

Patron in the health industry (pharmaceutical industry, private hospitals, private insurance, nursing homes, etc..) is a profession of the future, I said. My colleagues and friends of the industries which for decades have extensively used asbestos without taking any precautions to protect workers, and this in full knowledge of, creating a health catastrophe, are benefactors of our bizness: the management of cancer of the pleura (or pleural mesothelioma, the primary disease due to asbestos dust, which can be set up to forty years after exposure to the pathogen) is an expensive, my ancestors, I will not tell! support through Social Security, paid by the proles that is dying by inches! is beautiful still, the French Republic! Highly retirement at age 67 for those donkeys! As for my legal friends and owners of the judiciary, they m ' have a good laugh with their latest joke: after a decision of the Court of Appeal of Douai, the compensation fund for asbestos victims, yet linked to the social security agency, got 300 people pay back some of that they had collected as compensation on their status as victims of asbestos (between 5 000 and 15 000 euros, depending on circumstances). Some of them have already died and is claimed to widows, by a bailiff, the amounts due. The irony of history is a sport of good health. (What does Wauquiez, with its "cancer of the French company"?) 7

Or, I will ...

When I grow up, I will be untouchable, rich and quadriplegic, and I will laugh and cry all over France: money does not buy happiness, rich and poor would agree if they let their heart speak the altruism mansion, the foot (even if you no longer use), a wheelchair is good, but a Maserati is better. Or maybe I'm a journalist on TV, with a tear in the eye and automatic phrases, drawn from the toolbox of the Training Centre of journalists, when I have to rave, in unison with millions of viewers before the movie Untouchables, but were afraid thinking that it might be useful to build on the success of the marshmallow to speak, if only a few minutes, the tragedy of multiple disabilities, families harassed, lack of childcare facilities and care. Not even five minutes to discuss this surrender, to criticize a health policy which pÃrÃcliter Public Assistance, which organizes the class war among the lowest of the weak, the sick and disabled who are not billionaires like untouchables, where n is not a moving film, but a farce soothing - "No arms, no chocolate" is one of the phrases "cults" of the film 8 . And in this artificial world, I am also the host of the telethon on the alleged public service without ever asking the question of funding the medical research charity that can not fully carry out the university laboratories, due to lack of sufficient public.

When I grow up, I would not want to break myself in the head to least five years of study to become an engineer specializing in solar cells, because I find myself in chÃmedu, as this industrial sector is yet future disaster in France, because of Estrosi 9 and other baletringues right. So I will put my skills in mathematical modeling in the service of finance, because the sector will continue to hire top of the class. To pretend to "moralize" This activity will earn less than the heyday of the golden boys, but it may come back. I may one day be chief economist at Standard & Poors and I pay a fur coat dog. At this level of responsibility and salary, I will do so every year a pledge of â 15 to Telethon and I will pour my mite to an association that patching up of old wheelchairs to give to the needy disabled.

But, on reflection, when I grow up, I'll columnist on TV, radio, in the weeklies, newspapers, I am a pluralist media and I twitter "with donf" to get the feel of the wind. I fulminate against the "populist" while abstaining from speaking of these people really from below, I only know me by what my friends tell pollsters. m'Ãpoumonnerai I - like me learns the editor of RTL and Canal + Michel Apathy, my master histrionerie television - by denouncing the scandal of those traders who left free to move, play at the casino with the billions of bankers, our billions, your billion to small savers you, I love so much. I will make great reels with arms, as a lawyer in court, replacing the eloquence of an intelligence too fleeting for the bombast of excitement always present. And so, I will believe I am a destroyer of the "system" as I do the propagator will falsely indignant. I will be the voice of a general postulation - capitalism is unsurpassable - or circumstantial - discipline is a must, because we have benefited from the largesse of thoughtlessly an expensive state - which declamations are to "never want to bring things deplored their causes" (as noted by the economist FrÃdÃric so Lordon 10 ).

I assert loud and my neutrality and my objectivity, for is it not obvious that will be almost impossible to say whether I am of obedience Social Democratic or liberal-leaning-social? And when one of my guests that I deigned to provide antenna 35 seconds to explain a proposal heterodox economic (I confound consciously on the air with the word heretic, frothing bubbles of sensationalism) and thus give the impression that I am a protector of intellectual and ideological pluralism on French television, has proved to be very ungrateful to me for interrupting try to put one, I give myself then that I prefer in this business, the power to feel presumptuous this: "You, my boy, you is not going to see you on a TV tray. Here it is I who control what is true or not, which establishes the standards of decorum and debate. You'll get consistent or I make you switch media into nothingness. "

When I grow columnist , I have no embarrassment to show a blatant lax terminology, to use an abundance of syllogisms and fallacies. ... Let's hope it shines Indeed, formatted as my colleagues and I will speak the same language they with the same semantic reflexes, the same metaphors, and indeed I do not know the difference between metaphor, analogy and homology - that's why I will use and abuse of terms such as "Politics is in his genes "when I want to explain to the people television that Machin is a" political animal. "

After all, I sincerely believe that Standard & Poor's is a thermometer ...
On another note that the policy - the kingdom media where eyed man is king - I will invite without (re) flex Bogdanov, Claude Allegre, Luc Ferry and others, or their equivalent at the time, and I pÃmerai before these scientists and philosophers who know so well what we do not tell (because yes, it must be confessed, we, the editors, we know almost everything, but science and philosophy, we are a little light; it really does not interest people, and we know what people want to hear it our business). Their publishers, with whom I will publish my book of interviews with the cream of politicians will be happy because I will be what is called a physician: "You, the viewer, you want to know if God created the universe, read the Bogdanov, you want a maverick information on global warming and the benefits of nuclear power, read AllÃgre, you want to know what happiness is, read Luc Ferry. "As I often dine with these authors and other members of these circles, I just listen to the summaries they make me their magnum opus that I may permeate (just as it is impregnated with the smell of frying in a McDonald's) and j ' viewers can return to the essence with the assurance of a seller of used cars. I bathe in the bliss of ignorance at the same time I get drunk rubbing shoulders of those that I take as representatives of the great culture, attending the country's highest dignitaries and intellectuals of the caliber of Alexandre Adler, a Jacques Attali, a BHL, a Pascal Bruckner, a Philippe Sollers, Alain Finkielkraut a , an Eric Zemmour Alain Minc and others. ... And some other way I can think of in this incomparable tranquility of the concealment of what is outside my field of vision, the ideas are present only where I identify them, and then to justify calling them incessantly in my programs and my headings. Therefore, I will not read the books I will speak, however, I will write more, of course without interest, in the style of prefabricated chronic politicking, but assure me - apart from some extra income - to be frequently invited by my fellow columnists and commentators in a sarabande references elevator, to the point that we, the editors, have actions at Otis and, well, the dividends are not negligible. To show that I have the broad-minded and I do not attend the politicos and intellectuals of the court, I will offer, as did the December 15 Patrick Cohen, head of the slice of France Inter morning - the radio that Sarkozy gave to Philippe Val (and) -, ten minutes of air on France 5, "the chain of knowledge", two astrologers for their asked to predict the political situation of France in 2012. Not an ounce of questioning of the very media-this quackery. No, on the contrary, a total acceptance of the absolute nullity of the two crooks. It is true that astrofumistres predict 2012 one year particularly difficult. Such a feat has left the quiet admiration Cohen - who had the audacity to state that the difference between astrology and clairvoyance, c'st that astrology has a scientific basis ... What Pollsters will tell his friends, before the predictive superiority of soothsayers?

In short, when I am a member of this world and stale fat, I will avoid to study the technical issues, as well as supposedly mediator - one who transmits knowledge, information 11 - I'd rather play the prosecutor or the moralist counter, leaning on the bar of the National Assembly. In short, I see everywhere all the time and I take it easy, enjoying comfortable salaries due to generosity of many patrons of the media industry which I will allegiance, armed with my indispensable work tool: a language particularly suitable for the weak and rebuke to lick the ass of pedants and powerful.

1 . No question, however, to introduce a sign of unworthiness equal between the three parties.

2 . New Chairman of the Board of Directors of the French Office for Immigration and integration, it has recently been distinguished by a profusion of particularly offensive about the Roma: "They live with eight children in a room, when you have a piece, it is not eight kids! "" You need that Europe deals with the Roma issue as she took care of the debt. It the long-term solution. After the short term, they are sent home with 300 euros, even though we know they come back. "And to hear about Islam in France, it is not possible that bin Laden is hiding in a cave in Seine-Saint-Denis ...

3 . The three major rating agencies. They hold 94% of worldwide turnover of the industry. In ten years, the number of employees of these agencies has increased from 3 000 to 14 000. bizness that A does not know the crisis (but the sets ...).

4 . No need to be a metrologist (specialist degree) to find silly and unfounded this comparison: the rating agencies do not measure a reality external to them, they produce the phenomena they assess, to the point of triggering self-fulfilling prophecies. In short, they are not thermometers, but the prison guard. This assimilation to a thermometer that measures a natural phenomenon, however, is ubiquitous in the mouths of politicians and commentators licensed.

5 . Expression taken from a song by Fred Alpi "The rich steal from the poor / And the poor steal them / The dogs eat dogs / And the rats are dancing in the middle / Of pitiful abstractions / maintain the belief / In a natural order / To which we should trust [..]"

6 . See the article by Jerome Segal, "Stephane Hessel or the limits of reformism" (http://jsegalavienne.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/stephane-hessel-ou-les-limites-du-reformisme) An analysis of the powerful political indolence of Mr. Indignation. Moreover, indignation you! , Hessel's book, will be translated and published in China. This means the short range of revolutionary and subversive little book bobo ...

7 . do we be hearing in the mass media, after the thousandth comment on the bickering between the PS and EELV, or the so-called "Germanophobia" of a particular cockerel socialist entrenda Is there therefore a courageous voice and innovative claim that enterprises of all these manures are immediately transformed into self-managed worker cooperatives? Of course not ...

8 . Read this testimony honest and worthy parents of a severely disabled adult: rue89.com/2011/11/26/parents-dun-handicape-le-succes-intouchables-nous-inquiete-226852

9 . Which said the enormity of France 5, November 28: "It is proposed wind turbines, that is to say energy [he also speaks of the sun] which are not constant. I just remind you that the electricity, it is used especially when it's cold in winter and at night [...]. And the winter and at night, there's no sun, there is no wind. "O Nice who evil thinks ...

10 . http://blog.mondediplo.net/-La-pompe-a-phynance-

11 . Such a conception of the mediator, modest propagator of knowledge from a cogitation upstream, is confined to a few places still authentic media. As against the hegemony of the mediator autarky (in that it mediates such that he defines as the true and the deliverable to others) is obvious. Metaphorically speaking, one could consider that this view of mediation to do with the one that stated that the CRS is the mediator of the injury caused to manifesting his baton mediator ...

Mark Silberstein
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