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(en) Britain, North-East Anarchists, THE EMPRESS HAS NO CLOTHES

Date Sun, 18 Dec 2011 15:20:57 +0200

Saturday 3rd December - 4pm-11pm - Star and Shadow Cinema - Stepney Bank --- Battlefield Newcastle NE1 2NP --- North-East Anarchists are making this call-out to all comrades, Red, Green and Black, to meet up and discuss how we can improve communication and co-ordination between anarchists in the North-East. We need to start punching our weight. What actions can we take together to push the struggle onwards and develop a real anarchist presence in the region? How can we ensure that the best traditions of the anarchist movement become embedded in the social struggles? --- We believe that anarchists could soon be the single largest radical tendency in the North-East and wider North, yet we remain largely invisible, rarely initiating action ourselves and instead just tagging along in ones and twos with events organised by the left and liberals.

We have repeatedly found anarchists who have joined Trotskyist parties simply because they couldn’t find an organised anarchist presence here, older comrades coming out of retirement spend 6 months looking for political anarchists and cannot find any during that time. It’s not good enough. If we are serious about change, we have to step up and make ourselves visible.


4pm – Introductions – who we all are, where we’re from and which organisation, if any, we’re representing.
5pm – Summary of current political situation
Open or group discussions on how we can improve our collective effectiveness, and what possible actions we can undertake in the coming year.
6:15pm – Break for food and chat while the PA is set up
7pm – Film showing highlighting some of the spontaneous emergence of anarchist principles in the various movements of the last year or so.
8:30pm – Retire to the bar for drinks and music provided by a DJ and a couple of MCs

To get involved contact North East Anarchists: http://neanarchists.com/


About Us

We are a group of class war anarchists organising with the modest intention of turning the world upside down. Why? Because as the world currently exists, the people who do all the work get the least rewards; because the interests of the majority are constantly over-ruled by the interests of a tiny minority; because people spend most of their waking lives doing jobs they hate just to provide a profit for their employer; because people die of starvation in a world which produces enough food to feed a population double it's present size; because wars are started to claim markets and resources for the rich, but it's the poor who do all the bleeding and dying. Everything is wrong and we want to put it all right.
We stand for:
Direct Democracy - We believe that decisions should be made by the people who will be affected by them, not by some remote representatives who have their own agendas and interests.
Direct Action - We believe the power to act should be held directly by the people and not exercised on their behalf by representatives.
Collectivism - We believe that all labour is a collective act - that everyone is dependent on other people doing their job in order for them to do theirs - and therefore the fruits of labour should be shared collectively. We advocate Libertarian Communism - "From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs".
Internationalism - We hold that wherever we happen to live, we are all the same species and that borders and nationalism are merely tools used by the ruling class to keep us weak and divided. We hold that solidarity elevates humanity.

We stand against:
Capitalism - it is an exploitative system that creates inequality and injustice by robbing the working class of the full value of their labour and giving it instead to parasitic bosses.
The State - Unlike Marxists, we recognise that the state is inherently repressive, regardless of who controls it. So long as it exists, society is divided between rulers and ruled. We hold that the class system cannot be abolished unless the state is also abolished. We advocate in it's place Free Association.
All hierachies - Democracy requires equality and hierarchies are a flat contradiction of equality. We hold that no-one has a right to give orders or expect priveleged treatment, whether they call themselves royalty, or a party leader or a servant of god.

We demand liberty, equality and justice for ALL!


1. Decision-making within the North East Anarchists group is carried out through the General Meeting (GM). This is a meeting of members at which the immediate goals and strategy of the group can be discussed and actions decided upon. The GM is the life of the group. Its decisions are final until the next GM. The decisions made at the GM reflect the views of the people who take part in the life of the group.

2. General Meetings shall be held not less than every other month although members may decide to hold general meetings more frequently. Members are expected to attend or send apologies.

3. The group may have an Annual General Meeting and social where the group's progress can be evaluated.

4. An Emergency General Meeting with the same powers as the GM can be called at any time but these will be rare unless there are serious political events occurring which concern our region. Emergency meetings will be preceded by communication to establish if the meeting is necessary and at least 5 people would have to be present to give the meeting legitimacy. Any decisions taken would be temporary and would need to be ratified at the next GM.

5. The group aims for maximum agreement between members when making decisions. We are a democratic organisation which encourages debate. We look for group consensus and the practical involvement of all in both debate and action.

6. We examine the practical as well as ethical and ideological nature of issues and events and try to find common ground. We expect that people can stand aside in issues and let the majority carry on with a course of action. If people feel their concerns are not being addressed and they have serious misgivings about whether something should proceed they can block an activity. As an approximate rule a vote of 20% against would be needed to block an activity.

7. All internal discussion, whether by e-mail, website, forum or meeting should be regarded as private and should not be disclosed to anyone outside the group without first obtaining permission from the group and removing any personal details.

Group Members
1. Active Membership is open to all those who live in the North East of England who agree with the aims and principles and to abide by the constitution (subject to the approval of the members). Members will pay a nominal subscription at meetings.

2. All members will conduct themselves in a way that is appropriate to the situation, does not contradict the aims and principles and does not bring the group into disrepute.

3. A member can be expelled by the group at a General Meeting following an investigation of the facts. Evidence must be circulated and read by all. The aim of the investigation should be some form of reconciliation but in the most severe cases, e.g. persistent reactionary behaviour or giving information to fascists or the police, then a 90% majority will result in expulsion. Appeals can be considered following expulsion and should be made at the next GM.

Officers and Finance
1. The group will create roles and officer positions as they are needed.

2. The role of the secretary is to arrange the GM and to ensure that all members and any invited guests are made aware of the time, date, venue and agenda. The secretary shall be responsible for creating and maintaining an up to date list of members, supporters and contacts and for making sure people are added to the email list. The secretary will also deal with any external correspondence ensuring it is shared with the rest of the group and appropriate replies are made.

3. The treasurer is responsible for maintaining any monies held by the group and any bank accounts held in the group's name. The treasurer should submit a report to each GM stating the funds the group has and details of income and expenditure in the previous period. The treasurer should always be a signatory to the group's bank account. The treasurer is also responsible for contacting people who have reduced their level of participation. All members will be expected


Aims & Principles
1. North East Anarchists is an organisation of revolutionary class struggle anarchists. We want a world-wide classless society without any form of hierarchy.

2. Capitalism is based on the exploitation of the working class by the ruling class. Capitalism also encourages one section of the working class to oppress another along lines such as race or sex. This causes a lack of class unity which benefits the ruling class. To overcome this, we must relinquish power over each other on a personal as well as a political level.

3. Although we believe that fighting racism and sexism is important, our ultimate aim cannot be achieved without the abolition of capitalism.

4. Capitalism threatens the world through war and the destruction of the environment.

5. It is not possible to abolish Capitalism without a revolution which will arise out of class conflict. The ruling class must be overthrown as they will not simply relinquish their power.

6. The working class has no country and national boundaries must be eliminated.

7. We want the complete abolition of wage slavery. We must organise ourselves collectively, arguing for workers to control struggles themselves.

8. Genuine liberation can only come about through the revolutionary self activity of the working class on a mass scale. We believe effective anarchist organisations are necessary to this end.

9. We do not want power or control for our organisation. We recognise that the revolution can only be carried out directly by the working class and not by any self-appointed vanguard or leader acting on our behalf.

10. We, the working class, can change society through our own efforts. Believing in a religious unity between classes suppresses such self-emancipation. We reject any notion that people can be liberated through some kind of supernatural force. We work towards a society where religion is no longer relevant.

11. Our vision is not of some far-off never-land that can only be reached when the workers have developed a complete socialist consciousness. Ours is a practical program for the immediate liberation and improvement of conditions for our class. Our revolution is right here right now.

September 2011.
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