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(en) France, Program of Federation of Anarchists amended in Corbigny June 2011 (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 20:09:41 +0200

The pact association of the Anarchist Federation ---- Amended at the 68th Congress of the Anarchist Federation held on 11, 12 and 13 June 2011 in Corbigny -- Preambles --- We, the anarchists gathered in the Anarchist Federation, are aware of the need for the specific organization. We spread our ideas and want to achieve a comprehensive and radical revolution, both social and economic, that are destroyed societies based on private and state ownership of means of production and distribution, all holdings, ignorance and poverty, and the relations of authority. -- Our objectives -- The anarchists are fighting for a free society without class or state, having as main goals: ---- Social equality, economic development of all individuals. ---- The collective or individual ownership of the means of production and distribution, excluding any possibility for some to live by exploiting the work of others.

Equality at birth means of development, that is to say education and training in all areas of science, industry and the arts. The social organization on the basis of the free association of producers and consumers, and made editable by the will of their components.
The free union of individuals according to their convenience and their affinities.
Absolute right for any individual to express his opinions.
The abolition of the wages of all state institutions and forms of oppression that enable and maintain the exploitation of man by man, which means the fight against sexism and gender domination, against patriotism and racism, against religions and mysticism even if they hide under the cloak of science, and the brotherhood of all human groups and the abolition of borders.
This is the entire society that we want to rebuild on a basis of respect and support, not to an individual, class or party, but for all individuals; the social question can not be resolved definitively and effectively as the world.

Our role

Anarchism is a target of global society, an ideal, but also the means to do so, they are based on the same organizational principles and ethical issues: federalism and support. As individuals aware of their exploitation, anarchists intend to fight with all the exploited against all governments, recognizing the existence of class struggle whose aim must be the establishment of an anarchist society.

We must ensure that social classes used to access the political capacity necessary for their emancipation. These are the exploited classes that carry anarchist society, because the exploiters will never allow themselves dispossessed and employ all their strength, even brutal, against the emancipation of workers.

The only propaganda of the ideas being insufficient, participation in emancipatory struggles continually demanding and necessary for people to always want more and better, until a situation that will break their complete emancipation.

We need to encourage all workers and exploited to combat the mediations that go against their class interests, and opt for direct action (that is to say actions decided upon and carried out without intermediate), and coordination on a federal basis.

Enemies of any despotism, anarchists reject all authoritarian theories including those inspired by Marxism, clericalism, monarchism, fascism, liberalism and other bourgeois.

The revolution is necessarily destructive phases consisting of institutions of oppression and construction phases of the new society. This company, we want it to be managed by all and it is established from the outset on the basis of anarchist structures.

This is why the Anarchist Federation must be a suitable tool for the revolution, to achieve the goals defined above.


The Anarchist Federation is an organization of activists aware ideologically and practically, with knowledge of different aspects of Anarchism and the Anarchist Federation. It is organized on the principle of free federal Conservative groups and individuals who compose their autonomy under the Basic Principles. This is all that it is the militants advance, because it does not recognize in it the division director / performer.

The effective participation of activists of collective works of the organization is a principle of ethics and solidarity that does not harm provided the principle of freedom.

Federalism of the FAF allows the pluralism of ideas and actions consistent with its principles.

All the above can obviously indicate that the outline of the aims of the anarchists. It will be necessary for further, to read the writings of anarchists and monitor the work of groups.

The action of the Anarchist Federation

The action of the Anarchist Federation is based primarily on the defense of the exploited and their revolutionary demands, but not be lost sight of the fact that they are both classes and positions of mind opposed to anarchy.

This shall be done on all levels of human activity, according to the views and ways of each trend.

For this reason, the Anarchist Federation recognizes:

The possibility and necessity of the existence of any libertarian tendencies within the organization.

The autonomy of each group.

Personal responsibility, not collective.

The body of the movement, the World Libertarian , can not be the organ of a single trend, so they have the possibility to edit particular organs, with the assurance that the body of the movement will give them any publicity and also that any activity carried on in the context of culture, research, action or anarchist propaganda.

Cordial relations, comprehensive, with movements in line on a particular anarchist.

Revocability of secretaries and commissioned.

Finally, when a trend takes action as soon as this action is not contrary to the basic ideas of anarchism, other trends, if they do not agree to participate in this action, watch for it abstention friendly. The criticism of this action remains free after the event.

Groups have the ability to give the direction of their choice: anarcho-syndicalism, anarchist-communist, neo-Malthusian, anarcho-pacifist ...

They naturally can earn these trends or not to declare any.

Regions can be formed and can not be on the initiative of the component groups, the Committee on Relations can not make suggestions in this area.


The Committee on Relations

A coordinating committee exists to make known the information, suggestions, proposals may be submitted by an individual or group, without any right of the peers composing this committee than any other activist present proposals, suggestions, information.

The only exception to this may consist of initiatives related to membership in Congress, cartel, committee (eg International Anarchist Congress, free of Peace Forces).

It is obvious that in these various organizations, the very foundation of our ideology should not be challenged and that our presence should be directed to specific goals: opposition to the war, efforts to extract activists death, protests against aggression against the people.

The Committee expanded relations

It is convened by the Secretary General at least three times a year. The initiative may come from the General Secretary or a committee of relationships. The agenda is developed according to the demands of groups, links, and individually, or commissions. These requests are all matters concerning the life of the organization. The Committee expanded relationship is a decision regarding the implementation of federal campaigns. A campaign to be declared by Congress or an Expanded Relations Committee, presentation of the work must be done in expanded relations committee and / or within the newsletter.


Its role is to distribute the mail and responsibilities among the various members, to ensure harmoniously as a member of this committee, to ensure the holding of the conference according to the wishes of the former, with reports on time with peers who shall be conducted.

Secretary of Internal Relations

Its role is to ensure correspondence with the groups, to keep letters from supporters in their regions who wish to join us, to disseminate useful suggestions, whether from a region, a group or an individual, fill in the entire movement of possible actions available to it: the names of propaganda by word, their conference topics, their mobility, to ensure the propaganda campaign whose themes may be suggested by other militants, as they may come from him (groups disagree with the effectiveness of it still have the option not to participate), to develop wherever he may by the Anarchist Federation the creation of new groups, to present the balance sheet at each congress, progress, stagnation or decline of our organization because of the group reports.

The secretary to RI, during the formation of a group, take a direct contact with it, either by the institution itself or by delegating, to represent it and to report, a fellow known capita a geographic location close to the new group.

These contacts, in addition to human character, the dialogue will be a measure of intellectual honesty, both from the applicant group vis-à-vis the Anarchist Federation, as the Anarchist Federation vis-à-vis the applicant group.

Secretary of Foreign Relations

Its role is to provide friendly contact with parallel groups, sympathizers or even self-awareness within them our movement, our newspaper, in a word, we show them in our real day to consider joint action with them on specific goals for the cartels, liaison bodies or simply no future campaigns. Such an effort can help us spread our news to their events, the placing of our posters on their premises, the reproduction of our press and our articles in their newspapers or our participation in their meetings. It goes without saying that such results can not be obtained without reciprocity.

Secretary for International Relations

Exercised its contacts with anarchist organizations in foreign languages. It liaises with them in all matters concerning world events and actions of anarchists, and documents the extent to which they were able to inspire and stimulate. It informs the comrades of all countries on climate and the activity of anarchists in the world. It can also provide accurate information to those given by the official press. Finally, it can run under our international journal, the World libertarian.

Secretary to the Treasury

The treasurer shall collect directly from individuals or groups belonging to the Anarchist Federation a minimum annual fee (amount set deliberately low to allow everyone to subscribe and generally exceed).

In respect for the autonomy of the groups, the treasurer does not have to know the names and addresses of members of each group, but only their number, confidence being made to the treasurer of the group declares.

The treasurer keeps the Secretary of the Interior Bulletin of the list of members (individuals or groups) who submit the said report (available to only members of the Anarchist Federation). Cash used to cover the costs of correspondence, travel expenses of committee members at the convention, membership in cartels, possibly to help out a poster, the spread of a campaign or support of our journal.


Directors are appointed by the Congress. Their role is to ensure the regular publication of the journal and the proper works of the movement: libertarian world, library, etc ...

Like all other officials appointed by the Congress, they can surround themselves, to help them in their work, one or more activists-are appointed or not.

Editorial Board

The Drafting Committee's function is to ensure the regular preparation of the World libertarian. All articles submitted to it, except motivated opposition in principle to one of its members are published. Refused an article is returned to its author with the reasons for refusal.

Appointed and removed by Congress, members of the Drafting Committee may co-opt in office, unanimously, one or more peers in case of defection of one or more of its members.


The secretariat Radio libertarian participates like other secretariats Relations Committee.

Four positions are established to ensure the smooth running of the station:

Secretary of programming : it is responsible for the grid, the arrangement of programs, their appearance in the World libertarian and program quality. He stands in relation to the various secretariats Anarchist Federation to ensure the passage of information and news on Radio libertarian
The Financial Secretary : is responsible for managing the budget of the radio and ensure the flow of RL
Secretary of technical and maintenance : it is responsible for the maintenance of equipment and the studio has forecast investment in the Financial Secretary
The secretary of the association : it deals with the functioning of the association "Dissemination of the media," Radio libertarian guarantees the legal standard.
Secretary for History and Archives

Its function is to collect, archive various documents (posters, brochures, leaflets, books, etc..) Pertaining to the anarchist movement in general and the Anarchist Federation in particular, in order to save our memories activist. To perform these functions, the Secretary may be surrounded by militants.

Secretary Editions

Its role is to contribute to the publication or republication of texts of particular importance to anarchism and its propaganda. It must ensure the promotion and dissemination of production editions of the World Libertarian.

Functioning of the relations

The reading of the above indicates quite clearly the interpenetration of the various positions, including the link that can not cease to exist between the Secretaries to Internal and External Relations, it contacts the Secretary of Treasury, which regulates according to its potential scope and timing of actions.

This committee meets regularly and convened by the Secretary.

Each Secretary is responsible for his position and, therefore, is alone to decide what to do in regard to itself.

However, it can do, both for practical and moral, without any discussion with and without considering the objections, objections that may have been made.

Thus, if the work is performed in teams, decisions ultimately are made by citizens in each position, only accountable to the Congress for their case.

Each secretary may be surrounded by a commission of their choice to help him in his spot and he takes full responsibility.

The Internal Bulletin

The interior is independent of the Bulletin Relations Committee, and its contents, and its funding. The CR can not exercise any right of censorship or banned. It is open to all without any censorship played the part of those in charge.

All items have their place, except those who may have a character of slander.

Any item rejected by the Drafting Committee of the World may seem with the libertarian mention in the BI ..

Finally, the Committee of relations is used itself for its news groups, actions, reports on its activities at each congress.

The chapeautage texts (groups and individuals) should not exist in the BI.

The group manager of BI must wait the next number to give its position, as well as other groups.

Subscriptions to BI

When the BI group manager receives a request for subscription to BI, it will require the compliance of the membership of the organization of the applicant in cash. The same controls will be made to the membership through the group, so that groups do not receive a greater number of BI among members, plus one for the archives. In case of resignations, cash managers informed of the resignations of individual or groups. The Secretaries Group will report directly to the resignation in their groups to correct the number of BI to receive.

The release of BI will be monthly (except if there are no articles).

Where possible, its headquarters are in the provinces as to decongest the capital and to allow the body full autonomy.

In case of failure of the group responsible, the Secretary may temporarily entrust the task to another group.

The congress

The conference, open to members of the Anarchist Federation (except the invitation Relations Committee), organized by the group proposed and appointed by the previous Congress, in conjunction with the Secretary-General is to:

To take stock of the moral and financial situation of the Anarchist Federation and his works
Discuss motions, proposals, studies, presented by the groups, individual or organization of the Anarchist Federation, and draw an outline of future campaigns during the year, and the decisions necessary for the proper of the Federation.

Membership of the Anarchist Federation is based on two factors:

the material: settlement of dues
the other moral: the unconditional acceptance of the principles of this declaration.
As a result, their challenge is public thereby breaking with the author of the Anarchist Federation.

The basic principles can not be supplemented or amended (after proposed texts submitted four months before the conference) by unanimity of it, but that can be called into question our concepts mentioned in the preamble: group autonomy and diversity trends.

Any member of the Anarchist Federation has the right but not the obligation to adhere to cultural organizations, philosophical, labor, peace, recreation of their choice, to the extent that these accessions are compatible with anarchy.

However, freedom is left in terms of the organization to lead the group with the movements of the joint.

Anyone who agrees with this statement may join the Anarchist Federation, or by the channel of a group or individually (because of its distance from any group or simply because he wishes to remain isolated).
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