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(en) Canada, Toronto G20 protest scheduled for Sunday + THE SPOKE Issue 10

Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 16:14:46 +0300

Media: "Get ready for round two. ---- More protests are scheduled throughout Sunday, according to the Toronto Community Mobilization Website with the the biggest one being put by anarchists who are demonstrating against prison. ---- The Fire Works for Prisons demonstration is scheduled for 5 p.m. at Bruce Mackey Park at Dundas and Wardell Sts. A second protest by Autonomous Direct Actions has yet to determine a time and location. A smaller prayer vigil put on by the Student Christian Movement will begin at 2 pm. at St. James Park on King St. between Jarvis and Church Sts., where protesters are expected to walk to the barricades and remain in prayer. --- Meanwhile, police say they're continuing their efforts to identify the anarchist Black Bloc protesters who have been allegedly torching cop cars and smashing store windows.

Cleanup from businesses will likely begin Sunday after some Yonge St. shops were vandalized and had their glass smashed by protesters Saturday."

THE SPOKE Issue 10 SAT DAY, JUNE 27-6-2010 THE NEWS PAPER OF THE ANTI - G8/G20 CONVERGENCE pageand two international observers.

An estimated 20,000 people marched in downtown Toronto today to oppose the G20, the capitalist system, and fight for justice on a wide array of issues. Participating groups included environmental, migrant justice, labour, indigenous, feminist, queer and peace activists, as well as groups opposed to military occupations in Kashmir, Palestine and Tibet, among others. Police abandoned cars in the street, which were smashed and later set on fire. There were widespread reports of police beatings, but no reports of violent acts by demonstrators. A few banks and corporate retail outlets were targeted with graffiti and largely symbolic property destruction. Thousandshis riot police blocked streets leading to the G20 security zone.

Protesters, led by the black bloc,eventually maneuvred around the reams of police to reach the security fence. Demonstrations stretched on into the evening. Police on horseback charged protesters in Queenâs Park, which had been designated as a government-sanctioned protest area. One woman was trampled by police horses, and badly injured. After dark, police hemmed in hundreds of protesters, preventing
them from leaving the area while officers escorted media from the scene, and subsequently began violently arresting protesters one by one. Several journalists, including two National Post photographers and at least four member of the Alternative Media Centre, were arrested.

As of 5am, the number of arrests was at least 300.


Deaf demonstrator released on bail by Tim McSorley

Yesterdayâs Spoke reported the
case of a deaf mute man who was
aggressively arrested and held
without access to an independent
American Sign Language (ASL)
interpreter on Friday. Instead, he
was given access to speak to his
lawyer through a police interpreter
- a situation denounced by many
who argue it violated his basic right
of access to a lawyer without police

Emomotimi Azorbo was released
on bail Saturday afternoon, under
charges of assaulting a police
officer and resisting arrest.

Supporters have described the
charges as bogus, saying the man
passed police without heeding their
calls to stop because he could not
hear them and could not read their

Letters of support for Azorbo
and his right to access an inde-
pendent interpreter have come in
from around the world, including
London, England; Washington, DC;
South Africa; Gallaudet
University (an American university
of the deaf); and the CEO and
staff of the Canadian Hearing Society.
His next court hearing is
scheduled for August 23.


Free market stealth economics at G20 by Stefan Christoff

Behind razor sharp security walls
and thousands of armed police,
Canadaâs Conservative government is
utilising the G20 summit as a political
platform to push forward bilateral
trade agreements globally, according to
recent statements fromm the Canadian

âOur governmentâs aggressive free
trade agenda â will be [delivered] to
our existing and future trade partners
at the upcoming G-20 meeting,â
outlined Canadaâs Minister for Inter-
national Trade in a recent speech
leading-up to the Toronto summit.

Canada has been particularly vocal on
pushing bilateral trade at the G20:
Canada and many other governments
are committed to more aggressively
pursuing bilateral and regional
trade deals as a way of kick-starting
the process, while we see the Doha
talks remaining stalled,â outlined
Stephen Harper at news conference
in Toronto, referring to the 2003
WTO negotiations in Cancun,
Mexico, which broke down amid
mass protest and unrest, and have
not been reopened. Since then, the
worldâs powerful economies have
pushed towards bilateral and regional

âAt first bilateral trade agreements
were seen as a fall-back option, as
western governments were attempting
to pass through these stealth
agreements, which included elements
werenât possible to secure through
institutions WTO,â explained Azizin
Choudry of bilaterals.org. âAfter the
collapse of the [2003] Cancun WTO
talks bilateral trade accords are being
pursued as the tool of choice
by both governments and corporation;
Today there are many weapons of corporate
capital which will be utilized at
different times and in different
variations depending on the moment,
with the simple goal of guarantee-
ing corporations the most power and

Canada is currently perusing bilateral
deals with multiple countries throughout
the global south and has
recently signed accords with Peru,
Jordan, Panama and the European
Free Trade Association: Iceland,
Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Canadaâs recent bilateral accord
with Colombia was on full display
during the G8 summit, as out-going
right-wing Colombian president
Alvaro Uribe was a featured guest.
Colombia has a dismal human rights
record, including extra-judicial assas-
sinations targeting labour activists and
journalists. U.S.Congress has stalled
ratifying a similar bilateral accord with
Colombia due to opposition from
Democratic politicians concered about
its record of human rights abuses.

Inherent in the politics involved in
bilateral and regional trade deals is
often a deeper imbalance in power
between national negotiating partners.
In the multilateral negotiation process
at the WTO, demands fronted by
southern countries â particularly
Brazil and India â derailed the negoti-
ation process, whereas bilateral accords
often see small southern nations nego-
tiating trade terms with the worldâs
most powerful economic giants.


Organizersâ Homes Raided by Tim Groves

TORONTOâThree houses where
G20 protesters have been staying
were raided by police early Saturday
morning. Six or more arrest warrants
were issued and before four of the
happening a weekat least the ofïcial
summit.named in the warrants were
arrested and charged with conspiracy.

Police arrived at one of the houses,
where 15 activists were staying at
approximately 4:45am.

âThey were kicking people out of
bed, kicking people awake,â said Niki
Thorne a resident of the Sum- âThey
did not have a warrant, we asked for a

Even when a warrant was eventually
shown, it was taken away before it
could be read, Thorne said.

Police had papers with the names
and faces of activists on them. They
arrested one man staying at the house.

The upstairs neighbours of the
activists were also visited by police.

âI was awoken to four police officers
bedroom ... the officer in charge
... was pointing a handgun at me and
asked me my name and who else
was in the house,â wrote John Booth
in a complaint to the police. âThey
repeatedly said they had a search
warrant and arrest warrant for me. At
no point did they produce this warrant
to prove my name was on it and I
suspect they were lying.â

âThey woke up my wife and
child upstairs while searching our
apartment. They repeatedly asked me
my connection to the people living
in the downstairs apartment and I
explained we are simply tenants living
in the same building,â he said. âAfter
searching the entire premises, they
decided it was appropriate to handcuff
me and charge me with âconspiracy to
commit mischief â.â

30 minutes later, the police apologized
to Booth and released him.

Another house had its door kicked in
and a warrant left on the table. The
three activists staying in the house
were arrested.


Todayâs Events: Sunday, June 27

6am: Getting Down to Business
- Autonomous Direct Action!

10am: Jail Solidarity rally.
Toronto Film Studios jail, Pape
and Eastern.

1pm: Bike Bloc. Bloor and

2pm: Nonviolent Prayer Vigil. St
James Park, King and Jarvis.

3:33pm: Make Believe Tea
Party. Anywhere, including 299
Queen St. West.

5pm: Fire Works For Prisons.
Bruce Mackey Park, Dundas and


Tent City Takes Backn Allan Gardens by Shailagh Keaney

TORONTOâAs the rain spat down
on Allan Gardens early Saturday
morning, Tent City still stood strong
amidst sleepy-eyed urban campers
and distant gangs of bike cops. Sarah
Reaburn, a Toronto Street Medic,
explained that poor people, homeless
people, and people without citizenship
status face particular barriers when
accessing health cards. âEven a clinic

wall can be a fence to those without
I.D. or Medicare,â Reaburn told The

Reaburn described the purpose
of street medics at the tent city as
twofold. âBasic first aid is important
to any tent city because it highlights
the need for adequate health care,
while providing access to health care

âBut basic first aid is only a drop
in the bucket in terms of what we
need,â she added. Shaun Hodgson
from the Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty explained his reasons for
participating in the Tent City. âIâm
here to make a statement that the
homeless get pushed out for any
major event like the G20. Police have
been telling people for months that
the G20 is coming, and that they
better consider going elsewhere. [Tent
City] highlights how Canada lacks
a national strategy for affordable
housing. It is one of the only nations
in the west that does not have one.â

Tent City was dismantled later on
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