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(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand

Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:49:45 +0300

The joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall and others of the Israeli radical left and international activists continue. In spite continued harassment of the Israelis - the participation in the various joint struggles increase: Beiteen, Beit Umar, Beit Jalla, Ma'asara Nebi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, and even Tel Aviv, and court solidarity never stop. ---- BEITEEN ---- Stand Up…and Break the Siege ---- Call for participation and Support ---- You are all invited to participate in the first event of the Beiteen Road Campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness on the Beiteen Road-and eventually open the road- that was closed by Israel. As a result of this closure, thousands of Palestinians are forced each day to take a much longer path to get to their schools, work, hospitals…and are humiliated by occupations’ unjustified and unjust policies.

When? The launching event will take place on Friday June 11th, 2010 after Friday prayer

Where? Deir Dibwan - Beiteen Junction (the original road junction)

A press conference will take place at the meeting point

Your participation is highly essential to voice out our demands and to confront the brutal policies of occupation against our people.
Stand Up…and Break the Siege



11th June 2010-Demonstrators in Bili’in today formed their own Palestine national football team, coinciding with the start of the World Cup, to highlight their right to be an independent nation. The players, together with dozens of other Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, marched to the annexation barrier at the edge of the village, where a goal was constructed and a game was begun. Several footballs were kicked over the separation fence onto land once owned by the village. Israeli soldiers responded to this entirely non-violent activity by firing volleys of tear gas at the participants. They then came through the gate in the fence, and arrested 6 journalists, four of whom were soon released. Two – one Palestinian and one international – remain in detention at the time of writing.

The tear gas canisters fired also caused large fires on the dry ground around the olive trees. Soldiers fired more canisters, aiming for the groups of villagers attempting to put out the flames.


AAtW activists "visited" Ofer military court for solidarity with Adib Abu Rahma and others detained for months as part of the efforts to stop the joint nonviolent struggle against the separation fence in Bil'in and other locations, and occupation.


Some Thirty Palestinians, with Israelis and internationals participated in this week's demonstration in Ma'asara. The marry little bunch marched from the village center towards the stolen lands, and was surprised not to find any soldiers on its way. Passing the regular location of the blockage, demonstrators got closed and closer to the lands, until the first army jeep stormed in and blocked the way. More soldiers and border police soon showed up, and attempts to pass them and move on were frustrated.

One of the members of the popular committee gave a speech against Israeli colonialism, after which soldiers jumped on him and arrested him, then proclaiming the area a closed military zone. After negotiations, demonstrators agreed to take 15 meters back in exchange for the release of the detainee. Surprisingly, the soldiers didn't keep their word. In stead they started proceeding, pushing demonstrators forcefully back into the village, then surrounding them with barbed wire. The demonstrators said they won't leave so long as their friend isn't released, and after another half hour the army took away the wire, and left with the detainee. Several soldiers remained in the area to see the march won't started again, and as the demonstrators realized it would help their friend most if they start taking care of the legal aid, the demonstration ended.


New house demolition threats in Nabi Saleh

In a clear attempt to punish popular resistence in the village or to threat with such punishment, the Israeli army informed to 10 families in Nabi Saleh that their houses are selected for demolition due to "lack of permit". This is a bogus excuse as the houses were built even prior to the beginning of the Israeli 67 occupation and is a clear criminal act of collective punishment. The entire village consists of 87 hosues so this would amount to a destruction of more than 10% of the village!

The orders are said to be executed on the begining of next month.

Join us tomorrow to protest the new threats on activists such as Nariman, Basem, Murad and others.

For rides from Tel Aviv call A.


In Sheikh Jarrah some three hundred demonstrators gathered once again this Friday afternoon. Half arrived directly at the demonstration park, and half got there after marching through Jerusalem and passing through the neighborhood itself. After two hours of drumming, singing and drinking fresh orange juice to break the Jerusalem heat – the demonstration ended peacefully.

Nissim Mossek video of 11-6-10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yefVf4Bxdc0

Sheikh Jarrah in Solidarity with Dahamash

Together against oppression and racism

Dahamash is a small unrecognized village between Lod and Ramlle that existed since before 1948 and was build on privately owned Palestinian land. The state of Israel refuses to recognize the village claming the land is agricultural land, while in adjacent Jewish villages land is rezoned for building.

Now that the Municipality of Ramlle is building a new Jewish neighborhood adjacent to the village, the mayor believes the new Jewish residents will prefer not to have Dahamash residents as neighbors and so has issued 70 demolition orders for houses in the village. 600 men women and children of Dahamash are going to loose their homes if we don't act to stop this!

Like in Sheikh Jarrah, the establishment's discrimination and blunt racism of the government and "justice" system is screaming to the sky in Dahamash.

This Wednesday (13.6) at 5:30 PM we, residents and activists of Sheikh Jarrah, will join the people of Dahamsh in a demonstration ending with a concert of the Palestinian band DAM.
Transportation will leave Jerusalem at 16:00 from the bell garden (Gan Hapa'amon).


Tel-Aviv Fountains Colored with Blood.


During the night, three fountains in Tel-Aviv were colored with bright red color. The Committee Against the Siege who organized the action says: "We made it to remind people in Israel that the siege-policy is only causing bloodshed"

Shocked from the military attack on the civilian flotilla and the murders of at list 9 of its members, activists from the Committee Against the Siege raided three central fountains in Tel Aviv and painted their water blood-red. Next to the fountains, Graffiti was made in protest of the deadly siege on the Gaza Strip.

The Committee Against the Siege reports that: "Since the last four years of the Siege more then 2,600 Palestinians were murdered by the Israeli army, in Bombardments from the sky sea and land. Last week we witnessed how the Israeli army also stretches its hand toward civilian ships in international waters, and also there do not hesitate to kill civilians. The people of Gaza suffer since years from extreme violence and heavy restriction on their freedom of movement. They also lack basic products as wheel chairs, paper and school books, Gasoline for Power-Plants, building materials for the restructuring of the ruins caused by the Israeli attacks and much more. The only solution for the end of this bloodshed is the lifting of the blockade and the end of the occupation through negotiations and not unilateral acts. Tonight we made this action, to remind the public in Israel that in sea or on land, the siege-policy is full of blood.


The army is going to uproot about 60 trees around Abu-Nidal's house in Al-Walaje, including his ancestors' burial area, to clear the way for the Wall.
We need people for the following days (Tuesday to Thursday) both for actual shifts at the place and for standby - people who will be able to get there in about half an hour through SMS call, both in the hours 7:00-13:00.
We need as many people as we can get.
Contact Y

Urgent update 06/08/2010 10:23 AM: the demolition has started about an hour ago, there are some people on their way but if anyone can join them, please let yotam know.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we'll be leaving from Tel-Aviv for a morning shift.
Let me know if you want to join

There will be a meeting this eve 9pm in center west Jerusalem to discuss tomorrow (wednesday) morning's plans, for details or to arrange a ride from Jerusalem in the morning contact y.

This morning, 06/09/2010 09:51 AM during a direct action in al Walaje, two Israeli activists were arrested. As everyone was walking away after the action, a border police officer who knows Mazin and has been harrassing him, singled him out and arrested him. All three are now being held behind the Wall Checkpoint (checkpoint 300) in Bethlehem.

Lawyers are contacted, but Mazin is a Palestinian citzizen who also has US citizenship. If you are a US citizen, please call the US consulate to inquire on his behalf.
For more questions, contact his wife

A group of over 30 demonstrators came to Al-Walaja today at 7am to obstruct the path of a bull dozer working on the construction of the separation wall. Three demonstrators were arrested during the action; the legitimacy of two of the arrests remains in question. Amongst, the arrested was former Yale Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh.

The activists stopped the bulldozer while a few of them chained themselves to it halting work for an hour.

Qumsiyeh was arrested after the demonstrators decided to disperse upon being notified that fellow Israeli activist Yotem Wolfe would not be released. Wolfe had been arrested after being forcibly removed from a bulldozers to which he was chained by the neck. Qumsiyeh, the only Palestinian present at the action, was pulled aside, arrested and taken in for interrogation under the unspecified pretense that he was considered a “security threat.”

Israeli activist Shay Halatzi was also arrested under the allegation of “being rude” by insulting the unit as he protested Dr. Qumsiyeh's detention.

Both arrests occurred after the morning demonstration was over and activists were being forced to leave the area. The soldiers threatened the entire group with arrests, after the group had dispersed from the area where the activists had interrupted the work of the bulldozers for approximately 40 minutes by chaining two activists to the apparatus.

At one point during the demonstration, the Israeli contractor in charge of the site attempted to attack the demonstrators and had to be forcibly restrained by the military.

After being forced by soldiers onto the village roads, the crowd then staged a peaceful sit down demonstration with soldiers not permitting demonstrators to move.

Mazin was released at 14:00 at 300 checkpoint and the Israelis at 16:30 with conditions of restriction from a 500 radius of the wall's construction sites.

This is another stage in the construction of the wall that will completely surround al-wallje. passing up to 5 meter from the houses the wall will separate the village from Jerusalem leaving one exit via tunnel to beit jalla.

we, Israeli ,Palestinian and international activists active in sheikh jarrah, and across Jerusalem and the bank will stand together with the people of the village to fight the land theft and suffocation of the village.

the claim that the wall is a security one was refuted when the person that was in charge with drawing the route-retired colonel Dani Tirza-was hired by the "Givat Yael" company that is planning to build a 14,000 housing units settlement around the village.

Tirza criticized the route writing it takes lands from the planed settlement and that there is no security need for it.

Material with workable links at http://www.qumsiyeh.org/rightsblog2010/
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