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(en) Britain, Anarchist Class War Cambridgeshire trouble-making rag FEN TIGER page 7 - Woodcock Up + Norfolk Community Action Group

Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:34:50 +0300

Woodcock Up ---- We ask a few simple questions about a local Communist member of the Trades Council and the closure of the Mill Road Law Centre. ---- Unfortunately the Law Centre on Mill Road, Cambridge, closed on 28th October â07. The Law Centre gave free legal advice to, among others, claimants, immigrants, the disabled and the homeless. - When the Law Centre closed itâs doors it came as a shock to the community. -- Class War, however, knows it didnât come as a shock to everyone. Specifically Tom Woodcock, the secretary of the Cambridge and district trades union council. As the trades council was a financial backer of the Law Centre using trade union members dues, Tom Woodcock was automatically con the centreâs management group. The rLaw Centre Management Group, whose internal goings on were secret, knew funding was going to be cut well before the centre finally shutdown.

Tom Woodcock, secretary of the
trades council, national committee
member of the lefty Socialist Workers Party
(SWP) and Cambridge SWP local committee
member - was part of the secret process
of the Law Centre Management Group
working out how to dissolve the centre,
sack the workforce and avoid community
consternation. âComradeâ Woodcock could
have breached management policy and
alerted the local community and those that
worked in the centre about the imminent
closure. Instead, we have to ask, did the
supposed champion of the working class
champion of the working class sign the
redundancy notices to the workers?
Weâd like to know.


Norfolk Community Action Group

Members from Class War Norfolk and Cambridgeshire have been closely involved in a new initiative in Norfolk that brings together a variety of Working Class people to stuggle together against the problems facing our class, like housing, unemployment, community resources and issues like identity and fighting divisions between us. We think itâs a great example to us all and thought weâd introduce them in their own words...

Norfolk Community Action Group
is an organisation for all those who
are interested in the formation of a
campaigning group that aims to take
on the uselessness and impotence of
government, be it local or national, aswell
as the self-serving political organisations
that our councillors and so-called leaders
belong to.

We are not a political party and
have no interest in the vestiges of power.
We may however stand in elections if it
is determined to be of benefit to and by
working-class people.

We describe ourselves as being
non-aligned. In simple terms that means
we have no links with, or answer to, any
political party be they left wing or right.
Neither do we owe any allegiance to the
left or right. Our interests are solely in the
representation of working-class people
by working-class people.

When we work together we
leave our own ideological and political
differences to the side as much as
possible and concentrate on what we
have in common, and as a result are able
to work better towards our goals, which
we see as anything that advances the
well-being of our own class-the working
class, who we believe do not have a voice
and are not represented. Neither do we
believe we ever have been or are likely to
be represented while the current political
pantomime is in play.

We are always open to direction
from like-minded people with a focus
on member consensus, as opposed to a
hierarchical top down form of politics that
is so prevalent in the political landscape
in this country today. This means we have
no leaders or positions of authority but
obviously appoint people to carry out
certain roles due to their own life skills
that can be of benefit to this organisation.

We have members who believe in
the electoral system and those that have
given up on it. That does not mean these
members have no voice. On the contrary,
we aim to get back on the streets making
all our voices heard loud and clear and to
hold accountable all those in positions of
power who supposedly represent working
class people. The decision to vote or not is
a hard earned right. Besides, everybody
is taxed irrespective of whether some
decline to mark an X on a ballot paper.

Norfolk Community Action Group
has no interest in working alongside the
liberal left who cry racist at the drop of
a hat. Some people are concerned for
example, that cheap European labour
can make it impossible for individuals in
our community to compete in the jobs
market. Whether one agrees with this
or not, just because somebody brings
the subject up does not make them a
racist. Either we have these debates with
people or we walk away and leave them
to be radicalised by the far-right. Ignoring
contentious issues is of no benefit to any
of us.

Likewise we see Labourâs
multicultural experiment as having been
divisive and has caused major difficulties
in our community. Well meaning or not,
problems with this particular political
model are plain to see.

Sickeningly there are also
many individuals and leaders of said
communities who seem to be profiting
from multiculturalism.

As one political commentator, Paul
Stott, put itâ
âIf there is such a thing as a black
community, or a Muslim community,
or a Vietnamese community, there is
by definition surely a white community.
And just as âcommunity leadersâ emerge
to represent the Muslim community
and to lobby on its behalf, we cannot
proclaim ourselves to be shocked when
someone steps up to say they represent
the âwhiteâ community. Whatever THAT

Another, Theodore Dalrymple writesâ
âMulticulturalism has created an
informal system, like the late Ottoman
empireâs millet system, in which various
groups receive their privileges but
are expected to live separately and
distinctly from everyone else. This
serves to prevent the various groups
from developing any common identity
and stimulates the ascent of political
entrepreneurs whose power depends
on the maintenance, aggravation, and
inflammation of supposed grievances.â

Norfolk Community Action Group
is only interested in one community, one
working class community, a community
with no colour be it black or white, a
community not divided by race or religion.

We are not interested in being
politically correct only to end up becoming
politically impotent. If our opinions and
views upset some peopleâs middle-class
values then we are quite possibly on the
right track!

However, do not be confused. We
have no time for organised hate groups
that spread division and fear based on race
or religion in the community. We will seek
to actively defend the community from
such organisations.

Norfolk Community Action Group
aim to turn it up a notch. Sitting back and
accepting the fact that most of us have
to break our backs just to get by, while
the wealthy barely notice the economic
downturn, is no longer acceptable to us.
Neither is it acceptable that no council
housing has been built by the state for
well over a generation. This simply has to
change, and if it means us camping out in
the gardens of local MPâs and councillors
then so be it. We no longer plan to be out
of sight and out of mind.

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