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(en) Britain, Anarchist Class War Cambridgeshire trouble-making rag FEN TIGER page 4 - We donât need no education! + Stop the drug war

Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 07:32:23 +0300

We donât need no education! by Daniel Owen ---- The education system for the most people in the UK, is a dominating force in our early lives. ---- In school we are trained to fit into the various roles of class society and where the misfits are singled out and thrown on the social scrap heap. Education is prepares us and socialises us for lives in a hierarchical system of workers, managers and bosses. From and early age children are taught discipline, fear for authority, conformity and the âwork ethicâ. Rounded up by the state and locked into prison-like institutions of dehumanisation and control, kids are broken into class society. State controlled education is designed to mass produce loyal workers/consumers trained to obey the clock, the bell and the teacher. âPrivateâ education is monopolised by elites and once again designed to reproduce social roles - managerial and capitalist.

Education from primary school to university condi-
tions the individual with the ideology of class and boxes us
into this society.The is nothing liberating about education.
Prison is an educational institution like the rest.

It is the educational institutions that our place in soci-
ety is decided for us. From little children we are divided up,
placed on a âtrackâ, separated. The âtrouble kidsâ get diagnosed
with socially constructed âconditionsâ such as ADHD. Their
place in society as an excluded underclass has been deter-
mined. The âbrightâ kids are going to be the successes it is
decided. There are the kids that are good with their hands;
they will become manual workers.

So the various roles are set in place, predetermined
fates for individuals robbed of their individuality and free-

Children are naturally creative, inquisitive and have
a true thirst for learning. Nothing kills and represses these
human tendencies more than education. Think of all the kids
that learn to read age 6, or younger. Reading, is often ruined
for them and they will never read a book voluntarily in their

The static and formulaic nature of education represses
creativity and imagination. Instead of self-directed joyous
learning, education is institutionalised de-individualisation.
Instead of creating free individuals, free minds and free spir-
its, education stunts growth and moulds individuals to fit
class society. Educational institutions deliberately create a
âherd mentalityâ fostering the psychology of fascism, regi-
mentation and authoritarianism.

The question of education is one where the differ-
ence between revolutionaries and capitalismâs very faithful
opposition, the Left, stand out. When the Left demands
âfull employmentâ we demand full live, when the Left harp
on about âfree educationâ and âeducation for allâ, we say free
lives and freedom for all. Forcing kids into bleak, soul killing,
crushing prison institutions like schools makes sense for the
Left. They want working class kids turned into hard workers
and loyal citizens of the âworkers stateâ.
Us libertarians see it very differently. We want to live free.
People, of whatever age should be free to develop their natu-
ral capabilities not caged in boring and spirit crushing insti-
tutions. Life is learning. Education is to learning what wage
slavery is to free work.

We donât want longer chains, more crumbs, better man-
agement. We want freedom.

We need to start subverting and attacking the educa-
tional system. This means chucking the idea of education out
of the window and replacing it with a holistic view of learning
as a life long process to be explored freely. The reason children
have basic numeracy and literacy drilled into them is that those
are skills workers need. As teachers tell students - âif you get
this qualification youâll never get a jobâ. If, on the one hand, you
think life should be lived for itâs own sake there are no reasons
for a mandatory, institutionalised educational system. Children
should be guided by their own curiosity, not coerced.

Anarchists have always believed in breaking down the
barriers between mental and physical learning, arguing that
individuals should be empowered with integral and holistic

The working class is not defined by what we do, we are
defined by what is done to us. Our powerlessness is a result of
the state backed monopoly by the ruling class over resources
like land, tools and the machines. It also has a monopoly of
ideology and the ruling classâs control of education and the
media is the main reason for this. Until we break free in our
spirits and our minds we can never get liberation and it will be
easier for parasitic and reactionary forces, like the Left to turn
social revolution into political revolution and new tyranny.

Children do not deserve to be locked away in schools
they should be playing outside and learning by experience.
Families and communities should start looking after children
themselves. Obviously for many families where both partners
have to work or where there is a single parent looking after
yours kids may not be feasible. This is why we need to start
forming community parenting groups to look after young
children. As kids get older and grow into individual self-respon-
sibility, rearing turns into skill sharing. Imagine fluid forms
of voluntary learning groups where people of all ages can
explore mathematics, science, permaculture, English, cooking,
carpentry, philosophy, welding, geography or any other of the
many worthwhile subjects. This libertarian vision is not about
individuals meeting criteria, itâs about self-determination.

So your kids might not have any qualifications? At least
theyâd have free minds and probably a huge range of skills
and experiences. With the ecological catastrophe looming itâs
revolution or bust.


Stop the drug war

We think itâs just common sense that
people should be able to do what they
like as long as they donât take away other
peopleâs freedom.

Sounds obvious right? But the
power mad State, which claims people
as itâs property and wants to control
everything we do, prefers to let us do
what they (e.g. whoever is top dog in the
machinery of the state) think is best.

The Stateâs war against drink
and drugs is a good example where
the authoritarian nature of the State is
obvious. Wild, hot-eyed moralists and
the police (always eager to increase their
power) criminalise and hunt down users of
drugs that are, horror of horror, fun or mind
expanding or just relaxing. Meanwhile
health bureaucrats and other Middle Class
nosey parkers fight cheap beer and cider
and wonât rest it seems until every pub in
the country is shut.

Recreational drug users of the world
unite and fight for personal freedom!
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